A List of Gemstones You Can Use To Help Ease Stress!

Change happens to us every day that mark major turning points in our lives, such as moving into a new house, welcoming a baby, or getting a promotion. Sadly, this also includes events like losing a loved one, a natural disaster, or losing a job.

Gemstones For Relieving Stress

Gemstones For Relieving Stress

We all react differently to change – some people take it in stride, while others get thrown off kilter. Depending on how you view the change – as a pleasant or an unpleasant experience – you can get overwhelmed by feelings of grief, elation, excitement or fear.

The cause of the change influences the way you feel, too. Your reaction depends on whether it was by choice, or if it was out of your control, so to speak. In other words, if it was anticipated, or if it came as a surprise. But change, whether it’s expected or not, is most likely accompanied by stress.

If you are facing change, you can take certain measures to be able to cope with the stress. One of the things you can do is use the power of gemstones to help calm your nerves and alleviate your stress.

How Magical Gemstones Can Help You

Gemstones are precious or semi-precious stones that come in different colors, clarity, and hardness. These minerals are admired not only for their beauty, but also for their special mystical powers, along with the healing properties they possess. They emit vibrations which have an energizing effect, and which resonate with your body’s energy.

Each gemstone has its unique character, and you can use one or a combination of gemstones, to help you when you are facing change. The following is a list of gemstones and meanings, and you can choose which one to use:


It exudes a sedative energy, and provides calmness and serenity during change. It is also called “nature’s tranquilizer” and can help soothe nerves. It is also excellent for inducing a more restful and peaceful sleep.


Useful during stages of change, this gemstone assists in transformation and transition, and balances energy.


The moonstone is a stone of destiny, and helps clear the path to change.


Draws out repressed issues to help overcome denial, and facilitates introspection and acceptance. Also helpful during periods of grief.

The following list of gemstones have restful properties to also help soothe stress and calm the nerves:


A natural stress-reliever, this gemstone has a calming and comforting effect on the emotions.


It has soothing and stress-relieving properties.


This stone has a restful and relaxing effect, and helps alleviate anxiety and worry. It helps release negative energies and emotions.


Pacifies a mind full of endless thoughts, and encourages stillness and meditation.


This gemstone brings clarity to the mind, quiets down nerves, and relieves inner tension.


Dispels unwanted energies and negative thinking, and helps achieve balance.


It helps quiet the mind, and sort out racing or mixed thoughts. Useful for reducing anxiety and negativity.


Helps facilitate perception, acceptance, and mental clarity, as well as serenity and tranquillity.

How to Use Gemstones to Release Stress

When you are feeling stressed because of the changes that you are facing, you can draw energy from your gemstone by doing the following:

• Take your gemstone and hold it in the palm of your hand.
• Close your eyes and relax, taking deep, gentle breaths.
• Rub the gemstone between your hands or roll it with your fingers. Let its positive energy flow into you, and let it absorb the unease that you feel.
• Feel your muscles begin to relax, and your tensions go away.
• Spend a few minutes doing this until you feel a sense of calm and composure.
• Open your eyes and know that your feelings of unease will pass.

Situations have a way of settling themselves, just as water always flows until it reaches that level of balance. Give your life and yourself some time to attain that balance, and while you’re facing the seemingly turbulent effects of change, you can use your gemstones to help ease your stress along the way.

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