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When you are with your soulmate, you will feel the feelings of unexplainable joy and happiness. Meeting your soulmate will let you feel a very strong connection with that person because of the similarities that the both of you will have.

How To Make Soulmate Love Last Forever

A Soulmate is a person whom you have a deep physical, emotional, and spiritual connection with. Your Soulmate is the man or woman of your dreams. When the two of you meet, your lives will flow together naturally and effortlessly.

Your soulmate is the person that you love with all your heart. He or she is the embodiment of your ideals, and when the two of you meet, your meeting will seem like the two of you are in heaven because of the happiness and fulfillment that both of you will experience.


A Few Common Signs To Know You’ve Met Your Soulmate


  • When the person makes you want to become a better person
  • When the person wants you to learn more about yourself – your true personality, your hobbies, your interests
  • When the person wants to change your negative traits into good ones
  • When the person makes you want to reach your dreams and make them come true
  • When you feel inspired and want to grow into a more emotionally mature person
  • When you feel safe with the person


What Will A Soulmate Relationship Feel Like? soulmates-3

Your soulmate is the one that will give you fulfillment in life. You will feel that everything else is not that important anymore, other than your soulmate..

When you are with your soulmate, you will feel the feelings of unexplainable joy and happiness. Meeting your soulmate will let you feel a very strong connection with that person because of the similarities that the both of you will have. You might have similar hobbies, personalities, and experiences. These similarities will keep you in sync with each other.

Your soulmate will keep you safe and secure. Without your soulmates presence, you will feel that something unexplainable is lacking from you. When your soulmate is not around, it will feel as if you have lost an important part of your life. That is how strong your connection will be to each other. You will feel incomplete when you are apart from each other, because you are connected physically and spiritually.

He or she is your other half, the one that will give you fulfillment in life. You will feel that everything else is not that important anymore, other than your soulmate. Your desire for money, power, and other material possessions will be all gone, because these earthly desires will be no match for your universal desire to be with your soulmate for the rest of your life.


Things That You Should Avoid With Your Soulmate


Being with your soulmate for the rest of your life is what everyone of us wants to experience. But to do this, you must remember to avoid the things that will make you lose them.

Here are the things that you should not if you want to have a lasting soulmate relationship:


  1. Expecting The Other Person To Know How You Feel


Your soulmate may know you very well because he or she knows your true personality, so there is no denying that your soulmate knows the real you. However, you should know that communication is important if you want to be with your soulmate for the rest of your life. Communicating means, not just any kind of communication, because you need to communicate and talk to them clearly.

Your soulmate is not a mind reader that knows what you are thinking. If you have a problem, you are just making the situation worse if you choose to let your soulmate figure your problem out all by their self.

Voice out your thoughts, your feelings, and share what you want to share with your soulmate. Talk about anything that you want to talk about. After all, your soulmate is your soulmate, and they are your life partners that will accept you for whatever you do or whoever you are.


  1. Not Speaking To The Other Person For Long Periods Of Time When Angry


Communication is one of the most important aspects to consider in a soulmate relationship. Communication becomes more important if the two of you are in a fight or have been in an argument with each other. Arguments make you feel angry, and being angry leads to worse things that might happen that can surely have a negative impact on your relationship.

To stop being angry  with each other, the two of you should talk about the issue in a calm way. Open your ears to one another, and analyze the situation carefully. Solve the issue. Solving it won’t be hard because you are soulmates in the first place.


  1. Doing Things To Make The Other Person Jealous


Your soulmate is only yours, and you are only for your soulmate. You are exclusive to each other, because you are one – and because you are soulmates. This means that letting other people come between the two of you is harmful to any soulmate relationship..

The two of you are for each other, both body and soul. Flirting with other people, like entertaining other people in a seductive and sexual way, be it in a small way or big way, will not help your relationship. Your soulmate will lose his trust on you if you flirt with other people and make him or her feel jealous about your wrongdoing.


  1. Infidelity


Your soulmate is solely yours – body and soul.

People lose your trust from their partner when they learn that they are not loyal to only them. They then become angry at their soulmate. Anger then grows into hatred if left unsolved. Then people get heartbroken, leaving them with little chance to patch things up for the sake of their supposed “lasting soulmate relationship.” Infidelity is best left out of any soulmate relationship.


Things To Do To Make Your Love Last Forever


Your soulmate is your life partner; you share the same feelings with each other and you want to avoid hurting your soulmate.

Your soulmate is your life partner; you share the same feelings with each other and you want to avoid hurting your soulmate.

A love that lasts forever is indeed the perfect life experience that most people would want to have. Here are some of the tips to ensure that you spend the rest of your life with your soulmate.

When you follow these tips, you’ll surely have a “happily ever after story.”


  1. Communicate With Each Other


Your soulmate is your life partner. You truly love each other. You share your thoughts, your feelings, your plans, your experiences, and everything to each other – because you are soulmates. This sharing of thoughts, plans, and experiences with each other, will happen naturally, and you will not feel forced to do this. So always work to improve communication with each other if you want to make your love last forever.


  1. Never Let Resentment Build Up Or Linger


Misunderstandings are normal. There is nothing that is perfect in this world, even soulmate relationships. No matter how similar or how much in love you are with each other, there will always be resentments pop up between the two of you. You need to understand that resentments are normal and that they are a part of life because we need to go through the bad times to know how good the good times are.

Fix your differences, and get along with each other.  You will not be the same in all ways. You are two human beings that have two different bodies and minds. You may have different perceptions about things, but because the two of you are soulmates, you can easily get along with your differences. If ever resentments happen, fix them as soon as possible so that it won’t grow into a much bigger problem.

3.Resolve Issues Right Away

When misunderstandings happen between the two of you, don’t let them go unresolved for a long period of time. Within a few hours, the two of you should have solved your arguments. When you have misunderstandings during night time, don’t let them pass onto the next day. Don’t sleep on them! If you allow prolong unresolved issues to linger, the anger increases, and then turns into hatred. Surely, you don’t want that to happen.

  1. Always Treat The One You Love With Respect


Respect happens when you love someone and respect happens naturally out of love. Treat your soulmate with respect because in the first place, you love them wholeheartedly. Your soulmate is your life partner; you share the same feelings with each other and want to avoid making them hurt. If you want them to get hurt, then most probably you don’t really love them.

Your loved one gets hurt when you don’t respect them. Showing your soulmate respect regarding their choices in life, their own beliefs, and even their own personality, are just some of the things that show you really love them.


  1. Never Go To Bed Angry With Each Other


Arguments are normal for any kind of relationship, most especially with soulmate relationships because you share a deeper and more intimate bond with each other. Because of the strong connection that the two of you have, most probably, you’ll get to experience some occassional arguments. Arguments are natural and they help you to know your soulmate even better. Arguments challenge the strength of your soulmate relationship.

However, if arguments do happen, you should always see to it that you resolve them as soon as possible. Holding onto anger prolongs the negative feelings that you have inside. It cuts the connection between the two of you because the love that you have for each other becomes clouded by the anger that is a result of your argument.

Always talk your issues out with your loved one. Fix the problem and maintain an open mind. If you do this, in no time, you’ll see that the two of you are happy together again.


  1. Always Show Gratitude For The Other Person


Your soulmate is a blessing from the Universe. He or she is a gift to you, which is why you should remember gratitude for meeting each other. Always let your soulmate feel that you love them. You can show your love to them by simply by saying that you are thankful that they are in your life.

Show them their importance and their value. Let your soulmate feel that he is special in your eyes, and that you cherish their presence and the moments that you share with each other. Show gratitude to your soulmate, and he or she will surely love you more.


  1. Always Tell The Other Person The Things You Love And Admire About Them


Telling your soulmate the things that you admire about them surely makes a big difference. Getting to know their lovable traits improves your soulmate’s confidence. Telling him or her their admirable characteristics is a healthy way to improve your soulmate relationship.

Try imagining that your lover says that what he really likes about you is your gracefulness in dancing. You’ll probably blush with delight when you hear your soulmate say that to you! You then feel inspired and motivated to even be a more graceful dancer. Improving your already lovable talent makes your soulmate fall in love with you even more.


  1. Always Say “I love You” As Much As You Can


A simple “I love you” really means a lot, especially when it comes from the bottom of your heart. Saying “I love you” to your special lover from time to time reminds him or her that you indeed love him. What better way to express your emotions than saying them aloud. Tell them that you love them, and show them that you really do.


Final Thoughts In Making Your Soulmate Love Last Forever


Your soulmate is the one that catches you when you fall, the one that brightens up your day when it is gloomy, the one that completes you when you feel broken and alone, and the one that shows you that true love does exist. Now that you have your soulmate in your life, it is your challenge to make them your soulmate for infinity and beyond.

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  1. Sam says:

    Soulmates are similar to lightworkers only on a more personal level, though this doesn’t mean they should be treated as free charity. Where lightworkers spread positivity via the signs Tana mentioned of Soulmates on a global scale in order to promote the way of light or because they care for the world and humanity as a whole, soulmates themselves do so out of the same caring nature because of their romantic interest in you. They care about you because of their intimate relationship with you. You could say they’re like your own personal lightworkers but that would be a highly inaccurate statement. They’re not lghtworkers, they’re a love interest. They could still be acting lightworkers but not in relation to you. You might be in a relationship or marriage where you or your lover is a lightworker, but that’s as far as it goes. Lightworker affection is different to soulmate affection. However here have been cases where one became the other. Mostly the former to the latter.

    Infidelity is a weird topic when it comes to spirituality and relationships. Sure it’s bad but only because of of human perception. I’ve had a few run-ins with resentment because I found out the other person was cheating.

    Over attachment (not obsession) is the biggest downfall and everyone’s done it and are continuing to do it. When you’re in a relationship, especially the longer it gets, you start to become to complacent that they are in your life and you start to see them more and more as a holding pillar of your own individual, independent life.. Basically they become your mental, physical and emotional support structure. I don’t mean if you have a problem you rely on them for support and comfort, but you see them more as a limb. It’s not like they become your right arm and now you are hindered because it’s not there anymore. Saying they are “your other half” is an inaccurate statement. They may be part of your life and you share an intimate bond that is closer than a regular relationship, but they are not part of you as an individual being. You should treat them as you’d want to be treated, with care, affection etc. They are part of your life but they are not part of you as an individual consciousness. They might share similar qualities and such as your consciousness but you get the point.

    As independent entities. Just ask the fay/fae – however you spell the term for the fairy and ethereal community.

    As I was saying…
    When it comes to infidelity, people mainly get hurt because a relationship with a lover is subconsciously seen as a form possession or ownership. Not intentionally, but it’s the mindset of “They’re in a relationship with ‘me’ and therefore they ‘belong’ to me.” Not in the sense that they are physical objects that are owned by the person with the said mindset. This is not usually a mindset we are consciously aware of however. It all comes down to the ego and material ideals in some way. If you’ve seen a lot of spiritual people say in the 3rd dimensional world we can only comprehend physical concepts, that’s kind of true in this case. We unintentionally place material value of people we are in an intimate relationship with, which mostly explains everything said above.

    The “attachment” is a direct result of this. It’s not about trying to find someone to “love you”, or even the reversed independently. if it’s the mindset of “I only want to find love to be happy or to find happiness” sure, as long as it’s for the right reasons, that it’s not about only looking for love just for the pure intention of finding someone to “make” you happy.

    Since I’m straying from the main point, its only because of the ego that your hurt when someone is cheating on or leaves you. You start to drift into a state of victimhood, which is the worst thing you’d be doing. If you’re thinking that their life “should ” only revolve around you then you need to reconsider your thinking. This doesn’t condone cheating or leaving, especially if it’s for selfish reasons. Some ethereal beings even have multiple relationships or marriages at a time (though the latter is less common depending on the situation) because they don’t fall prey to the trap of the ego.

    I don’t know.. Romance it’s strange but wonderful concept.

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