Long Distance Energy Healing: Are Energy Healing Techniques Effective?


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Long distance energy healing allows you to send healing to a friend or loved one who is physically miles away from you.

Hearing news about your loved one resting on a hospital bed makes you wish that there was something that you could do for them.  It’s even worse if you can’t be there for them because your miles apart!

Maybe you’re wondering if those energy healing techniques that you’ve heard about could be of use here.


What Is Energy Healing?


Energy healing is a term for any form of therapy that involves manipulating energy to help the body regain balance and heal naturally.

Energy healing primarily works by clearing energy blocks, which prevent the body from healing naturally. But clearing energy blocks is hard to do when the healer is not physically present to heal the recipient. This is where long distance energy healing comes in.


What Is Long Distance Energy Healing?


Long Distance Energy Healing, or Remote Healing for short, is the practice of healing a person without being physically there. Distance is not really a factor since the healer can heal the recipient even when they are on opposite sides of the world!


How Does Long Distance Energy Healing Work?


There are many ways for the healer to heal the recipient. The healer could ask for the help of his or her Spirit Guides to aid the recipient’s recovery.

The healer could also astrally project himself to the recipient and heal the recipient as if he was there. Astral projection is where a psychic willfully releases his energy body from his physical body. And using his energy body, he or she uses their astral body to travels to the patient.

But the most common and simplest way to heal someone long distance is by sending healing energies to aid in the recovery of the recipient.


What Are Energy Healers?


Energy Healers are individuals who are formally trained to restore balance to a recipient’s energy body, so that the recipient can heal faster. Energy healers are also adept at sending out healing energy to heal people who are far away.

Energy Healers are very good at healing people and clearing out energy blocks to promote healing, but the healing doesn’t always happen overnight.


How Long Does It Take For Energy Healing To Take Effect?


It takes time for energy healing to work because it doesn’t treat the symptoms like modern day medicine does. It actually treats the root of the problem, instead.

Energy Healing will promote a healthy body and it will remove the causes of the sickness (energy blockages).

Although there are cases where Energy Healing works within a couple of hours, Energy Healing usually takes a couple of days or months before people can see its effects.

How well the Energy Healing works is determined by the effort of the healer and of the openness of the recipient.  So, if you’re the one receiving the healing, then you have to be open to receiving the energy.


How To Receive Healing Energy


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Since energy healing is not an intrusive process, the receiver should be willing to accept the healing energy.

Energy Healing is not an intrusive process. In order for Energy Healing to work, the recipient must be willing to accept the healing energy and let the healing energy do its work.

The recipient must also be willing to trust the healer, as well as believe that Energy Healing works. If there are any seeds of doubt present in the recipient, then the recipient is actively blocking the healing energy from doing its job.


Can You Send Healing Energy Even If You’re Not Trained?


Yes, because energy work can be learned and performed by anyone. Your healing power might not be as effective as that of a trained healer, but it will still help.

But you can’t just send healing energies and healing thoughts right away! You have to make sure that the energy that you’re sending is clean and filled with good intent…

…and to do that you have to prepare.


How To Prepare For An Energy Healing


Proper preparation will enhance the healing process and make sure that the energy that you send is clean and safe for the recipient.

Here are things that you should do before sending healing energy:

  1. Relax and clear your thoughts

Take a deep breath and relax. Steady your breathing and empty your thoughts. By emptying your thoughts and steadying your breathing you are making sure that you have complete control of what you’re going to send.

  1. Clean your energy

A good doctor will always disinfect his hands before even touching their patient. This is to prevent infection and to make sure that the patient’s condition won’t worsen. And just like a good doctor, a good Energy Healer will clean his or her energy before sending it to the recipient.

A simple way of cleaning your energy is by emptying your thoughts and by thinking about positive things. By filling your thoughts with positive energy, you are making sure that the energy that you send is filled with positivity and hope.

  1. Raise your vibration

Raising your vibration will strengthen the energy that you give off. Raising your vibration will also increase your focus and concentration as well.

A good way to raise your vibration is by meditating and focusing your thoughts on positive things. Another good way to raise your vibration is by praying and communing with the divine. You could even do both!

Praying, then meditating afterwards, is probably the best thing you can do to increase your vibrational frequency to the max.

  1. Smile and don’t think about what could possibly happen

Avoid worrying if it will work or not because these thoughts will affect the healing energy that you’re going to send.

Smile and just relax.


How To Perform Long Distance Energy Healing


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The first step in preparing for an energy healing is to relax and empty your thoughts.

There are many ways to send your energy, but if you are an absolute beginner, then I suggest you follow these steps:

1. Empty your thoughts

Still your mind and think of nothing. Take deep breaths and steady your breathing. Keep doing this until you are perfectly calm and feel completely in control of your thoughts.

2. Build Up Your Energy

Now that your mind is empty, it’s time to raise your energy. Imagine a fiery light burning inside of you. Imagine this fiery light growing larger and larger, and brighter and brighter, until it covers your entire body.

3. Condense the energy into a ball

Once you feel that the energy is strong enough, imagine the energy going into your hands. Put your hands together and imagine condensing the energy into a ball.

Now that you have a ball of energy in your hands, fill this ball of energy with your intent to heal your loved one. You should also fill the ball with positive thoughts and energy as well.

Keep filling it with as many positive thoughts as you can. When you feel like the energy ball is strong enough and large enough, then it’s time to send it.

5. Send the Energy Ball

Visualize the ball buzzing and glowing with healing energy and positive thoughts. Imagine the ball floating away from your hands and traveling towards the person that you are sending it to.

Then, imagine your loved one receiving the energy ball and feeling its healing energy. See your loved one’s body absorbing the energy ball, which will speed up their recovery.

That’s it, you’ve done your part. All you have to do is wait for your loved one’s speedy recovery.

We are all made up of energy, and we can use our energy to influence the energy of others. By practicing energy healing techniques, we can send healing thoughts and healing energy to our loved ones to improve their health or to help them heal from an injury or a disease.

You may also want to find out more about spiritual healing energy. I’ll be glad to guide you in learning more. You can fill out the form here  for more information.


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