Answered: Your Most Asked Questions About Your Past Lives


The belief in past lives has been around for thousands of years. From the “Metempsychosis” of ancient Greece to the “Punarjanm” of the Hindu traditions, the concept of having a past life is widely known and celebrated in numerous cultures all over the globe.

There is a chance that you may have experienced a glimpse into your past life but you weren’t aware of it at that time. To help you gain answers to questions about the lives you’ve previously lived, I’ve put together answers to the frequently-asked questions about past lives.


What Are Past Lives?


Pasts lives are your previous lives you lived in another time and another body. You may have lived one or several past lifetimes, but you definitely lived a past life prior to being reincarnated.


What Is Reincarnation?


Reincarnation is a when your soul is reborn. When a person dies, the body decays but the soul lives on to be reborn in another body. In essence, death is mothing more than the soul being released from the physical body.


Are Past Lives Real? Past_Lives2

When we reincarnate, our souls are born into another body. We have reincarnated many times and thus we have had many past lives.

Past lives are real – even if you can’t remember the past lives you lived.

We all have past lives. Some people have reincarnated several times, while others have had hundreds of past lives. Regardless of how many lives you’ve lived, one thing remains the same in all of us – most people have no recollection of our past lives.

Although details about previous lives are mostly forgotten, there are instances when information about past lives is revealed to people.

Some people can have memories of events that didn’t take place in their current lives. What some people would call déjà vu or the unexplainable feeling that a current experience has already happened before, may be a past life experience.

There are even cases of documented memories of past lives that have been verified. Some children have even described the circumstances surrounding their past life vividly. While there are individuals who can remember parts of their past lives, most people will need a past life reading to gain knowledge about them.


Could I Have Been Someone Famous In My Past Lives?


It’s possible. There are certain people that tell stories about being a celebrity, a person of royalty, or a historical figure in one in their past lives.

While the idea of being of being Charlemagne or Cleopatra in your past life is certainly exciting, most people will discover that they have lived ordinary lives. Having lived a regular life is no cause for disappointment – one must always remember that in each life, there is an abundance of lessons that can be learned.


Can My Past Lives Affect My Present Life?


If you were not able to finish a goal in your past life, you will come back to finish it in a future life. The path of your current life is generally predetermined by your past lives. So, if something is left unfinished, it will present itself in your next lifetime – a continuous cycle of life, death, and rebirth until what our soul sets out to learn is fulfilled.

From lifetime to lifetime, your attitude towards life remains consistent. Any values or attitudes you had in your past lives may still be the same in your current life, therefore affecting the way you interact with other people and the world.

There are also some past life experiences that are painful, and the hurt can still resonate in this lifetime if left unacknowledged and unresolved. Some unpleasant situations involving health problems, fears, or negative emotions, can stem from your past lives.


Can My Past Life Problems Affect My Health Now?


Generally, any problems with your health are often caused by factors pertaining to in your current life. However, past life problems can affect you physically but in a different way. For example, there are individuals who experience inexplicable, chronic pain with no known medical cause. This could be due to a back injury in one of their past lives.

Other manifestations of past life problems that can be harmful are anxiety, inappropriate fears uncontrollable habits, or recurring nightmares. Unless resolved, these manifestations of problems from your past lives can negatively impact your emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing.


What Are Examples Of Past Life Manifestations That We Experience?


Remembering a part of your past life doesn’t need to be in the form of a grand vision or dream, there are clues that manifest in various aspects of our lives, such as: past_lives1

You may have an unexplained fear or phobia of something such as flying, drowning, driving which could be the result of a past life experience.

Skills and abilities

You naturally excel in Math, even without trying, or learning a foreign language is a walk in the park. Some skills and abilities you may need to learn and practice religiously, while your proficiency in other activities may surprise you. These may be clues to things you already learned in one of your past lives.

Spending habits

A lavish lifestyle, shopping sprees, or living beyond your means, may be an issue carried over from your past life. Unexplained spending behavior, such as living extravagantly or being downright stingy, can reflect you may have lived an affluent or underprivileged status in a past life.

Taste in food, music, movies, etc.

Do you feel a certain fondness for foreign films or foreign songs, even if you don’t understand a word? Do you prefer cuisine from a country that’s half a world away, even if you’ve only been raised on local dishes?

Aside from having unexplained regional tastes, there are some people who are strongly drawn to the lifestyle or the fashion of years long gone. These interests are remnants of who you were in a past life.

A sense of Déjà vu

Déjà vu can be best described as an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that you are not familiar with at all. And déjà vu can be triggered by sensations, such as touch, smell, sight, taste, or sound.

For example, you’re traveling to Paris for the first time but when you get to the Eiffel Tower, you feel like you’ve been in the same spot before and things look familiar to you. You might say that you’re having a strong feeling a déjà vu, but you’re actually remembering a past life when you lived there.

Unexplained Fear or Phobias

Why do some people panic in an elevator ride? Why are some people afraid of chickens? People fear animals, places, objects, drowning, flying, driving – the list goes on and on but they never know why.

There are many fears and phobias that are downright bizarre and mysterious but can be traced back to past lives. Most of the time, these fears come from traumatic experiences that have been experienced in a past life.


Why Do Unresolved Past Life Issues Carry Over Into My Current And Future Lives?


Unlearned lessons, unresolved issues, and unfinished business – all of these are carried over from our past lives, until we are able to resolve them and learn from the experience. These problems can manifest and affect our wellbeing now and in the future.

How can you tell if you have unresolved past life issues right now? If you feel that you don’t fit in or you lack a sense of belongingness, or if you feel abandoned or unable to trust – these can all be signs of unresolved past life issues.

The only way to stop past life problems from affecting your present and future lives is to identify their cause through a past life reading, and nip the problem in the bud. Past life issues are like weeds; you must pull them by the roots so they won’t be able to come back again in a future life.


Why Are We Born Not Remembering?

You are the sum of every person you have been in the past.

You are the sum of every person you have been. Even though you don’t remember the details of your past lives, in essence, nothing is lost. Rather than being frustrated by not being able to remember your past lives, you can look at it as a comfort.

What if you did something horribly wrong in your past life? How will you fare in having to relive that moment again and again, shouldering the guilt in every reincarnation?

The words “Ignorance is bliss” perfectly describe this universal forgetfulness. Not being able to remember allows you to start fresh, unburdened by past deeds and regrets. This allows you to live in the moment, where you can learn to change for the better.


How Can I Know More About My Past Lives?


Most people don’t have memories from their previous lives, but a part of their subconscious keeps a record of their past lives. There is a wealth of things you can learn about your past lives. Who were you? Where did you live? What did you do?

To know more about your past lives, you can go to a professional psychic for a past life reading. A past life reading can reveal more about your past lives and guide you to uncovering answers that can benefit you. What you learn from a past life reading can enable you to improve yourself and enrich your current life. If you would like to learn more about your past lives, you can click here to book your Past Life reading with me.

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