Here Is Your Love Horoscope For October 2016

Hi there,

Since today is the day you are receiving my latest Love Horoscope, I felt it would be a good idea to also talk about love. because love is such an important element in everyone’s life. As you probably might expect or already know, when you are in a fulfilling relationship, the world feels like a beautiful place. But when you are in a miserable, unhappy, or unfulfilling relationship, the world can see very dim!

So why do some people seem to find a fulfilling relationship and then live their lives happily ever after. When some people search for years with no success finding love at all? Are these people destined to a life of loneliness, sadness, and a life without love?

Do You Ever Fear Growing Old And Being Alone?

Have you ever worried about growing old and being alone? If you are in a relationship. maybe you worry about your spouse or partner passing on before you do. This is a natural fear, and you can learn the answer to a question like this during a psychic reading with me…

…But if you are single, maybe you fear growing old alone, and never finding anyone to spend you life with. Failed relationships of the past might make you fear growing old and being alone, or if you’re dating experiences have been few and far between, this could make you have this fear also. As a matter of fact, many things can cause a person to fear growing old alone – fearing no one will be there with them during their last moment.

So what can you do to assure you don’t grow old and alone and spend your remaining days on earth loveless and sad?

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How To Guarantee You’ll Die Lonely! (Avoid Doing This!!)

The worst thing you can do is settle for someone less than what you want! Many people end up deciding to settle with anyone, and not THE one! They do this because they falsely believe being with someone is better than being with NO one! This could not be farther from the truth!

Settling for just anyone will guarantee you a life of loneliness, sadness, and dying alone as one very unhappy person! So never just settle – never!

Are You Digging For Diamonds In A Gold Mine?

Did you know most people falsely believe they will “just know” love when they find “the one”! This false belief could not be farther from the truth!

The reason why is because if you don’t have any idea what love looks like for you, you won’t recognize it when you find it! It’s like the story of the man who is going to dig a deep hole in the ground to find a diamond mine below!

As he is digging, he comes upon rock after rock with a shiny golden color! He looks at them, thinks they look interesting, and then tosses them in the dirt pile with all the other dirt, as he says to himself “This ain’t no diamond!”

Then he continues on digging for his diamond mine.

Since he has no idea what gold is or looks like, the man doesn’t even realize that the “shiny gold rocks” he threw in the dirt pile are called “gold”,  and worth millions and millions of dollars. So he just throws them in the dirt pile.

Sadly, he doesn’t even realize has has just found wealth beyond his wildest dreams. But since he doesn’t know what gold is, he has no way of knowing it was gold that he found!

So he threw it away and kept digging for his diamond mine!

Moral of the story: You can never find gold if you have no idea what it is, or what it looks like!

How To Guarantee You’ll Die Happy And In Love (Do This!!)

The way to guarantee finding love and dying a happy person one day, is to find the love YOU desire! But like the man and the gold mine, if you don’t know what love looks like when you find it, you will throw it in the dirt pile and keep on looking!

So “believing” you will know when you find love is not the same as “knowing what love looks like”. By first knowing what love looks, you won’t think it is just more dirt!

So how do you discover what love looks like?

How To Recognize True Love When You Find It!

Love does not look the same for everyone. This is why you need to know what love looks like for YOU! There is no right or wrong love. There is only love that looks and feels like love to you!

So there are a few important steps you need to take to guarantee finding your true love:

Step 1 – Create a Love Identity Chart. After you have created this chart, you will have a crystal clear picture of what love looks like for you.

Step 2 – Chose the right incense to burn for your Cupidian Love Ritual (Choosing the wrong incense could create the reverse desired outcome and actually repel love away from you)

Step 3 – Chose the proper color candle to burn.

Step 4 – Light the incense and candle

Step 5 – Review your Love Identity Chart

Step 6 – Imagine yourself with this person on your Love Identity Chart (without a face- otherwise it would manipulative like Black Magic)

Step 7 – Repeat this between 7 and 9 times using a numerological calculated Vibrational Love Number

After doing this entire process, you can expect to start meeting people who are interested in you within 30 to 60 days afterwards!

Creating a Love Identity Chart, choosing the right incense and oil, and finding your Numerological calculated Vibrational Love Number is unfortunately, something that cannot be taught in one short email like this.

Love Can Come Your Way!

So if you fear growing old and dying alone, possessing this information will guarantee you this will never happen to you!

The special technique above is called an Egyptian Love Casting (loosely translated) and was known by the High Priests of Egypt. This technique was passed onto me by my mentor, and is the same technique I performed to meet my soulmate, who I have now been with almost 11 years – and we are still going strong! We become happier as each day passes by!

If you’d like to schedule an Egyptian Love Casting, and learn these ancient Egyptian secrets for meeting your one true love, you can click here and fill out the form on my psychic reading page and someone will get back with you!

The Egyptian Love Casting will love

– Help you clearly know your soulmate when you meet him or her

– Help draw the person you envision into your life quickly

– Allow you to feel more fulfilled in love than you ever imagined

– Create the high probability you will be in the arms of the one you before Christmas

– Help you to cast love into your life

– It even deepens and strengthens love between two people who are already together!

– Plus a whole lot more!

I have decided to only offer a dew of these sessions due to my limited availability between readings. So this technique will only be taught to a very few people.

I hope you enjoyed this email today!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy


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P.S.S. Here is your Love Horoscope For October 2016


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  1. Sam says:

    I’m pretty much at the stage where its soulmate or bust at this point, and because of the reincarnation thing, I don’t fear dying, alone or not. Of course even if you’re physically alone, you still have guides and angels around you. That isn’t meant to sound depressing.

    Tana would be correct in saying I don’t know what love is or how to find it. The definition isn’t a substitute to cover its meaning or comprehension which sadly I don’t have. I’ve just reached the end of my teenage years so I still have plenty of time. Despite being 20 and still singles I’m actually fine with it. I wasn’t really a fan of teenage love as its more often fickle by nature. I’ve had a few crushes during that time but I couldn’t be bothered with the drama, especially later on. Though ironically ended up in a relationship full of it along with an unfaithful ex-girlfriend.

    At this time finding love is more a secondary thing. Partly because of the time and financial expense needed for the ritual and right now I don’t even know what characteristics to look for.

    Also I love Egyptian lore, especially regarding spiritual topics. Egyptians and Sumerians seem to be among the major pieces in spirituality. At least in origin. (If what I know about the Sumerians is true).

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