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In other articles, I have discussed Karmic debts, and why it is important to resolve them, in order to improve your quality of life in this present lifetime. However, getting to know what Karmic debts you are carrying is something that doesn’t come easy, nor naturally for many people. That is why past life readings and regressions are important.

past life readings and reincarnation

Reincarnation is the process by which your soul gets transcended after the end of your life on this planet, then is eventually reborn into another body. When your physical body dies, your soul leaves it. The common metaphor here is that the soul is just discarding its earthly clothes, which is your physical body, so that in the future it can take on a new one.

Why Many People are Unaware of Their Past Lives

You have chosen to experience human life to learn vital lessons here on the Earth Plane. But most people are often unaware of the previous lifetimes that they have gone through.

People don’t remember their past lives because it is necessary to live this life without being aware of any kind of past life baggage you carry, that could affect your ability to learn life lessons in this one.

For example, assume that you had been extremely cruel in a past life, and you reincarnated as a non-cruel person in this life.

If you could remember your past life and how cruel you had been before, what do you think would be the result in this one?

You would feel totally ashamed and disturbed about your past life, and those memories would get in your way of learning your life lessons in this lifetime. These life lessons are crucial in erasing or subtracting from the Karmic debts you incurred by having been cruel to others in your past life.

Suddenly finding out that something was “defective” about you in one of your previous lives can be enough to bring on deep depression. It could even be a cause for wanting to end your current life.

On the other hand, if you started out in this life unaware of the kind of life that you had lived before, you would be able to go through the lessons you needed to learn.

In the example given, you would need to learn how to be kind, or maybe how to control your urges that could cause you to be unkind.

You could also experience some cruelty yourself. Since you do not know why such a thing is happening (because you are unaware of your past life), you, as a non-cruel person in this life, would most likely resist the urge to strike back at your tormentor.

The possibilities are strong that you might even end up forgiving that other person, and be instrumental in helping that cruel person change his/her behavior for the better.

That probably wouldn’t have occurred if you already knew why such terrible things happen in your life. You would probably just walk away, never striving to help others, and never learning your life lessons.

Why Past Life Readings are Important

But if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better to not know what happened in your past lives? Wouldn’t having a past life reading also become a stumbling block to learning life lessons?

The answer is “no.”

On the contrary, having a past life reading can be a tremendous help to improving your current life.

This is because a past life reading is guided, and therefore, gentler on your spirit, unlike automatically being able to remember the Karmic debts that you incurred – which places the burden of knowledge heavily on your shoulders.

But having a past life reading with a psychic who is in spiritual union with Guardian Angels and Ascended Masters, allows you to gently discover what you did before.

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With a guided past life reading you will no longer be in doubt, and there will be no confusion as to what you need to do in this life, to correct any wrongs you may have done in your previous lives.

What Kind of Guidance Will You Get?

Being gifted with psychic abilities, I found out early on in my life, that part of my Karma was to assist others in getting guidance from the Spirit World.

Past life readings are one of the ways I do this. Through a past life reading that I give, you will be able to understand the things that you have done before, or have had done to you.

If you have already had hints about a previous existence, a past life reading can clear up many doubts and fears that you may have right now.

For example, if you are terribly afraid of the sound that airplanes make, to the point of harboring a phobia, it could be because in a previous life, you were a combat pilot who unfortunately didn’t survive a crash landing. A past life reading can clear that up for you.

What is a Regression?

With this kind of guided psychic reading, you will undergo a regression.

During a regression, you will become clearly aware of past events in your previous lives, depending on how many existences in this world you have already gone through.

Awareness of such events previously lived through can take the form of re-experiencing what went on before. That’s why it so important to be guided by a psychic who will not only lead you, but keep you safe while having such an experience. This experience is often life-changing.

If you want to know who you were in your past lives, you can schedule a psychic reading now. It’s one of the best ways to help you in learning your lessons in your current life.

Do you know of anyone who already has knowledge of having lived before? I’d love to hear their story!

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