Your Love Horoscope For July 2015 – by Tana Hoy

I receive several emails each week from people telling me they feel like an invisible wall is standing between them, and preventing them from achieving what they want to accomplish in their life!

Actually, people write me all the time, telling me they seem to get so close to accomplishing something they want, and then suddenly, out of the blue, it all falls apart.

Here’s a few of the emails I recently received:


Dear Tana,

There was a man I loved very deeply. We had several obstacles between us, and then suddenly, everything started to improve. We were finally starting to talk about having “our’ life together, and everything seemed to finally be falling into place for us. When suddenly, out of nowhere, tragedy struck! He was taken away from me by an unexpected car accident! I can’t begin to tell you how heart broken I am. Tana, things like this have always happened to me, and it seems like something always gets in the way of me having the same happiness that I see others having. Is there a block in my life causing this? Maybe a curse or something?


Dear Tana,

Just when it seems like my finances are turning for the better, something always pops up unexpectedly, causing them to take a downward turn. Why does this keep happening to only me? Is there a dark cloud hanging over me? Is it my bad karma? Help!!


Dear Tana,

My career is important to me. I work hard, am never sick, and am very qualified in what I do. Yet, over the years, whenever a promotion or work related advancement opportunity comes my way, I am always passed by. They always seems to give it to someone less qualified than me. I am starting to wonder if someone put a hex on me? Could this be?


These are very common themes that I see happening over and over again in people’s lives!

The good news is that even though it feels like a curse has been placed on you, or that there is a dark cloud hanging over your head – this is usually not what causes these “bad luck” experiences to happen to people.

Now, there ARE such things as Psychic Curses, and also Karmic Clouds Of Darkness, but more often than not, this is not the cause of why these things happen to people.

So you may be wondering, “What causes these things to happen?”…

These occurrences are very explainable, and can be easily fixed if you take the proper steps to eliminate the problem that causes them. Otherwise, the problem just persists. And in a few minutes, you’ll understand why…

Most people chalk these things up to bad luck, curses, or dark clouds. But again, things not turning out well for you are rarely caused by those things. They are more commonly caused by these “invisible energy walls”.

But spiritually aware people realize there is something more going on than meets the eye!

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Where Does An Invisible Energy Wall Come From?

In the psychic world, there are things known as “invisible walls”, also known as “invisible blocks”. And these walls can literally stand between a person and something they desire to have or achieve. Even though you cannot see these walls, (because they are invisible and made of energy) the reality of them is seen when something you want or desire falls apart, or disintegrates, right in front of your eyes.

An energy wall is caused by an cumulative process that happens over time from the building up of negative energy. This negative energy comes from the environment around you, and as time passes on, this negative energy that attaches itself to your energy field, causing an energy wall to be created around you.

Over time, this bio-psychic energy continues to build more and more around a person, and it continues to act as an invisible barrier that stands in your way, preventing you from accomplishing  your deepest desires and wishes.

Again, this energy is accumulated throughout your lifetime, so after months or years of this negative energy attaching itself to your energy field, and building up around you, it grows and grows into an even bigger wall! A wall you can’t see, but a wall, nonetheless!

And this is why people never realize that the reason they are not able to get the things in life they desire, is because a huge invisible wall is standing in their way, preventing their success in life!

Signs That An Invisible Energy Wall Is Blocking You

Here are tell tale signs that an energy wall is standing in the way of your success:

– Your relationships seem to never work out. You meet someone you like, things seem to be going well, and then over time, things always seem to fall apart.

– Your current relationship seems to go up and down. When things start looking like they are getting better, things turn for the worse again.

– You try and try to get ahead in your career or profession, but no matter what you try, you never seem to get to the place you want to go.

– Money seems to go thru periods where it slips right through your hands. No matter how you try to save, something always comes up that sabotages your efforts.

– You try becoming friends with people, but you always feel there is a wall between you and them. You don’t feel like you “fit in” when around others, or certain groups of people.

– Luck never seems to be in your side. It seems like everyone BUT you has good luck!

– Plus a whole lot more other signs can indicate you have an energy wall that is blocking you from success and accomplishment.

When these energy walls get built up around you, they literally act like a physical wall standing right in front of you. The only difference is, you can see a physical wall, and walk around it. But since these walls are invisible, you can’t see them. so they keep standing in your way.

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The Power Of DePsyTec (DEST)

The only way to remove these invisible walls is thru a Psychic Demolition Technique called DePsyTec or DEST.

It could be thought of as a type of “psychic” demolition. The DePsyTec Technique is similar to demolishing a physical building, because it demolishes the invisible energy walls that stand in your way to success.

So the DePsyTec technique is literally a “psychic demolition procedure” that literally demolishes these energy walls that surround you.

How DEST Is Performed 

The DEST technique is performed using the power of Cosmic Light, Energy Vibraton Waves, and even Archangel Assistance, because removing these invisible walls literally takes forces this powerful to remove them!

Remember, these walls act like an invisible prison around a person, literally trapping them inside these invisible walls, and preventing them from achieving the things they desire in life. This is why you may feel like you are always seeming to fall short of something you desire, because you are literally “bumping into a wall” that you cannot see.

So the DePsyTec technique actually destroys these invisible walls, and removes these blocks that have been holding you back in life.

Are You Ready To Achieve What You Want In Life?

If you feel you may have these invisible energy walls surrounding you (and most people past the age of 29 already do) and are ready to banish them from your life for good, so that you can stop “bumping into what you cannot see”, then the DePsyTec techique will improve your life so significantly, that you’ll be amazed by it’s power!

And if you are in contact with stressful people, a stressful job, negative people, bad neighbors, unhappy coworkers, demanding bosses or bothersome relatives, just to name a few, then chances are, you already have a few of these walls around you already! And if this is so, then you already know why they need to be removed!

A Special, Limited, One-Time Bonus I Am Offering You 

So I am going to do something different this time! Each person that has the DePsyTec techique performed on them will get to chose 2 other people they know, and I will perform this technique on those two people for free. No extra charge…

The reason I am doing this is because I want to help as many people as I can to remove these walls so they can start living a more prosperous life.

When you schedule your DePsyTec techique, just give their names to my assistant, and he will give you all the details on how will be performed on them.

So if you’d like to reserve a space for this, and since I am offering to perform this on two other people of your choosing for free, this technique will be limited to the amount of people I can perform this on. So I am limiting this to only 30 people – and it will be a first come first serve basis!

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If you procrastinate, you will miss out on this, and this is the first time, and probably the last time, that I will ever make an offer like his again!! So click here now to fill out the form to reserve your space for this, and to help two other people that you know!

Thank you for taking the time to read my email, and I hope you will act on this, and get rid of the walls in your life!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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