Your Akashic Records Can Help You Eliminate These 3 Love Problems!

Love problems come in all shapes and sizes. But what’s really interesting is that they are all connected in some way. Everything that’s happened, is happening, and will happen in your love life is influenced by your Akashic Records, which are a universal collection of past, present, and future events.

Akashic Reccords

3 Most Common Love Problems

Besides making it difficult for you to find your soulmate, not accessing your Akashic Records can also lead to a number of other love issues in the long run.

A Universal Collection of Events

The Akashic Records embrace every single being in the universe. They are imprints of energy that contain each and every experience, emotion, action, and thought that have ever taken place. You can think of it as a spiritual library where every universal being is continuously writing a book in progress.

Having an Akashic reading gives you an idea of the things that happened in your past lifetimes that are affecting your present one, especially in the aspect of love.

You will find it easier to fix the following love problems if you make it a point to open up yourself to your Akashic Records on a regular basis:

Love Problem #1: You are Having Difficulty Finding Your Soulmate.

Unlike what most people think, finding your soulmate isn’t something that happens in a purely accidental way. The universe has actually designated an ideal partner for you in this lifetime way before you were reborn.

However, finding him or her can be very tricky if you still have a lot of negative influences carried over in this lifetime from your previous lives. These negative influences can prevent you from making a connection with your soulmate even if you’re sitting side by side! Accessing your Akashic Records helps you know what these negative influences are so you can eliminate them and find your perfect match.

Love Problem #2: You Always Feel that You’re in the Wrong Relationship.

Every experience, emotion, action, and thought that you’ve ever had contributes imprints of energy in your Akashic Records. And some of them may have caused chakra imbalances along the way that can greatly affect your ability to find your perfect partner in this lifetime.

This gives you conflicting perceptions of what your ideal match should be, and forces you to choose from different “soulmates” at a time. Realigning and cleansing these chakra imbalances through an Akashic reading allows you to easily find Mr. or Ms. Right.

Love Problem #3: You Can’t Seem to Keep a Meaningful Relationship Going.

While you may have already found your true soulmate, not eliminating the negative influences that create Akashic disturbances can make you vulnerable to bad vibrations. When these bad vibrations pile up over time, they create discordant energies that can upset even the most perfect relationships.

They can set off insecurity, jealousy, and lack of trust, which are definitely going to make a relationship crumble sooner or later.

Having the perfect love life that you’ve always wanted is not an impossible thing. An Akashic Records reading can improve your love life! The sooner that you know the factors that cause these Akashic disturbances, the easier it will be for you to get your love life back on the right track. Click here now to schedule yours.


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