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Well hello!

I want to talk to you about Angel Readings and I’m excited to tell about them. What made me want to tell you about them is related to whats been happening to me over the past few years.

I have been experiencing hearing voices, which is related to how I hear angels talking during an Angel Reading with my clients.

I’ve Been Hearing Snippets Of Conversations

I’ve been having many interesting clairaudient (psychically hearing voices others cannot hear) experiences lately. It’s not uncommon for me to be laying in bed and before I go to sleep, I clearly start hearing the voices of two people talking, and I just start tuning into the middle of other people’s conversations.

I hear all kinds of people talking. I hear Asian accents, Latin accents, British Accents, Southern accents, India Indian accents, and all other kinds of accents. Some accents I don’t even recognize.

Just a few days ago I was hearing a woman with a Southern accent talking to either her friend, or maybe her husband, about how her sister needed to lose weight!

I’ve heard two people with British Accents talking about the tea being to watered down, and how the biscuits they were served are stale.

I just tune in to random parts of other people’s conversations from all over the world. I never seem to tune in right in the beginning of a conversation. It’s always somewhere in the middle. I sometimes even get woken up at night by these conversations I hear…I am like a Psychic Human Radio.

So what does all of this mean?

How Vibrational Energy Works

Our words (as well as our thoughts) are made of vibrational energy. Whenever you speak, your voice vibrations travels out into the universe in the form of energy waves, The same way a radio station sends radio waves into the air.

With radio signals, you can use a radio to hear the voices of the deejays, and the music they are playing at their station.

When you are psychically tuned in at a high enough vibrational level, you can also pick up the voice waves of other people’s conversations – allowing you to hear their conversations. And this is the exact same process used to hear the voices of angels too!

This Is How I Hear The Voices Of Angels

Even though most people cannot hear them or see them, Angels have voices too.

Regardless if you can hear your angels talk or not, they still talk. Angels are also made of a high vibrational energy, which vibrates at a very fast vibrational rate. And this fast vibrational rate is why you cannot see them, making them invisible to most people.

Also, because their voice vibrations are also vibrating at the same fast vibrational frequency, this is also why most people cannot hear their voices.

Since I was naturally born with the ability to speed up my vibrational energy rate, this is what allows me to raise my vibrational level high enough to match theirs, allowing me to see them and hear them clearly. Since I was born this way, all of these processes just happens automatically, without me having to think about it.

But since the vibrational energy of angels vibrates so fast, they also need to lower their vibrations to make it possible for us to hear them.

So whenever I am talking to angels, while I am raising my vibrations to match theirs, they are lowering theirs to match mine, to make our connection possible.

How Angels Can Get You The Facts

Your angels can tell you many things. Since they are Angels, created by the one Divine, they have Psychic Super Powers (PSP) and can see into the past, present, and future of anyone, anywhere, anytime!

They not only have an uncanny ability to see things that are going to happen before they happen, but because they are highly evolved spiritual beings, they can also offer you guidance on the best decisions to make, steps to take, or tell you what you need to do next.

As humans, when we try to figure out our problems on our own, we are limited, due to our limited ability to “see” whats going to happen. Or our limited ability to be able to know the “hidden” information we need to know. Our mind is a very powerful tool, but at the same time, when making decisions, we are often limited by it also!

Any good or successful outcome needs to be based on a decision made from solid facts. And since most decisions are made without all the facts, expecting a good outcome is similar to expecting a good outcome from a dice throw in a casino. It could go all good, or it could go all bad. Usually, it’s the latter.

By getting information directly from your angels, you are getting all the missing information and all the solid facts. And the other good part of this is, you don’t need to rely on anyone else to give you the needed facts or missing information , because now…you can get it directly from one of the highest possible sources in the universe- your own angels.

Many times, even if others do give you “the facts”, the facts they give you are often partially true, not true at all, or colored by their own faulty perceptions or interpretations of what they “think” the facts are.

But you will never have to worry about this when getting the facts directly from your Angels…

…because if you can’t trust an angel, then who can you trust??

Are you ready to get the truth from you angels? Click here to schedule a powerful Angel Reading now!

The Power Of An Angel Reading

An Angel Reading is more than just a reading. It is where you are actually in the presence and in direct contact with your angels.

Imagine this…you are sitting in a room with me, you, and 20 to 30 of your angels sitting in a circle, with you in the center of the it. And now, you can ask then ANY questions you have about ANYTHING you want to know!

And they sit there talking directly to you, giving you the answers and information you desire, along with telling you what you need to do, what steps you need to take, or the decisions you need to make.

It would be a pretty amazing experience, don’t you think?

Well, this is exactly what an Angel Reading will be like for you. It will be you and me, with all 20 to 30 of your angels surrounding you, and you are sitting in the center of the circle. You are the star of this show!

I am simply repeating their messages, guidance, and words of wisdom back to you, like a channel, so that you can know they are saying.

I will even be able to describe to you what they look like, since I also have the ability to see them, the same way I could see you if you were sitting here in front of me now.

4 Things You Should Expect From An Angel Reading

The first thing you should expect, is to be prepared to be very open to their loving energy. Especially since angels often give an “Angel Hug” to the person they are talking to.

An Angel Hug is when they wrap their wings around you to hug you, and their feathers make your face, body, arms, or other parts of your body, itch. It’s a cool experience. But you have to be open to it to feel it!

The second thing you should expect is to receive not only insights and information into the questions on your mind, but also to receive precise guidance on exactly what you need to do next. In other words, what are the correct thoughts, actions, or steps you need to take next?

The third thing is you should expect is to walk away with all the answers you need, and a clearer feeling of direction about the next decisions you need to make, or the correct path you need to take!

And the fourth thing you can expect, is for the day of your Angel Reading to be the beginning of a new, lifelong relationship between you and all 20 to 30 of your invisible angel friends.

I will even teach you how to talk to your angles the correct way, so they will hear you when you do. And then I will teach you how to hear them when they answer. The same way I hear them when they talk to me.

Plus, a few other unexpected surprises – but I don’t want to give them away!

Discover The Power Of an Angel Reading

During my psychic readings, I talk about your angels, but an Angel reading focuses specifically on working with the vibrational power of angels.

An Angel Reading is where I access the energies of the Heavenly Realms, and then channel this energy into the reading. As a result of this, many people report feeling “uplifted and touched” by an indescribable feeling of love during this reading.

And why wouldn’t they, especially since angels are pure love!

During an Angel Reading, there will be around 20 to 30 angels present. Many will be your own personal angels, and a few will also be mine. Also, know that during your Angel Reading, there will be angels and Guardian Angels present.

What You Can Ask Angels?

You can ask any questions you want to know. There is no question to silly or to personal to ask. Since angels are about non-judgement, and total love and acceptance, they welcome any questions that are important to you.

As a matter of fact, most people tell me they feel more comfortable asking intimate, and very personal questions during an Angel Reading, because they can feel the angel love and acceptance, which  healed them of any guilt, embarrassment, or shame, they may have carried with them into their reading.

During an Angel Reading, being in the presence of 20 to 30 angels at one time has to be one of the most emotionally healing and uplifting experiences most people will ever experience in their entire lifetime!

So if you have questions of a deep, intimate nature, or simply questions where you need to know the truth, get all the facts, be lead in the right direction, and be told the right decision you need to make, then an Angel Reading will give you all of that – and even more!

To schedule an Angel Reading, please click here now, and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page, and someone will get back to you right away. Or you can call my office at 614-444-6334 to schedule one too

I look forward to introducing you to all of your angels, and helping you find all the answers, guidance, and direction you need, and also helping you too begin an new relationship with over 20 to 30 of your invisible friends!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. also have a pen and paper handy so you will be able to write down many off their names!

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4 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    “Some accents I don’t even recognise.”
    Saren perhaps? It’s not uncommon that you’d pick up on pure light language, especially when it involves angels. The British one is amusing. I drink tea a lot but it’s far too stereotyped than it really is.

    “Many times, even if others do give you “the facts”, the facts they give you are often partially true, not true at all, or colored by their own faulty perceptions or interpretations of what they “think” the facts are.”
    Enough said. This is exactly the true definition of perception and interpretation. Truth is only a perception, even angels. It’s only what “they” know, It;s not that I wouldn’t trust my angels, but it’s still at it’s core a certain point of view. They only know what the universe knows, and the universe only knows every type of perception possible, but then that would be there is no defining truth, which then throws the Reason for the reason continuum out the window, but there IS a reason for existence, or perhaps a purpose… Otherwise we wouldn’t exist at all.

    Nothing is true yet nothing is false. Even if there is a defining truth, people will always view it in their own different way. If there is a collective understanding of it, then that is the template of “fact.” This is why opinions exist.

    Of course my own “perception” may be tainted, because there s no perfect point of view. Even if you know everything in the universe, somewhere else in the same universe there may be some who disagrees or finds a different insight that they consider as a defining truth. Everything that is “taught” to you has an origin. For us, there’s Tana, for Tana, Angels guides ascended Masters, for them, the universe, the universe, the creator. The creator itself designed it to be truth and therefore is subsiquently dictated as truth.

    The closest example would be the positive and negative dimensions. The -3D and -5D and all that. You get the point.

    An a few edited rerepeated previous comments:

    “When you are taught something, the person “teaching” you is telling you something which is stated as fact or truth etc, usually without question and is automatically believed and followed as truth without real realisation of the meaning behind why it is truth. In some cases it often is given a reason why it is a fact of truth, but “truth” is partly defined by the information presented that you take a perception of. You just see the information and think “ok so this is this because I’ve been told it’s as such.” Basically if you are told something that is believed as truth even by them, it is by automatic assumption on both parties that it “is truth.”

    However, it is taught to us like this to sometimes make us think of something a certain way. There is what is defined as the “truth”, but it is told to us to make us believe it as truth, we then subsequently believe it as truth.”

    “These “lessons” that we learn in life are subtly re-aligning our perception of reality. It could be to how higher beings “want” us to see it, it really is our own free will or our perception. Either way, our perspective is defined by interpretation.”

    “…because if you can’t trust an angel, then who can you trust??”
    Yourself? Isn’t that the point? Since spiritual development revolves around seeing the potential within “you”? Your insights, your experiences, your capabilities? The angels can help you, but at the end of it all, it’s “your” realisation within yourself. YOUR understanding of reality that they are trying to aid in. They are trying to help “you.” Isn’t it “taught” is spiritual culture that it’s not about the external stimuli that effects you? Are not angels a form of external stimuli that leads to your understanding and interpretation? As long as this doesn’t lead to ego inflation isn’t this the idea?

    Start from the scenario in the second paragraph under the subheading “The Power of Angel Reading.”

    ” you can ask then ANY questions you have about ANYTHING you want to know!

    “,,,And they sit there talking directly to you, giving YOU the answers and information you desire, along with telling YOU what you need to do, what steps YOU need to take, or the decisions YOU need to make.”

    I capitalised every “you” word to make a point. And as Tana basically outright stated “You are the star of this show.” As long as it isn’t about your ego, would this not make sense?

    I said once before, learning and guidance at it’s core is perceptive realignment. You might gain some knowledge or understanding but mostly it mainly shifts HOW you see something. I.e. reality. At the end of the day, it’s just information, but It’s how you receive, perceive and interpret it.

    “what are the correct thoughts, actions, or steps you need to take next?” There’s no such thing as a right or wrong way. If someone or something says there is a certain way it “should” or “shouldn’t” be done then they’re wrong – but that itself is a perception I deliberately said to make the point. What it really is is just their way, their perception. So in a way, they are wrong but also right.

    Of course, everything I just said could also be wrong, but that’s up to you and your perception to decide.

    I’ma thinking I’ll be having a very interesting and insightful conversation if I did have an angel reading.

  2. Sam says:

    Wouldn’t mind an angel hug though.

  3. Candy says:

    Sending love and light from the highest love ever 🙂

  4. Candy says:

    I’ve been talking to my angels in the lot I’m still in transition not sure when I’m going to do but I’ll keep talking to them sending you lots of love and light Tana!! ??????????

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