Your Past Life and How It Influences Your Love Style – Part 2

love styles vary

Your love style is the way you express your love, whether on the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, or physical level.

In part 1 of this article, I introduced several love styles that owe their origins to reincarnation and past lives.

As mentioned in the first part of this 2-part series, it’s important to keep in mind that your love style refers to the way you express your love, whether on the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, or physical level.

Here’s Part 2 of the various love styles you may encounter in your current life, based on the experiences you had in some of your past lives.


Love Style # 4 – Focused on Regarding Love as a Game initimare but casual relationships

People who think of love as a game are more prone to casually indulge in physical intimacy with a series  of partners. 

Not too long ago, the concept of people being “players” in relationships took popular hold in the public mind.

It used to be that if you couldn’t commit yourself to someone you claim to love, then you would be seen as an opportunist. Today, the social disapproval of such behavior has mellowed down somewhat.

In fact, among younger people, to be called a “player” has even become something to be proud of. The more relationships you get into, the more you’re seen as successful in the “game of love.”

This applies to men and women who are players. The common defining feature is they treat love casually, seeing it as a game, and avoiding commitment altogether.

People who are focused on regarding love as game have a love style that is self-centered. They may go all out during the courting or getting-to-know-you stage to win over the person who caught their interest

But this interest won’t last long.

Once they have already “conquered” the other person by succeeding in getting into a relationship with them, they lose interest and eventually move on. This happens, even when the other person truly loves them, and goes to great lengths to prove their love.


Past Life Meaning for this Type of Person:


Generally, the past life of those who have this kind of love style is usually either that of a competitive warrior whose main goal is to prove himself/herself as a champion in the battlefield. So in this present life of the player, the battlefield is the relationship that he/she is currently in.

Psychically speaking, a player’s biggest challenge in his/her present life is to learn how to regard love as a blessing. As something extremely special that shouldn’t be reduced to a game to be won at all costs no matter how painful it may be for the romantic partner.

By doing so, the player gets to rid himself or herself of the cruel longing to always emerge as the only winner, and break free from repeating the pain and cruelty tied up with his/her karma during another reincarnation.


Love Style # 5 – Focused on Self-Protection focused on self protection

A love style that is focused on self-protection can also make a person cold and withdrawn because of the fear of getting hurt.

Being deeply paranoid and being in a romantic relationship are two things you won’t ordinarily expect to see together. However, for the person whose love style is focused on self-protection, being highly suspicious that they are bound to make a mess of the relationship is a natural reaction.

In the mind of such a person with this kind of love style, failure is always an option. In fact, it is the only option.

A person whose love style is focused on self-protection acts strangely is because they always believe they’ll get hurt, and the relationship will end tragically, no matter what they do. So their style is to try and be proactive.

This means they have an overwhelming fear of failure, of being separated from one’s love, or experiencing deep emotional hurt.

This kind of man or woman may deliberately sabotage or destroy a relationship by acting in ways they know will be terribly annoying or distasteful to their partner.

For example, this person may frequently engage in careless or wanton spending, or indulge in gossip, especially if they know that doing so is something their partner dislikes a lot.

This love style is self-destructive. A person who has this kind of love style believes that if they intentionally damage the relationship, then pain and sadness can be avoided later on.

This person lacks confidence and is behaving erratically because of being too scared to assert themselves to do the right thing.


Past Life Meaning for this Type of Person:


A person who has this kind of love style is someone who lost their power, wealth, and lived through a series of broken relationships. They are subconsciously fixated on trying to recover what they already lost in a past life.Or they may have experienced the agonizing death of a loved one in a past life, and they were unable to do anything about it.

Their past life was filled with regret, so they have a desire to avoid causing themselves anymore pain. In this life, they would rather be the one to destroy their relationship.

Psychically speaking, their biggest challenge in their present life is to learn how to nurture love relationships that have a strong foundation of hope, so that they can stop acting erratically.


Love Style # 6–Focused on the Love Partner love focused on the partner

A love style focused on the partner is the best style of all.

This is the best love style of all, because when you focus on the happiness of your partner, and doing what you can to make your partner happy, you are setting the stage for a lasting and stable relationship.

It doesn’t mean, however, that you must act like a martyr, always sacrificing your own needs and wants, simply to make your partner content.

What focusing on your love partner means is that you are willing to be compassionate, generous with your affection, and eager to make your partner feel important by feeling your love.


Past Life Meaning for this Type of Person:


Psychically speaking, those who have this kind of love style are already on their way to higher spiritual development. Being able to express unselfish love is a hallmark of having learned lessons rooted in past lives.

Their soul’s purpose is on the way to being fulfilled. Congratulations are in order, if this is the kind of love style that you express to your partner in this life.


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