Why Love Hurts Sometimes! (and how to make it stop hurting!)

Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt inside? I mean, whenever the person was gone, you just felt empty, alone, and couldn’t wait to see them again? And you knew deep inside that this time, this person is very different from all the rest. Something inside tells you that this person could be the one!


And when these types of relationships don’t work out, the pain and sadness seems unbearable! You are left wondering what happened. You feel lost and confused because you knew inside this person was the one. Yet it didn’t work out, and you can’t seem to understand why it didn’t!

All that you know is that you hurt so bad inside that you wonder if the pain will ever go away! This kind of hurt is seemingly unbearable. And all you can do is wait for this deep sadness to heal.

We’ve all been through these types of relationships, and they often leave a person feeling confused. Because it is confusing when your heart tells you one thing, and the relationship then goes sour.

So why does this happen? there are many explanations for this, and here are the most common ones.

When Love Turns Blue

When you feel a strong connection with someone like the one I described above, it is a definite sign that you and that person had a past life together! There is no doubt about that fact! Only people who were in love in a past life together will experience such strong emotions when they meet in this one!

So when you feel this way, know that you’ve been involved with the person before! But remember, just because you were in love together in a past life does not guarantee a successful romance together in this life – or does it?

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When you meet someone that you feel like this with, it is a good sign that you two have a strong chance to have a successful relationship in this lifetime. But there are a few factors that influence your chances of success together. They are:

1. The life experiences the both of you had up to the point when you meet.

2. The ability of both people to handle the strong feelings between you.

3. The willingness of one or both people to commit.

4. If the other person is already involved or not.

5. Plus many more factors.

The Biggest Obstacle In This Type Of Relationship

One of the biggest obstacles in this type of relationship is the strong feelings both people experience when they first meet. The feelings are so strong, that if both people are not emotionally strong inside, one of them will run away out of fear! It can be scary feeling these strong feelings for someone you just met. So if the person you like is not emotionally strong, they can run away!

Its the old saying, “better to end it now, than to get hurt more later!” This type of thinking comes from fear!

So what can you do when you meet that person, or are in a relationship like this?

Do’s (These things will build the relationship)

1. Do remember that the feelings are very real.

2. Do remember that just because you feel this way, you still have to take tome to get to know each other.

3. Do acknowledge your feelings in the appropriate timing.

4. Let it develop naturally,

5. Spend time together in a way that feels natural.

6. Do wear a piece of Rose Quartz when you are with this person.

7. Plus many more things to do…

Don’t s (These things can destroy the relationship)

1. Don’t become intimate for at least 3 months after knowing each other.

2. Don’t try to become all enmeshed right away.

3. Don’t try to rush it!

4. Don’t spend every day together when you first meet.

5. Do not wear any green or black colored gemstones or clothing when around this person.

6. Plus many more things to avoid…

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Your Akashic Records Reveal All

There are several other factors that also determine if this love can work, or why it didn’t. Those answers are found in your Akashic Records.

Your Akashic Records are ethereal records that exist in the Higher Realms, They have recorded in them, all of your thoughts, actions, and deeds, from this life, and all of your past lives!

Everything about you and this person you love is contained there! Your Akashic Records not only tell you what kind of love you shared before, but they will tell you the best way to act, think, and feel right now, in order to increase the chances of this relationship being a successful one!

You see, often people mess up perfectly good relationships because they acted in the wrong ways! This is often what causes these types of relationships to end. One person acts in ways that scares the other person away! And the sad truth is, the person who is acting the wrong way, doesn’t even know they are scaring off the other person!

So by looking into your Akashic Love Records will help you prevent that!


Even if this relationship already ended, your Akashic Records can tell you what to do to get your ex back! Isn’t that amazing??

So as you can see, your Akashic Records hold information about everything in your life. Not just love. They contain the answers to any areas of your life, since all is recorded there!

There Is A Solution!

So if you are in a situation like this, or have lost someone you just can’t get over, then you will definitely benefit from an Akashic Love Reading. I can review your Akashic Love Records, and then tell you the following:

1. What kind of relationship you two had in a past life

2. How to keep your love strong between the two of you.

3. What to do to make your love stronger.

4. What to avoid that could destroy the love between you!

5. Deep insights into the psychology of the other person.

6. His or her true feelings for you!

7. If the other person is involved, if he or she will leave their current relationship to be with you!

8. How to get him or her back if the relationship ended!

9. Ways to act that will literally drive that person crazy (in a good way) when they see you!

10. The right colors to wear when you are with that person.

11. The colors and fragrances to avoid when with that person.

12. Plus a while lot more you can do!

All of this information is going to strengthen your love, or make the other person want to come back to you!

Word To The Wise

Please note that this is a powerful type of reading, and the information I give you during our session is not to be used for evil purposes! If you have evil intentions, please don’t contact me for this type of session. It is only for people who have deep love in their hearts for another person, and they want that love to get stronger, or they want to reunite once again with someone they deeply love, but lost them for whatever reasons!

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I hope you have a blessed rest of your day!

In light, peace, and love,

Tana Hoy

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