Your Past Life and How It Influences Your Love Style – Part 1 reincarnation and past lives

It’s important to understand your past lives, because of their influence on your love style in the present. [image credit: Matthew Love via Flickr]

In the matter of reincarnation, your past life can have a huge impact on your current life in numerous ways that include your attitudes, personal tastes, the way you react to certain situations, and most of all, your love style.

Your love style refers to the way you express your love, whether on the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, or physical level.

Sometimes, you may wonder why you react to certain things or people in the way that you do. You may even sometimes feel disturbed by the ways you are able to treat your loved one when there is something you are not very happy about.

One of the best ways to get the answers you need is by understanding what kind of past life you have already led, because your past life is truly influential on the kind of love style that you have at present.


Love Style # 1 – Focused on the Physical physical attraction

Physical attraction is often the first step to having a  relationship develop. However, some people get stuck and are unable to go beyond the physical level.

Admiring physical beauty is an ordinary part of everyday life.

Although it has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are certain universal standards by which physical attributes are measured against, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, when a person’s desire to see only what is beautiful turns into an obsession, then problems will surely arise.

For example, a woman may be so fixated on looking gorgeous all the time because she thinks that her beauty is the only thing that attracts her partner to her, even if this may not actually be true.

Her level of vanity is so high that she goes to extremes. She undergoes repeated facial enhancements and surgery until the point comes that she has already destroyed her natural looks.

Or a man may want to see only what is beautiful, such as when his partner starts showing even the smallest signs of wear and tear, he easily becomes tempted by other people.

People who are focused on the physical have a love style that peaks during the early days of the relationship. They are usually unable to bring the spark of attraction to a deeper kind of love.


Past Life Meaning for this Type of Person:


In general, the past life of those who have such a kind of love style is usually that of a child or a young person who died before reaching intellectual and emotional maturity.This person’s emotional and mental development was stunted at the level of self-love and/or self-interest.

Psychically speaking, his/her biggest challenge in the present life is to learn how to look beyond the physical and put more value into the deeper worth of his/her loved one. By doing so, this person gets to balance their karma and attain maturity of being.


Love Style # 2 –Focused on What to Gain from the Relationship

when love comes with a price

Some women become trophy wives to much older men. Some older women also get trophy husbands. For such couples, “love” is often like a business transaction.

Ordinarily, people get into a relationship because of love. However, there are relationships with a love style that hardly factors love into the equation.

Instead, the focus is on what could be gained from the relationship. Those who are into such a relationship are typically calculating – they measure love by how much is given to them, or how much they can take.

For example, a much older man may decide to get a “trophy wife” – someone to display and lavish with expensive gifts so that she will look great. Passion may be present at the start in such a relationship, but it seldom leads to a fulfilling kind of love.

Eventually the man may concentrate more on his work, or on earning money to support of his trophy wife. The wife may then lose interest in the man when someone else comes along and makes her feel special again.

Or a woman may be more interested in basking in the reflected glory of a powerful and rich man. When the man suffers a setback that causes him to lose his power and wealth, the woman will also disappear.


Past Life Meaning for this Type of Person:


The past life of those who have such a kind of love style is often rooted in want. It could be an experience of a scarcity of food, clothing, money, or opportunities in general. Having lived through such a life in a past life, the love style focus in the present will be oriented towards gaining something for one’s self.

Psychically speaking, this person’s biggest challenge in the present life is to learn how to see that affectionate and compassionate love is more important than material gain of any kind. When that realization happens, his or her soul can break free of karmic chains and start to develop towards a higher vibrational level.


Love Style # 3 –Focused on Maintaining Control the need to control

Some relationships flounder because of one party’s need to control the other. All the time. In every way possible.

Have you been in a relationship where your partner wanted to control almost everything in your life? In such a relationship, your choices are strictly limited and monitored. From the kind of food you eat, to the clothes you wear, your hairstyle and accessories, your selection of friends, and even to how much time you spend with your relatives – your partner controls all of these.

Couples in such a relationship have a love style that is dictatorial, with one being the dictator and the other being the one that’s always dictated upon.

For example, a couple may have trouble with their bills. The man may always blame the woman for exceeding the budget, even if this is far-fetched from reality. The woman may rebel at such kind of treatment, and become hostile in her replies. Still, if the man says that they will need to cut off certain expenses, or even totally change their lifestyle, then what he wants is what will happen.

Or a woman may be resentful about the way her partner easily talks with other people, being charming to them and generally becoming admired. The woman may start limiting the parties or other social events that the man goes to, throwing a tantrum if her wishes are not followed. She may even insist on the man’s cutting off his friendships, or resigning his job, so she could have him for herself alone, so that her suspicions and jealousy pacified.


Past Life Meaning for this Type of Person:


Such a love style calls attention to the past life of either or both the parties involved, a past life where abandonment or betrayal played a major role. In the present, the man or woman is trying to ensure that they will never experience being abandoned or betrayed in this life.

Unfortunately, the opposite usually happens, because relationships that involve restriction of freedom are shaky and prone to arguments that can turn physically violent. Resentment is a never a good foundation for a relationship.

Psychically speaking, the biggest challenge of a man or woman with this kind of love style in the present life is to learn how to forgive, not only their partner for mistakes made, but also learning to forgive his or her self for being instrumental in destroying their relationship.

Should that development of spirit happen, then the one who lives to control will gradually learn the meaning of cultivating trust, and learn to cultivate love.


If you liked this article, be sure to read the 2nd part, which will come soon.

The 2nd part will continue discussing the other kinds of love styles and their past life influences.


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  1. Sam B says:

    These kinds of things aren’t always restricted to romantic relationships. For example, you might have a type 3 non-romantic relationship with a controlling parent, stepparent or carer. However these instances digress from the main focus of romantic love.

    My own father was both a type 2 and type 3. He was only several years younger than my mum so the age factor was not present, but only married her to see how much money he could get out of her. This apparently seems to be his typical MO with women. During the marriage, he was prone to cause domestic violence in extreme cases. There was only two of these instances that I know of, but in these instances,,it was repeated violence to my mother, refusing to stop even when she was practically helpless on the floor.

    He was not abusive to me or my brother but didn’t much care for us either unless there was something he could get out of us. His own children. My mother described him as “incapable of love.”

    My mum on the other hand is an honest person. She has purity of the heart and generally a good person. She’s not typically spiritual but she does have strong lightworker traits.

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    thanks Tana ! 🙂

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