How to Easily Discover if You’re a Light Worker – by Tana Hoy

Have you ever heard of the word Light Worker? Sometimes, during a psychic reading with a client, I get a pleasant, tingly feeling about the person I’m speaking with.

As the reading goes on, I start to see that the person receiving the psychic reading is actually one of the extraordinary group of people known as Light Workers! lightworker

Are you a Light Worker?

Why Light Workers are on Earth to Help Others

Light Workers are people who have a deep sense of spirituality and self-awareness. They are born to assist humanity in it’s spiritual evolution, and to free it from the grip of hatred and fear.

In order to accomplish this great mission, Light Workers work hand-in-hand with spiritual beings like Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and even elementals, such as dwarves and fairies.

Not all Light Workers are aware that they have a special healing gift.

That’s because when a soul comes back to earth to acquire a physical body, it often forgets that it is a being of pure light, with an extraordinary task to perform on earth.

When this happens, a soul that is actually a Light Worker, starts to identify with the human body it occupies. It then only sees itself as flesh and blood, and begins to think that it was born on earth simply to enjoy material pleasures.

Then as that soul begins to get used to the materialist mode of living and thinking, it begins to engage in activities that bring more pain and suffering, rather than happiness and joy.

I am sure that you have already observed this phenomenon numerous times. Despite the material things that some people have accumulated in their lifetime, they are still dissatisfied.

Their discontent and feeling of emptiness is obvious by the depression they carry around like a black cloud. This is because an abundance of material blessings is not what the Light Worker’s real spiritual identity is.

Deep down in their spiritual core, a Lightworker knows that they here are on earth to help others.

Signs Of The Start of an Awakening

This wisdom is shared by Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa, a spiritual teacher based in Hawaii…

“… no matter how much sense gratification a person gets, he will never be satisfied. Material food, material things, material sense gratification, cannot satisfy the spirit soul within the body. Just as the body needs material food, so the spirit soul needs spiritual food.

When someone who is supposed to be living as a Light Worker, is absorbed in enjoying material pleasures, their senses of dissatisfaction will increase, and keep on increasing until eventually, the pressure will be too much. It’s at the point of their greatest pressure that the process of awakening happens in the life of a Light Worker.

A Massive Awakening in the Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius signals the massive awakening of the Beings Of Light sent to earth

 The Age of the Aquarius is the age of spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and mind shift. It is the age when the doctrines of fear, division, and hatred, are being replaced by the spirit and heart-centered teachings of love, compassion, and understanding.

That is why the Age of the Aquarius is commonly called as the New Age, because the old ways of thinking and living are slowly being discarded. Being replaced by self-awareness and conscious living.

How to Know if You Are You a Light Worker?

 Here are five important signs that a Lightworker is undergoing the awakening process. Check whether you have any of these signs to find out if you are a Light Worker:

  1. You feel that you have a divine calling.

Since Light Workers are sent here for a divine purpose: to help humanity realize its highest spiritual potential, the first symptom to watch for is the feeling that you have to fulfill a divine mission here on earth.

  1. You begin to feel your connection to other beings and creatures here on earth, and even in the spirit world.

We are all connected by an unseen spiritual thread.

If you are a Lightworker, during the time of your awakening, you will suddenly feel that everything is interconnected. You will feel a sudden gush of compassion towards all beings, including plants and animals.

As this feeling becomes stronger, you will also feel your connection to the spirit world, even if you hardly know anything about it.

  1. You begin to have encounters with spirit beings.

My own encounters with spirit beings such as elementals (dwarves, fairies) began when I was very young.

Light Workers who are undergoing their time of awakening will also experience encounters with other beings of light. This could happen in their teens, or even when they reach adulthood.

  1. You have the urge to heal the world and other people, as you strive to heal the human side of yourself first.

If you are a Lightworker, you will eventually understand that the wounds you have personally experienced, emotionally and spiritually, need to be healed before you can help others. And that those wounds will also help you to better understand others.

This acknowledgment of having suffered and endured painful life experiences, is the step that’s needed to start the process of self-healing. Which is crucial to the awakening process.

  1. You start developing a passion to have positive social changes happen, and your concern for environmental protection also becomes strong.

Your advocacy for nature and helping others becomes stronger and stronger with the passing of time.

You become more aware of what you say, think about, and how you act, because you understand that everything is all about energy, and you realize that your energy can strongly affect other beings and creatures.

Positive Spiritual Energy vs. Negative Spiritual Energy

Everything in this world is made up of energy, and therefore, we are all surrounded by various spiritual energies.

If you are a Lightworker, you are sensitive to the different energies that are surrounding you.

You understand that low energy vibrations and negative spiritual energy brings fear, anxiety, sickness, chaos, greed. Along with other forms of negative feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

Most of the time, beings of darkness (or what the mystics call “dwellers on the threshold”, such as evil spirits and demons) spread negative energy around, to stop people from becoming spiritually enlightened.

On the other hand, high energy vibrations bring love, peace, harmony, a sense of unity and belonging, healing, clarity, and other similar positive thoughts and feelings.

Beings of Light such as guardian angels, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Masters, have that kind of energy signature. They are loving, peaceful, serene, and divine. The energy vibrations of Light Workers are also the same, although such vibrations may not always be as strong as that of the Beings Of Light.

Still, Lightworkers all over the world share the same qualities:

  • They are respectful, loving, and compassionate towards all beings.
  • They have the ability to facilitate other’s healing, in almost all aspects of life.
  • They have a sense of responsibility when it comes to their action, thoughts, and speech.
  • They see the need to create a space for spiritual growth and development.
  • They serve as the messengers for the Beings Of Light from the Spirit World.
  • They are willing to assist others in understanding their own selves.

If you’d like to find out if you are a Light Worker, a psychic reading can help you understand to what capacity you possess these abilities. You can schedule a psychic reading to help you understand your main life purpose in this world, so that you can be on your way to fulfilling your mission.

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