Lithomancy: A Powerful Divination Technique Using Stones

If you regularly read my blog, then you know that there are so many ways of divining the future.

This includes using tarot cards, tea leaves, candle wax, and more. There are many others too, one of which is divination by using stones.

Stone Divination

Lithomancy – Reading Stones And Crystals

Lithomancy – Reading Stones And Crystals

Called Lithomancy, the art of divining events using stones has a long history. Primarily, you need a set of stones all about the same size. Some practitioners use 16 pieces, while others prefer 13 or 14. Each of these stones is assigned a particular aspect of life, and is marked accordingly. You can draw astrological symbols on each stone to mark them.

The Stones And Their Meanings

Your set of divinatory stones should be composed of the following:

1. The Universe – Represents the entirety of life on the cosmic level.

2. The Spirit – Embodies your inner self.

3. The Sun – Symbolizes energy, life, and power.

4. The Moon – Signifies psychic ability, intuition, and the power of the mind.

5. Mercury – Corresponds to intelligence, wit, and improvement of self.

6. Venus – Is the symbol of love and happiness.

7. Mars – Represents courage and bravery, but also conflict.

8. Jupiter – Signifies finances, prosperity, wealth, and other money matters.

9. Saturn – Stands for health and longevity, as well as protection.

10. Earth – Corresponds to family and the home.

11. Water – Embodies healing, cleansing, and compassion.

12. Air – Symbolizes desires, wishes, dreams, and aspirations.

13. Fire – Shows passion, determination, and will power.

Selecting Stones

There are no specific stones required for these different aspects. While you can certainly use crystals and gems which have powerful energies (and are readily available in stores), you may also consider taking the time to collect stones yourself.
For example, you may use a pebble from the beach to represent the water element, which corresponds to healing and cleansing, or you may also use aquamarine, a gemstone that embodies water.

What’s most important is that you tune into the energy vibrations that you sense in each stone you decide to use.

How To Do A Reading Using Stones

There are different ways of doing a psychic reading using stones, such as using a pre-marked board where the stones are cast. When using a marked board, the position of each stone on the board, and its proximity to other stones are then interpreted accordingly.

There is a method for reading that is a lot simpler, and all you need is a small draw string bag.

• First, place all the stones in the bag.

• Then, ask a question inside your mind. If you have no particular question, just relax and allow the energy to flow around and within you.

• Next, draw three stones from the bag, one at a time, and set them in front of you.

• Then according to the meaning you have assigned to each stone, you interpret each stone and the message accordingly.

Stones are an excellent tool for divination. They help you tap into and focus your psychic energy, allowing you to receive insights from the higher planes.

Stone reading does take practice and patience as you learn not to interpret the symbols as you want them to be, but can see the messages as they are meant to be.

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