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A love spell is such a dangerous thing because it attempts to influence a person’s thought in being attracted to another person.

When Deborah came to me for help, she was almost at wit’s end.

She admitted she did several love spells on a neighbor she’d set her eyes on for years – and it all completely backfired!

Instead of being smitten, her neighbor – the man of her dreams – became possessive and aggressive, even when they weren’t even a couple yet.

And now, gone is the person she admired for so long, and they don’t even speak to each other anymore.

I could understand her frustration, but despite her heartbreak, she was still one of the lucky ones.

Consider being the one at the receiving end of a love spell!

Imagine waking up one day absolutely head over heels for someone you may or may not have actual feelings for. Imagine having no control over your emotions!

Someone under a love spell might be under a maelstrom of emotions – from confusion to dissatisfaction and everything in between.

This just goes to show that people who dabble in powerful love spells have more than a lost romantic opportunity to worry about – clearly, when it comes to magical lore and love spells, people really shouldn’t dabble in love hexes at all!

So you may be wondering…

…how could something as seemingly innocent and full of endearment like a love spell be dangerous?

And, more importantly, how would you know if you’re under a love spell, and if you are, how can you protect yourself against it?


The Truth About Love Spells


Love spells are one of the most dangerous things on this earth.

Most people are helpless against love spells, simply because few believe that such hexes exist. Little do these people know that even in this highly advanced age, love spells are still being prominently used all over the world..

Love spells can be found in the oldest magical inscriptions and books.

In 1930, a small cache of tablets was discovered in the ancient city of Kish, by the English explorer Ernest Mackay.

These tablets were dated at 2800 – 2600 BC and one of these tablets contained a spell – an incantation of love. The love spell was written in Old Akkadian and is considered the oldest love incantation in the world.

Here is an excerpt from this olden love incantation:

“The Ir’emu have bewitched her
And made her love-sick.
I’ve seized your mouth of love
By Ištar and Išhara
I conjure you:
As long as his neck
And your neck
Are not entwined,
You shall find no peace!” love spell 2

There are different types of love spells depending on what the person casting the spell wants to achieve.

Other ancient love spells can be found in Ancient Egypt, fevered rituals, which have been immortalized in both papyrus and hieroglyphics on the walls. Hidden in Scandinavian caves are love runes etched in rock, imploring the gods of old to aid them in their magical workings.

Love is a universal and timeless language, so it comes as no surprise that all cultures and civilizations, from all corners of the globe, have their own love spells. And no matter how far man will advance technologically, as long as there is love, there will always be love spells.

But, what exactly is a love spell?

A love spell is an attempt to capture the attention of a person and to bind their passions through magical means.

The love spell is fashioned through intention, ritual, and magical energy, which is strengthened through the use of magical objects like potions, charms, dolls, or amulets.

There are also different kinds of love spells, depending on what the caster – the person who does the spellcasting – wants to achieve.

Have a look at some of the types of love spells some of my clients have been hexed with:

  1. Attraction spell – used to get someone to notice you and be drawn to you.
  2. Commitment spell – done to strengthen the commitment in relationships.
  3. Erotic spell – used to enhance the intimacy between two persons.
  4. Jealousy spell – used to make another person jealous, so as to increase the desirability of the caster
  5. Marriage spell – used to help with marriage problems or to make the partnership or commitment stronger.
  6. Obsession spell – often looked upon as a hex because oftentimes, there is a bit of malice involved in wanting to have a person be obsessed or preoccupied with you.
  7. Sexual spell – used to enhance sensuality in a relationship.
  8. Trust spell – used to bring back trust in a relationship, especially after infidelity.


How Do Love Spells Work?


Love spells are not easy to do. Aside from having the magical prowess to execute the actual spell work, you need to be in the correct physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state to prevent negative energy and any unwanted elements from seeping into your love spell.

Most love spells are made of three elements, which are:

  1. Intention – The intention is the motive behind the casting of a love spell. It is what you want to happen, or the outcome that you desire.
  2. Ritual – The ritual is the creation and molding of the spell. Some casters use only their magic, while some employ enchanted tools and other equipment such as crystals, stones, potions, amulets, and more.
  3. Belief – Every spell requires a complete belief that it will actually work. There must be no doubt in the caster’s mind that the intent behind the spell will happen.


Most love spell casters have years of experience and a profound mastery of the magical arts before they willfully offer their love spells for the benefit of others.

The complexity of the elements of a love spell makes it extremely difficult for someone who doesn’t have an extensive intuitive or magical background to cast one properly. Even so, why do a lot of people still think that a love spell is the solution to their problems?


Why Do People Turn To Love Spells? loneliness

Loneliness is one of the reasons why people turn to love spells in order to find someone they can be with.


There are a multitude of reasons why people opt to create a love spell, or have one cast for them. I put together the usual reasons I hear from clients who have placed another person under a love spell, as well as those who discovered that they were placed under a love spell.

  • To find someone special
  • To attract your soulmate
  • Loneliness
  • Isolation
  • Desperation
  • Inability to find the right relationship
  • Past abusive relationships
  • Obsession
  • To save a relationship

Now that you know the different facets of a love spell, there’s just one more thing I need to tell you about – and this is probably the most important thing of all.


Psychic Protection Against Love Hexes


While there are some who might scoff at the idea of a love spell, a love spell becomes a love hex – a spell that becomes a curse because of the malice behind it – when it is done without the knowledge of and against the will of the other person involved.

No matter how genuinely in love you are with another person, you cannot make that person love you by forcing them through a love hex.

Fortunately, there are ways to determine if you’re under a love spell. I’ve had clients who came to me saying the feel as if they’re in a haze, only to find out that they’ve been placed under an enchantment.

What I can do if you feel this may be the case for you is, I can do a psychic evaluation to determine if you’ve been placed under the influence of love spells. If you are, I can do a clearing to get rid of the love spell’s unwanted effects.

You can schedule an appointment with me by clicking here and simply filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page, and someone will contact you soon.


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