Here’s Your Love Horoscope For January 2016 – by Tana Hoy

Hi there,

Can you believe another year has went by already?

In my last email I showed you how to change any negative energy pattern into a positive one. This information is very useful. so if you haven’t read it yet, click here to read it now. 

What I Do To Keep Spiritually Grounded  

As many of you know, who have been reading my emails for awhile, I always astral travel every Saturday, for about 8 to 12 hours. I do this because during these travels I meet with Ascended Masters, Archangels, and other Light Beings, who keep me informed of any upcoming events taking place on earth that I need to know about.

These events include my psychic predictions, any energy hitting the earth, or any thing I need to know about, so that I can pass that information onto others so they can be informed too. I often pass on this information in my emails.

My weekly astral travels are also where I continue my spiritual training and development, due to the long conversations I have with these amazing ascended spiritual teachers, who teach and continue to educate me about life, the world, and the universe.

Then as you know, I meditate for at least 8 hours on Thursdays and Fridays. I also do this because meditation is important for keeping my mind, body, and soul, in proper order. Meditation keeps me an open channel so I can continue to receive psychic information when I do my readings for others. It also keeps me grounded, and elevates my soul at the same time.

So, it may seem a busy task to some, but for me, it is something I look forward to every week. Whenever I meditate, or astral travel, between the time I close my eyes, and then open them again, it seems like only minutes have passed. Time just seems to fly by!

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What Is Channeling?

Speaking of being an open channel…

As many of you know, I recently met with Chenrezig, and will be channeling Him in July and August of 2016 for the lucky people who were able to schedule a  Spiritual Soul Elevation Consult with Him. You can read about this by clicking here.

You also know from that email how I often channel messages too. What channeling means is a person (the channeler) leaves their body, and WILLINGLY allows a highly evolved, non-physical entity to host (temporarily use) their body so the entity can express him/herself, using the voice, and body of the channeler.

Channeling is different than possession.When a person is possessed, an evil entity takes over a person’s body for the purpose of harming that person. With channeling, the Channeler willingly allows a highly evolved entity (usually an Ascended Master) to host the channelers body for the purpose of sharing spirit messages with the world.

In often words, a channeler is the vessel for a highly evolved entity to express their message to the world.

Other Famous Channelers

Ester Hicks is famous for channeling the entity Abraham. Some other famous channels of the past include JZ Knight, who channels Ramtha, Lazarus, another entity who is channeled through Jach Pursel, and Jane Roberts, who channeled an entity named Seth.

An experienced channeler like myself, Ester Hicks, JZ Knight, Jach Pursel, and the late Jane Roberts, are experienced as channelers, so we know how to only allow positive entities to channel their messages thru us. So thiis is not dangerous in the least bit.

I have been a channeler since I was a little boy, although I don’t often talk about it.

A New Entity Is Presented To Me

Macar, who is my main guide, is who I often channel messages from, and I have extensive written materials from my channeling sessions over the years with him. But I have always kept these materials very private.

But just recently, a group of entities have been asking to work with me, and we have been developing a spiritual relationship together, so I could know more about them. After a period of getting to know them thru automatic writing, I’ve decided to start acting as a channel for their messages.

These entities are a group of highly evolved Masters, who work together to form one collective mind, and they refer to the entity who is a result of their one collective mind as Arbion. So in other words, Arbion is a combination of many highly evolved minds, ‘formed into one entity”.

Arbion’s knowledge is so vast, Arbion explained to me “the knowledge I contain is vast and limitless like the universe. Incomprehensible by any human mind.”

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Teachings From Arbion

Arbion also explained “I have no gender, so therefore, I am not male or female. I am formless and genderless. I embody the energies of the masculine and the feminine. I am the Yin and the Yang. Who I am, and what I am, cannot be limited or defined by any gender, or concept created by the human mind. I am pure consciousness. pure light, and pure love. I am the I Am”

Both Macar, and now Arbion, channel only thru me. They do not deliver messages through any other person.The reason for this is because entities at this high of an ascension choose the person they want to work with to deliver their messages through them. A relationship of this kind between the channel and such a highly ascended form of consciousness like Arbion, becomes very personal, and develops into a deeply spiritual relationship between the entity and the channeler they chose to work through.

Since Arbion is genderless, I will refer to Arbion as Arbion where ever the words “he” or “she” would be used.

A Message From Arbion

Arbion channeled a message thru me that Arbion wanted me to share with the world:

“Humans are pure consciousness, pure light, and pure love, just like I. 

They do not realize this because fear often takes over their minds, and blinds them from seeing the true nature of who they really are. When humans are able to stop identifying themselves and others by using speech labels, they will see they are pure light, pure love, pure consciousness. 

The speech labels I speak of are when humans use words such as “I am a bad person”, “I am a good person”, “He/She is a bad person”, “He/She is a good person”, or any other limiting speech labels humans use. 

Pure consciousness, light, and love, are limited when you use speech labels as a way to try and define yourself or another person. When you use speech labels, this is your mind trying to create definitions it can comprehend. But your mind is not you!

You must train your mind to stop using speech labels, so you will be able to clearly see the reality of who you and others really are. 

All humans possess the feminine and the masculine, the Yin and the Yang. This energy cannot be defined by speech labels, nor fully comprehended by the human mind. 

When you remove speech labels from your words and thoughts, you will start to experience others at their most basic level, which is pure energy, pure light, and pure consciousness.

 Each human who reads this will understand my words differently. These different understandings will be according to the level of spiritual awakening and ascension of the soul of the person, at the time when my words are being read:”

If you read this over and over again, you will come to realize the words of Arbion contain profound wisdom on many levels. Arbion’s words cannot be fully understood by using only your mind to comprehend them.

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Understanding The Deeper Meaning Of Arbion’s Message

Arbion’s words must also be felt on a deeper soul level to understand their deepest meanings. Because when Arbion explained, “When you use speech labels, it is your mind trying to create definitions it can comprehend. But your mind is not you!”, He means that your mind limits your ability to understand the deeper meanings of life when it tries to label an experience.

Your mind naturally tries to label your experiences by relating them to past experiences you have already had. Doing this allows the mind to understand the experience by relating to something it already knows.

But allowing your mind to do this limits your life experiences, because you are only able to understand a new experience, within the limits of a past experience your mind already knows, or can relate it to.

So the way to expand your deeper understanding of your experiences is to bypass internal and external speech labeling, and becoming aware of the fact you are more than your thoughts. By becoming more aware of the internal subtle-psychic feelings you feel when having any experience – familiar or unfamiliar, allows you to experience life on the deeper, more subtler levels. Beyond the capacity of comprehension of your mind.

This knowledge alone, is the key that will free your soul from experiencing the deeper psychic levels of life. I encourage every person reading this, to try and eliminate speech-labeling of all kinds from your life.

You will find your soul will come free. This will also heighten the development of your psychic ability.

If you’d like a psychic reading, or maybe a channeled session where you can speak directly with the Ascended Master  Arbion to receive powerful guidance and advice for your life, you can contact my office at 614-444-6334 or visit this link, and filling out the form on my psychic reading page.

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. Avery says:

    Tana, Your blog is amazing. If picking a favorite it would be when you share your meditation travels with Macar and other ascended Masters. It is magical and special; sometimes we all need a little bit of magic in our lives.

  2. Candy says:

    That was SO AWESOME!!!
    Thank you dear Tana! I will definitely try my hardest to do that! Trying not to “label” yet look at everyone/ everything as pure consciousness, pure light, and pure love. I have always said I am love love is all that matters. I am love I am light I’ve been saying that for a long time now, to realize everybody is love and light now, wow.
    I’m trying to explain how incredible this is, but I think I need to understand more first. Amazing!?

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