Love Energy

There is some very good news I have to share with you!

Very positive energy will be sweeping the planet for almost two weeks!

This energy will sweep the planet from September 1st and last until September 5th. So you will be able to benefit from this energy for 13 days! But for some people, they will benefit from it for 60 days.

Read on and I will explain!

Venus Will Cast Her Love Upon You!

Venus will be casting her loving energy over the whole world, and you could say that “Love will be in the air”!

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If you are single, this is going to be a good time for getting out and about to meet that special someone! And if you are in a relationship, you will find the love between the two of you getting even stronger!

This “vortex of energy” is going to last exactly 6 days, starting on September 1st. September 1st will count as day 1.

On September 6th, is when the big one hits, which many of you are already protected from.

How To Benefit From This Energy

This technique will work to a minor degree, but the results will not be long lasting. But it is neat to try!

Buy a piece of Rose Quartz and carry it with you. Because this powerful stone will help to enhance your love vibrations!

You will notice that after carrying the Rose Quartz, your private moments in the bedroom to have an extra sizzle during those 5 days!

Once the 5th day ends, you will feel a difference in your energy! But this won’t last but a day or two after the 5 days!

Think of those 5 days in September like a little surprise from the universe, to those of us here on the earth.

Some People Will Benefit For 240 Days

Now if you have or have had a Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansing, where I balanced your Chakras and Aura, you will benefit from this energy for 365 days. In other words, for a whole year!!!

This is because your chakras and auras, once they are aligned and opened, can receive the more subtle vibrations that will linger for 365 days afterwards!

If they are not balanced and aligned, you will only experience the effects of this very rare energy for 5 days. After 5 days, your Chakras and Aura will not be strong enough to handle this high vibrational energy, and they will shut down even more!

If you have an aura cleansing/ Chakra Balancing before September 5th, the energy will last 365 days. Due to my very tight schedule, you’d need to contact my office to see if there are even any spaces available for a Chakra Balancing.

What Most People Don’t Understand About Their Psychic Energy Systems

What most people don’t realize is the important role their chakras and aura play in their lives!

Not only does the health of your Chakras and aura determine how long you are able to benefit from the positive energies surrounding the earth in September, but they also protect you from depression, anxiety, fearful thinking, and obsessive thoughts!, and worry!

These negative emotions are often a result of shutdown chakras and a dirty aura! But once your chakras are realigned, and your aura is cleansed, often, these negative feelings disappear! Like magic!!

As you get older, because your chakras and aura shut down around 21 years old, these negative emotions become harder and harder to shake off!

About Your Chakras

Your chakras are seven energy centers that run along your spine. Each one relates to a physical, spiritual, and emotional function of your body! When they are open, energy flows freely through you, and you experience joy, good health, and a vibrant feeling of good energy, joy and happiness.

When they are shut down, you will experience, fatigue, depression, anxiety, obsessive worry, and mood swings!

This is because the energy in your body is blocked, so it causes these physical and emotional reactions!

Most people’s chakras shut down after the age of 21!

About Your Aura

Your Aura is an energy that surrounds your body, and when it is working properly, it acts as a shield from negative energy, preventing it from attaching to you!

When your aura is dirty, and I have seen really dirty auras many times, negative energy then attaches itself to your chakras. And since your chakras are shut down, this energy then moves onto your physical body, causing the emotional imbalances I mentioned above!

A shut down aura is the #1 cause for a person getting energy leeches attached to them!

Balanced Chakras And A Healthy Aura

So when have had your chakras balanced and your aura cleansed, your energy line of defense is strong, your energy is flowing freely, and you not only experience strong protection from negative energy, you feel more vibrant and alive on a daily basis!

So hopefully this has helped you to understand what a person means when they talk about chakras and the aura!

I hope you have a beautiful day, and I hope you found this helpful!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. Another common sign that your chakras and aura are not functioning properly is being more tired than usual, and feeling like you haven’t been yourself for a while!

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