Major Disasters Lie Ahead

As you may already know from reading my posts on Facebook, there have been major concerns among the Merpeople of the sea, concerning all of the dumping of chemicals into the ocean. You may also know that there was a major secret meeting held in California last week that was headed up by Neptune. All the Merpeople were assembled at this counsel meeting to decide how to handle this problem. mermaids and mermen

I was invited to this meeting as a “voice for humans” to try and help to deescalate the anger they have been feeling towards the human race. Neptune wants to start “wiping out all the factories on the shorelines around the world that dumping poison into the oceans”.

This is a very serious matter that is being decided at this moment, because at this counsel meeting, Neptune was very vocal about wanting to “Destroy these offenders by washing them away with major tidal waves and hurricanes!” There were loud cheers from the Merpeople! At this meeting, there were numerous stories shared about Merpople dying because of these poisons, and there was major discussion about how these pollutants are killing the sea life.

The BP oil spill that happened last year was the final straw for the Merpeople! They are raging mad now!

I was there to try and let them know that not all humans are evil. But they are starting to see humans as selfish, driven by greed and money, and insensitive to the planet. Basically, they are tired of dealing with us on our terms!

The word going around was that if humans cannot fix this problem, that they would soon learn the powers of nature. It was said that the Tsunami in Japan was just one of their warnings to let the Japanese people know that they are tired of them killing whales and depleting the tuna in the ocean! They said that was only a beginning of what they could do. and that they are prepared to take more action like this if the dumping of chemicals and the killing of ocean life doesn’t stop!

What is up for discussion right now is talk about wiping out the factories around the world that are polluting the oceans. Neptune wants to create major tidal waves and more Tsunamis to accomplish this. If we do not do something, the Merpeople, lead by Neptune and other Sea Gods, are going to cause more major disasters until the problem has been wiped out – literally!

God help these factories if they do not make changes!

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  1. Ramon says:

    You say you attended? In spirit? And how is there not a communication barrier? I do NOT doubt any of your predictions. But as far as talking to mythological beings that we really don’t have any proof of existing? Why wont they at least let us adknowledge there existence? Not that I dont agree that we are destroying the earth. Do more bad than good in my opinion, but how would we as a race, take anything they say serious if we dont know they are real or not. And if they are, i would LOVE to see and communicate with one myself. So much information i would love to obtain. Thanks.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Ramon, That is a great question. I have had the ability to see elementals, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and Loved Ones on the other side, ever since I can remember. Sometimes this is a gift, and sometimes it feels like a curse. But when I attended this meeting, I was actually there physically! I can see these beings as clearly as I can see any human walking the earth. Other people think I am just talking to myself, or they think I am a little off in the head when they se me talking to these light beings, because they cannot see them. But i can see and talk to them as clear as day. The same as you would talk to a firmed sitting in front of you. It is that easy for me. Thank you for asking that question, because I didn’t clarify that in my post. You can be taught to see these beings if you have a sincere desire, and put the necessary practice into learning it, but that is another subject altogether. I hope that clears this up for you.

  2. Sharday Wiles says:

    Thats awful! D:
    Its not like we want pollution either! Aren’t there any other gods that can talk him into finding a better way? Maybe, if there was a way to get everyone to use solar/wind power…

  3. Amanda says:

    Tana, it does sound awful but it is the truth. There are so many people who have lost value and are run by greed and money. Even if people were warned I don’t think anything would change. I would love to see peace and harmony with all beings in the world but there are many people that just don’t care. I can only hope and pray bad things won’t happen but it ultimately is how people come together and not everyone has good intentions and is willing to change for the better.
    Sorry I rambled on 🙂
    Thank you again for your insight I really do enjoy your posts!

  4. Lynn Deskins says:

    Thanks for the warning. The things that happen in Japan effects my work and I’m the in the proccess of buying a house right now. If something would happen to cause short of work I would loose everything. I wish they would just except what has to be done and do it…….

  5. Lynn Thu Tun says:

    I had a dream about mermaids last night! I don’t remember much of it. I just remember telling myself to remember mermaids. I’ve got a lot of practice yet to do with lucid dreaming and recollection!

    • Tana Hoy says:

      You must have been tuned into their energies last night! Keep your awareness focused on their energies. They are evidently trying to talk to you!

  6. Lynn Thu Tun says:

    Oh yes, and thank you Tana for this clarification and warning. Merpeople are fierce and powerful!

  7. Laura B says:

    Wouldn’t wiping factories/bldgs into the water cause MORE ocean pollution? Kind of like the radiation leak in Japan after the Tsunami?

    • Tana Hoy says:

      I think the idea was to end the polluting and shit everything down. It is these beings way of doing what they know to do to try and stop it! I believe that the radiation affected Japan, not really the ocean. But that is a great question!

  8. Angie says:

    Wow Tana how scary!!! God please help us all

  9. TS says:

    Hi Everyone, Hi Tana!
    I asked you briefly about the actuality of many people being able to astral, OBE, and even communicate via tele’ing’. I was wondering (and you mentioned also wondering) about people putting those skills to use to help this Earth (most recently, the seas and the precious creatures within it) in doing something about what’s going on. The issue is, although so many people are awakening at this point, many of them don’t know what to do with their capabilities, some know they can do more with their capability, yet don’t have much in the way of focusing enough to have set projects to focus these capabilities on (not so much as having someone/something say ‘do this, do that’ because of free will but a let’s work on this together, let’s work on this together, etc.). Are there groups out there (or does one have to create their own) to which people with these ‘awakening’ capabilities can come together and pursue a project like doing what needs to be done to clean up the oceans, the air, etc. round the clock. Many people are a bit different from the rest of the people in their soul groups so while some have time and desire to do something like this, some don’t so there may be a need to make a call on the physical realm for these people who have the time and desire, a plan, etc. It’s sort of the opposite of seeing it in your mind’s view and then doing rather seeing/gathering in the physical realm to determine a time/date to ‘meet up’ and doing on the astral plane, OBE existence, and/or tele’ing’.

  10. Sharon Adamek says:

    You know, we find out how fragile we really are when these disasters happen.
    And even if they do not effect you directly-they have an effect on all of our lives.
    If only we could teach people how really interconnected with the earth we are–maybe we could make changes. There will always be people who choose to serve their own greed and desires over the good of the world. sometimes they only see when it is too late.

    • vanessa angel fiti says:

      I dont blame neptune for being pissed at us, but tana is right, not all humans are greedy and bad, but if neptune has it in his head that all will be destroyed, then we mite as well kiss each other goodbye. xxx. and heaven help us, i just pray that my favourite archangel michael will save those humans that are good and innocent to all this. xxx

  11. Connie Sholl says:

    Hi Tana! Very interesting blog. I don’t want to bore everyone, but maybe we can do something about this. I have been trying for years to live a simpliler life. Use less,only bu,y what is needed , gifting or recycling what we don’t use, you know the drill(LESS IS MORE)!!!!!. Well, my friends have been catching the bug too. So, if one person can make a difference how about us as a group? Everyone that is your friend,my friend and the like, if we all meditate at the same time about healing the earth. Why not try!! My Angels, spirit guides, master gurues and my God , and all of yours would love us to summon the great energy that we have collectively. I don’t think it would hurt. Why not try. Yes, something has to be done. We have to wake up. Have a great day!!

  12. Marie says:

    I agree with both TS and Connie that it would be good to get together as a group to have the energies be stronger and guide the ones that doesn’t really know what to do (like me).

  13. Carla says:

    I was at the beach about 2 weeks ago around 10 pm or later, I was feeling down, trying 2 be in solitude thinking of what to do next and I heard a clapping noise coming from the ocean it scared me but not really so I decided to get up and try to see what was clapping I kept thinking its a mermaid and I shouted whose there, it stopped. Then it began again I shouted again whose there, it stopped then it began 2 clap faster so I thought maybe I pissed it off, so I left didn’t wanna bother any presence that was there I figuered if it wanted me to see it it would of appeared so I left. What do u think I should of done? Or what was it?

  14. Rosemarie says:

    I have an idea, its a long shot but an idea. My idea is for you to talk with Neptune and to think about compromising. For the humans to keep their factories going, while they switch to a solar power or waved powered energy source, since they’re right next to the ocean. As for the waste of the factories, RECYCLE!!!!! make the plastic into other things that can be re-used or can be put back into the Earth safely. As for the sewage, we can bury it, make it into stinky plant food. I don’t have phycic powers or spirit guides that i can actually see, but I can tell this just might work.

  15. Kelly D says:

    Strange I should come across this after dreaming the place I visited had just become flooded out by rain and storms… There was no escaping it, very unnerving.

  16. Lucy says:

    Is there anything we can do to help them?

  17. Maria says:

    Hi Tana,

    This is interesting and sad. Don’t blame anyone for being discouraged about the human race. How will this affect the election? It would seem to me that New York would help President Obama and that he isn’t the one that would continue the “greediness” that so permeates the world.

    I am not saying he is perfect just that in my opinion he is the best choice as it relates to everyone not just the 1%.

  18. Rita says:

    Interestingly enough I continue to have recurring dreams of tidal waves taking out quite a number of people, if not all on earth. The dream has become so vivid and clear its almost as if its reality (or soon to be). The tidal waves are bigger than anything one has ever seen. This is something I’ve seen in my dreams for literally “years” and it takes on the same form. Ive looked for dream interpretation but due to its recurring nature, it almost feels as though its more of a sign or warning.If Any aspect of what I see comes to fruition then God help us all…

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