Your Love Horoscope For November 2014

The other night, around 1:00 AM, i was driving home through the mountains, near Julian California, and I saw 2 red oval shapes in the sky I actually pulled over, to see if I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing!

Well, I WAS seeing what I thought I was seeing! What happened next, still has me scratching my head…

I was alone on this dark mountain road, and if you’ve ever been in the mountains between San Diego and Julian late at night, then you already know how isolated from everyone and everything it is!

As I stood there looking at the red oval shapes, I saw one of them land on top of a distant mountain. It looked like the size of a baseball when it landed, because of how far away it was from me. Then the other red oval shape shot off into space!

I Could Feel Something Standing Behind Me!

The next thing that happened is the weirdest part of all. I could feel something standing behind me, and when I turned around, I froze! Now, as a psychic, I have seen everything! Believe me! I see angels, Ascended Masters, loved ones on the other side, and even fairies, elves, mermaids and merman! I’ve seen everything there was to see out there in the Universe….or so I thought I had…

But I never saw anything like this before!

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When I turned around, there was an alien, about three and a half feet tall, standing behind me. He had almost a purplish hue to his skin, and for some reason, I could see him very clearly in the darkness! At first I was taken back, and normally I’m a scaredy cat, and would have probably made a mess in my pants! But for some reason, I felt no fear with this being! As a matter of fact, I realized we were talking, but his lips were not moving – and neither were mine!

He told me his name was Zeron.

We were actually communicating telepathically. And I could hear him talking to me as clear as if he was talking to me with his mouth. It was also as easy to communicate with each other, the same as if we were actually talking with our mouths! Up to this point, I have not shared this with anyone except my fiancé!

Here’s What Zeron Told Me

We talked for almost 3 hours. He told me he was from the Planet Zetaron, and that he was a Zet. I had spoke about Zets, and the planet Zetaron, in my previous emails, but never in my whole life did I imagine I would be visited by one!!

He told me about the upcoming changes to the earth. And he specifically stressed that April 2015 is going to be a particularly important month! He told me all kinds of things about his planet, his people, and how they have been interbreeding with humans for hundreds of years.

He explained that the energy of the earth is changing, and that the negative actions of people from the past , the present, and all throughout history, have caused the earth to become vibrationally un balanced due to their desires for power and dominance.

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Interbreeding Among Aliens And Humans

He explained to me all about their interbreeding with humans, and that people with Zet DNA are here on earth to help save the planet by creating love, peace, and harmony on the earth. He explained to me that many of my clients have Zet DNA, and this is the reason they have been drawn to me!

He also told me that I had almost a 50/50 split of human and Zet DNA, and explained this DNA is the reason for the psychic powers and abilities that I was born with!

Needless to say, I was flabbergasted! I couldn’t believe this was even happening to me, because at the time It all seemed like a dream!

He then went on to explain other ideas to me, and he told me he has been following me throughout my life, watching me grow and develop. He said he has been guiding me “behind the scenes”!

He told me many things about the gifts I posses, and I am not comfortable sharing what he told me at this point because some of what he told me seems to unbelievable and overwhelming at the same time. He told me of gifts I possess that I didn’t even know I possessed!! But he assured me that everything he has told me about myself is all true!

He told me that the people on earth who decided to have the ASECATA session in February, (I sent an email out about this a few months ago) were going to be blessed beyond their wildest dreams in EVERY ASPECT of their lives!! They will be blessed and rewarded, he said, because they decided to become active light healers to help save the planet! So their blessing will be their rewards!

I am still shaking my head in disbelief as I am writing this, because it still all seems so surreal!

New Energy Is Going To Blast The Earth In May 2015

Get prepared – because if you aren’t, you will get blasted by the energy that will hit the earth by May 28th, 2015! Zeron also told me that the earth is going to be “shook up” between May 2015 and August 2015. He said to expect some “unnatural” disasters to hit parts of the world, with some destruction to follow. He said this is all part of the beginning of the cleansing of the planet!

He told me that all Light Seekers need to make sure they are protected – energetically, vibrationally, and psychically! He trained me in a protection technique that he called Zetaron Infusoprotecto where a person can actually have their spiritual body energetically infused with Cosmic DNA that will protect them vibrationally, energetically, and psychically for the rest of their life!

He explained to me that the best time for a person to have this Infusion Technique performed is between March 1st, 2015 and April 18th 2015.

Because when the energy hits, it will act like a energy tornado, shaking up people’s lives, causing all kinds of havoc! It made me a bit nervous as he explained it all to me.

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When this energy hits, people not protected will experience:

  • Relationship problems and upheaval
  • Financial setbacks and losses
  • Career blocks and difficulties
  • Fear, insecurity, and paranoia can overtake their minds
  • Burnout emotionally, spiritually, and mentally
  • Plus a myriad of other things


Remember, this energy will be a vibrationally cleansing energy, and due to its high vibration, people need to have energy bodies infused with this Cosmic DNA to help their physical bodies to be able to handle this energy!

A person who is infused will experience:

  • Relationship growth, love problems disappearing, and soul mate love entering their life
  • More financial improvement and growth
  • Career exceleration
  • A deep sense of inner peace, relaxation, and even better sleep at night
  • Clarity of mind, new ideas and insights and personal growth
  • An increased ability to see Spirit Guides, Angles, and Ascended Masters!

He told me that Zetaron Infusoprotecto ( is going to totally transform a person’s energetic DNA, and literally change the course and direction of their destiny!

Zetaron Infusoprotecto Is Going To Call Out To A Lot Of People

I know that many people are going to be contacting me to have this Infusion Technique performed on them, and I will be performing these infusions between March 1st, 2015 and April 18th 2015. But you will want to click here and schedule it NOW, because I am going to have limited spaces to perform these. I will only be able to perform 30 of these infusions, due to having to also allow time for readings during those times too. Click here and fill out this form now to grab your space!

I feel like the Zetaron Infusoprotecto is going to be some of the most powerful work I have performed on people up to this point. It’s that powerful! And the benefits are going to be amazing for the 30 people who have to performed on them!

So to reserve your space, click here NOW and fill out the psychic reading form, and someone will get back to you right away!

Please don’t hesitate on reserving your space, because I don’t want you to get left behind on life changing opportunity!

I feel so blessed to have had this experience, and after the trained me how to do the Zetaron Infusoprotecto, Zeron told me that he will be contacting me again soon to reveal even more about things to come for this planet.

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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