The President Lincoln and President Kennedy Puzzle: Why Doesn’t It End?


President Abraham Lincoln and President John F. Kennedy lived a hundred years apart, yet their lives reflect too many mysterious synchronicities, or meaningful coincidences with no clear causal relationship.

I love psychic mysteries, and I equally love trying to trace the truth behind them!

One of these psychic mysteries I’m curious about has to do with the unusual similarities between President Lincoln and President Kennedy.

For the benefit of my non-American readers, I’ll first briefly describe who President Lincoln and President Kennedy are, then review their similarities.

Several unrelated sites have described these similarities over the years. Clearly, this puzzle is widespread and seems to have no intention of fading.

President Lincoln and President Kennedy: the Personifications of Ideals


President Abraham Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln – 16th President of the United States.

America has vast experience as far as the administration of its succession of presidents is concerned. Not all of these presidents were popular with the public, or even remarkable for their personal charm or political achievements.

Lincoln and Kennedy were different.

Among all the presidents, Lincoln and Kennedy are two of those who made a great impact on American society. In fact, thousands of Americans loved or admired them, and have expressed their love strongly, although at different times.

Abraham Lincoln is the President who strived to emancipate or free the slaves. His efforts eventually led to the total abolition of slavery. He held the country together during a difficult time, which was the American Civil War.

There were those who did not agree with him, and up to now, not everyone likes what Lincoln stood for, but a great number of Americans look to up Lincoln as the ideal of humility, integrity, and good governance.

In fact, a study revealed how much Lincoln was, and is, loved by Americans:

More than fifteen years ago a book entitled Rating the Presidents by William J. Ridings, Jr. and Stuart B. McIver (Secaucus, New Jersey, Citadel Press, 1997) was published. Seven hundred nineteen professors, elected officials, historians, attorneys, authors, etc. participated in the poll and rated the presidents. Abraham Lincoln finished first, Franklin Roosevelt was second, and George Washington finished third. The categories in which the various presidents were rated included leadership qualities, accomplishments and crisis management, political skill, appointments, and character and integrity. Lincoln was ranked no lower than first, second, or third in any of the categories, and his overall ranking was first among all American presidents. 

President John F. Kennedy

President John F. Kennedy – 35th President of the United States

Meanwhile, John F. Kennedy is another President who captured public imagination so strongly, to the point that many thought, and continue to think, that he was one of America’s greatest presidents. Even if, as historical records prove, he really wasn’t.

Still, just the initials of JFK are enough to arouse a strong sense of sad longing.

He was a charismatic leader, and people were willing to look past whatever faults and indiscretions JFK may have done.

The Atlantic, a respected and credible site that covers news and political analysis, among other things, describes JFK’s enduring love affair with both Americans and non-Americans:

Visitors from all over the world have signed their names in the memory books, and many have written tributes: “Our greatest President.” “Oh how we miss him!” “The greatest man since Jesus Christ.” At least as many visitors write about the possible conspiracies that led to JFK’s assassination. The contradictory realities of Kennedy’s life don’t match his global reputation. But in the eyes of the world, this reticent man became a charismatic leader who, in his life and in his death, served as a symbol of purpose and hope.

Kennedy’s administration was often referred to as the American version of “Camelot,” referring to the legendary time of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere of medieval England. Camelot stood for romance, refinement, and new awakenings, as well as bright hope.

Supposedly, the Kennedy administration stood for the same, although some scholars claim most of this reputation was simply built on hype.

Just the same, hype or not, the image of the charming JFK stuck in the mind of the public. Up to now, JFK is much loved by many Americans, the same as Lincoln.

Unusual Similarities between Lincoln and Kennedy


With both Lincoln and Kennedy being popular and well-loved presidents, is it surprising to know that they shared certain unusual similarities?

For example, if two people who never had the chance to get to know each other had a fondness for vegetables, liked using shades of blue, took annual vacations at the same beach resort, or both enjoyed listening to classic rock, there isn’t really much to be puzzled at over such similarities because these types of similarities are commonplace.

But what about similarities that were, to put it mildly, strange?

Here’s a breakdown of some of the more well-known coincidences that form a major part of the Lincoln-Kennedy enigma:


John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946

Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.


Lincoln failed to win the Vice Presidential nomination in 1856.

Kennedy failed to win the Vice Presidential nomination in 1956.


Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.

John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.


Lincoln’s inauguration was on March 4, 1861.

Kennedy’s inauguration was on January 20, 1961.


Both Lincoln and JFK won over incumbent vice presidents.


Lincoln defeated Stephen Douglas who was born in 1813.

Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon who was born in 1913.


Both Presidents were shot on a Friday.


Both Presidents were shot at the back of the head, while sitting beside their respective wives.


Both Presidents had Vice Presidents named Johnson.

Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808.

Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.


Lincoln’s Vice President, Andrew Johnson, served in the House of Representatives in 1847.

Kennedy’s Vice President, Lyndon Johnson, served in the House of Representatives in 1947.


John Wilkes Booth was the assassin of Lincoln.

Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin of Kennedy

Both assassins were known by three names.

Both names were composed of fifteen letters.

Both assassins never went through a trial, because they were both killed.


Lincoln was shot at the theatre called “Ford.”

Kennedy was shot in a “Lincoln” car, made by Ford.

And that isn’t all!


An independent news site, Whiteout Press, provides more uncanny similarities presented below. These similarities actually raise the hair on my neck when I think about how curiously similar the facts are (I have provided some additional notations to help make the facts clearer):

– Lincoln’s name has 7 letters

– Kennedy’s name has 7 letters

– In Lincoln’s & Kennedy’s names the vowels & consonants fall in exactly the same place; in the order c, v, c, c, v, c, c (c = consonant; v = vowel)

– Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln

– War was thrust upon Lincoln almost immediately after inauguration

– War was thrust upon Kennedy almost immediately after inauguration

– Lincoln ordered the Treasury to print its own money

– Kennedy ordered the Treasury to print its own money

– Lincoln gave black Americans freedom and legalized equality

– Kennedy enforced equality for black Americans


November was a key month for both Presidents


– Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address on November 19, 1863

– Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963

– Andrew Johnson, Lincoln’s VP, had a pug nose and slicked-back hair

– Lyndon Johnson, Kennedy’s VP, had a pug nose and slicked-back hair

– Andrew Johnson was a heavy drinker with crude behavior

– Lyndon Johnson was a heavy drinker with crude behavior

– Lincoln’s wife held his head in her lap after he was shot

– Kennedy’s wife held his head in her lap after he was shot

– Lincoln’s bodyguard was away from his post at the door of the President’s box at the theater

– Kennedy’s bodyguards were away from their posts on the running-boards of the President’s car


– Lincoln didn’t die immediately after being shot

– Kennedy didn’t die immediately after being shot


Lincoln and Kennedy both died in places beginning with the initials P and H


– Lincoln died in Petersen’s house

– Kennedy died in Parkland Hospital

– Days before it happened, Lincoln told his wife and friends about a dream he’d had of being shot by an assassin

– Hours before it happened, Kennedy told his wife and friends it would be easy for an assassin to shoot him from a crowd


– Shortly after Lincoln was shot, the telegraph system went down

– Shortly after Kennedy was shot, the telephone system went down


– Kennedy’s father had been the Ambassador to England at the Court of St James

– Lincoln’s son became the Ambassador to England at the Court of St James


– Lincoln’s wife tastefully and expensively re-decorated the White House

– Kennedy’s wife tastefully and expensively re-decorated the White House


– Lincoln loved great literature and could recite poetry by heart

– Kennedy loved great literature and could recite poetry by heart

– Lincoln had young children while living at the White House

– Kennedy had young children while living at the White House

– Lincoln’s sons had ponies they rode on the White House grounds

– Kennedy’s daughter had a pony she rode on the White House grounds

– Lincoln lost a child (12 year old son) to death while President

– Kennedy lost a child (newly born son) to death while President

– Lincoln had 2 sons named Robert and Edward. Edward died young and Robert lived on.

– Kennedy had 2 brothers named Robert and Edward. Robert died young and Edward lived on.

– Lincoln let his children run and play in his office

– Kennedy let his children run and play in his office

– After Lincoln’s assassination, the nation experienced an emotional convulsion

– After Kennedy’s assassination, the nation experienced an emotional convulsion

– Abraham was the first name of the man who filmed Kennedy’s murder in the Lincoln

– The man running alongside Kennedy’s car snapping pictures with his 35mm camera was a salesman of Lincoln cars

– Jefferson Davis was the name of the President of the Confederate States while Lincoln was president of the United States

– Jefferson Davis Tippit was the name of the police officer killed by Kennedy’s assassin

– Lincoln was famous for his wit and for telling hilarious stories and anecdotes

– Kennedy was famous for his wit and for telling hilarious stories and anecdotes

– Lincoln was sitting in a rocking chair at Ford’s Theater when he was shot

– Kennedy had a special rocking chair he sat in at the White House

– Henry Ford bought the rocking chair Lincoln died in and put it in his museum in Dearborn

– Kennedy’s seat in the Lincoln he was sitting in when he was shot is in Ford’s museum

– Lincoln’s seat in the Ford he was sitting in when he was shot is in Ford’s museum

– John Kennedy is the name of a character in a 1951 movie about a detective traveling by train to thwart the assassination of President Lincoln

– John Kennedy is the name of the real-life detective who traveled in the train with President Lincoln in 1860 to thwart his assassination

– In 1863, the Tsar sent the war fleet of the Russian empire to assist President Lincoln during the American civil war

– In 1962, during the Kennedy presidency, a fleet of Russian ships transporting instruments of war were steaming towards America with less benign intent.


The Enduring Legacy of Promises Unfulfilled


Skeptics refuse to put any kind of importance to the similarities mentioned, no matter how numerous they are.  Sites such as Snopes have gone so far as to provide detailed denials of the most well known similarities.

Still, there are too many lesser-known similarities to consider. Plus, all of the facts cited are truly unusual, when seen in pairs.

They are what I call synchronicities! This is probably why this puzzle continues to circulate up to now.

Another reason I believe there is all of this interest in both of these presidents is the fact that both Lincoln and Kennedy didn’t have the chance to carry out their plans for America.

Deprived of their respective chances upon assassination, both Presidents left an enduring legacy of promises unfulfilled.


More Points To Ponder


alien matrix

Why did the lives of Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy parallel each other in so many ways? Was it because of a “mirroring” glitch in an alien Matrix that a NASA scientist claims we are living in?

Why did their assassinations happen? No one can really give a definitive answer, but there are many theories surrounding each assassination.

Are the similarities an eerie kind of “mirroring” glitch in a Matrix designed by aliens, that a NASA scientist claims we are living in?

Did a bond exist in the Spirit World, which connected Lincoln and Kennedy? If yes, what was that bond for?

Why did their lives parallel each other in many ways?

Was Kennedy a reincarnation of Lincoln?

If you review the similarities listed above, there exists a hundred years in between the events associated with each President.

Given that timeline, will there be another version of the Lincoln/Kennedy similarities played out with the next person elected as President, in the year 2060?


Do strange puzzles or psychic mysteries such as this fascinate you? Do you want to know more about the Spirit World, or why coincidences play a role in your life?  Get the answers you need! Schedule a psychic reading!


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