How To Love Yourself – Psychic Insights From Tana Hoy

How to love yourself is a question that people often find confusing and often times, people confuse loving yourself with being selfish. Learning how to love yourself is not about being selfish, it’s about being able to nurture yourself in loving ways, independent of whether or not you have special someone in your life.

love yourself

Loving yourself

Angelic Wisdom About Loving Yourself

The other day during one of my meditations I was visited by three beautiful angels, who explained to me the importance of self love. This visitation is what inspired me to write this article, so I would like to share with you their angelic words of wisdom::

“Here in the spiritual realms, we often work with people on the earth plane to help them discover the goodness they contain within their souls. Humans seem to forget the goodness they already possess inside, because they never slow down long enough to connect with their inner being, often referred to as the soul. 

Within your soul exists an abundance of love! Taking the time each day to go within, and connect with the loving God-Force that exists within the center of your soul, will allow you to experience a deeper sense of self love.

Meditation is a powerful tool that people on the earth can easily use to connect with the loving God-Energy inside of them. to do this, sit in silence for 5 minutes each day, breath deeply, and gently still your mind. Then gently place your focus within the center of your being, having the intention and desire to want to connect to the love within.

Doing this everyday in the morning and evening, will increase your feelings of self love immensely.”

I was amazed by the simplicity, yet deep wisdom, contained in their words. As I reflected on what they said, I realized that it is true, that we don’t slow down enough in our daily lives, and that if we would stop a few times each day to go within, we would be amazed by the well of love that we already possess inside.

As you tune into this inner love that every human being already possess, it will well up from within you, and overflow into all areas of your life. The more you expand your awareness of this love, the more it will expand in your life.

The Precious Jewel We All Possess Inside

There is a buddhist proverb about a poor man who possessed a precious jewel that was sewn into the lining of his robe, Not knowing this valuable jewel was sewn into the lining of his robe, he spent most of his life in search of wealth.

The message behind this proverb is that the jewel is symbolic of a precious jewels that each of us already possess inside of ourselves. Yet, most people spend their entire lives looking for it outside of themselves.

Learning how to love yourself is an ability that each of us already possess. All we need to do is start taking time each day to polish the jewel we already possess, by taking the time each day to tune in and acknowledge it’s brilliance and beauty!

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  1. Eugene says:

    Can you explain the “center of your being”, “inner being”, as in “focus within the center of your being”…..?
    Thank you.

  2. janice says:

    that’s what i have the fight with between the past that didn’t work and the future at hand now.I hope with time everything gets easier.You have a point there tana ,we pray for others but not ourselves.

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