Should You Make Up or Break Up? karma and reincarnation

If you are in a troubled relationship, it could be that the condition of your love life is connected to reincarnation and unresolved karmic debt.

Karma and reincarnation play a huge role in everyone’s life. Often, unresolved karmic issues are at the heart of many problems associated with love. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this.

Love relationships can be so complicated at times, and you may find yourself asking if you should make up or break up. It’s never an easy question to answer.

On one hand, you have that powerful feeling of wanting to stay in a relationship with someone you deeply love.

On the other hand, your mind may be nagging you to walk away because it’s the right thing to do. Walking away from the relationship is what will heal you and make you whole once again.

How do you decide?

How can you be sure of making the right decision…?


The Most Common Issues That Create Love Problems love problems

Love problems can cause extreme emotional pain. Sometimes, mental and physical pain can also be a result.


Clients I have counseled about their relationships have told me about the issues they believe to be at the root of most of their romantic problems.


In no particular order, these issues are:

  • Infidelity or cheating
  • A lack of trust
  • The partner’s controlling behavior
  • Disagreements about the handling of money and/or property
  • Friction of each partner with the other’s friends and/or relatives
  • Lack of communication or being excessively secretive
  • Lack of tenderness or empathy
  • Lack of time
  • Self-centeredness or being inconsiderate
  • Excessive pride, especially when it comes to an inability to admit fault and apologize
  • Having a short temper and/or being prone to use abuse or violence to drive home a point


The above-mentioned issues can severely try the patience of the one who is experiencing these kinds of treatment.

Such issues are undeniable sources of extreme emotional pain. Sometimes, mental and physical pain can also be a result.

The question then arises – if you feel abused or used by your partner, why would you want to stay?


Why People Stay in Complicated or Troubled Relationships


I have asked some clients of mine why they hang on to a relationship which is clearly not doing them any good.

The responses I have received run along these lines:

  • I think it’s just a passing phase. He/she may just be having a bad time at work or something.
  • I’m scared of being alone. I don’t want to be lonely.
  • Because I love him/her!
  • Because I can’t live without him/her!
  • Because I can’t imagine myself with someone else!
  • We’ve been in a long-term relationship, and I don’t want to throw away the time we have shared – just like that.
  • I don’t see any other alternative. I have no choice.
  • I don’t know… he/she must be my karma…?


Of all the reasons I have heard, the last one involving having to stay in a bad relationship “because of karma” is one of the most intriguing ones. This is because it carries some truth, but is not completely correct.

Let me explain further.


The Need to Deal with Unresolved Karmic Issues


Most young children are eager to open any kind of gift they receive, especially when the gift is given because of a special occasion such as their birthday or Christmas.

In fact, their eagerness is so strong, it often turns to impatience, and they become antsy about opening their gift.

Even if their parents tell them to wait until it’s the right time to open their gift, young children will often try to find a way to find out what’s inside the gift box.

Sometimes, in their rush to find out what their gift is, they tear apart the gift wrapper so fast, along with the box, nearly damaging the gift inside.

Many adults in troubled love relationships behave similarly.

Instead of finding ways to soothe a troubled romance, by doing their best to learn about underlying reasons, they become impatient about putting an immediate stop to whatever is causing their pain.

Like the children with their determination to know what their gift is, these troubled adults simply want to get rid of the pain. Period.

They are after instant gratification.

Now, of course, no one wants to experience pain, nor make it a regular part of their love life.

But it’s not reasonable to think if you fight fire with fire, or if you hold your ground and argue about an issue which is hurting your relationship, you will put a sudden stop to the problem.

On the contrary, being argumentative only worsens the problem.


Understanding Karma troubled woman

Have you ever thought that your troubled relationship could be due to karma?

Karma is the same way.

You can’t argue with it. You need to deal with it properly.

After all, we reincarnate because there are still lessons we need to learn.

In our previous life (or lives, as the case may be), we are meant to understand important lessons, which help our soul develop to a higher level of existence.

When a person reincarnates, it is a testament to the fact that they didn’t learn all of the lessons earthly they were meant to learn. So, they are reborn back on earth, to continue their learning

And when a person has karmic lessons left over, they incur karmic debt.

For more info on karma and karmic debt, please read these articles: Are Repeating Life Patterns Echoes of Your Past Lives? and  5 Secret Ways to Erase Heavy Karma

So, the thinking that your karma has something to do with the present condition of your love life is true to a certain degree.

But, it doesn’t mean that you need to simply grin and bear a bad relationship because it is partly your karma.

That kind of thinking is misguided.


What You Need to Consider When Deciding to Break Up or Make Up



Being in a troubled relationship can cloud your mind and judgment. in the eyes of your partner, you could turn into a stranger.

Being in a troubled relationship can cloud your mind and judgment. In the eyes of your partner, you could turn into a stranger.

With these facts in mind, here are the major things you need to consider when you are at the crossroads of breaking up or making up:

1) Do you understand what has caused the serious friction between you and your partner?

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. Sometimes, when you are hurt, your perceptions may be slanted. You may become biased against your partner. So, having knowledge of what caused your rift with your partner gives you more power to make an informed decision.

Find out first what is really at the root of your situation. For all you know, what you see as a nearly hopeless situation may be only a misunderstanding that can be easily cleared up by being patient, and sharing heartfelt conversations with each other.


2) Are you trying to arrive at a decision in the heat of your anger or resentment?

There are times when your emotions may be too much to contain, so you seek immediate relief to drive away the pain.

Earlier, I described how a young child given a gift behaves, in his/her impatience to find out what the gift is. Avoid treating your love relationship problems like an overeager or impatient young child.

Be patient. Do not be overruled by your raging emotions.

When making a decision, you will make the best choices when you think about matters as calmly as you can.


3) At the back of your mind, are you thinking even if you break up, the possibility is strong the two of you can still make up later and revive a dead relationship?

Being overly confident is bad for any relationship, because it means you are taking your partner for granted.

On the other hand, it may be your situation, good or bad, which you are taking for granted. Do your best to treat your partner as you would want to be treated.

For example, if your safety or well-being were at risk because of your damaged relationship, you would want to seek the help of a professional. This is especially true if you have experienced any kind of physical abuse.

On the other hand, if your experiences with your partner have been mostly a cycle of fight-separate-reconcile-fight, you may be lulled into thinking that breaking up is not something to be worried about, because you will eventually end up together again.

As I mentioned before, it is best to avoid being overly confident. You and your partner both have feelings, and those feelings should be respected, and never taken for granted.


I’ve Tried These Steps – So What Next?


Now, suppose you have already gone through these steps, but your mind is still fuzzy as to whether to stay or leave – what do you do next?

Then, I believe it’s best for you to get a psychic reading in order to more deeply understand if your troubled relationship has its roots in serious karmic debt. And you can only find this information out by exploring your past lives.

I can help you discover this information during a Past Life Reading, to help you to understand why you and your partner react to each other in the ways you do. And to know if you should make up, or actually break up!

Getting a Past Life Reading will also empower you to avoid making the same costly mistakes that have caused you to incur this same karmic debt, and help you avoid repeating it over and over again in this life, and also your future lives!


To schedule a Past Life Reading, you can fill out his form on my Psychic Reading page, and discover how to stop once and for all, the karmic affects in your relationship.


Did you like this article? I’d appreciate your letting me know in the comments below.


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2 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    The problem I have with the concept of karma is first and foremost, it’s a concept. Secondly, the universe’s mechanic is based from the principle of balance or justice based on the rule of duality ((i.e light and dark / positive vs negative) which in itself is flawed.

    According to those who “claim” to understand the concept of enlightenment, there is no “good” or “bad” because they are merely concepts of the mind of our representation of what we see as reality.

    Karma is supposed to represent the disposition of an outcome of an action, be it positive or negative. You commit good acts, you get a reward – essentially. You do something bad, you get punished, but what is “punishment?” What is a “reward”? Why do we “deserve” them? To “deserve” something is also a human concept of the principle of “you do something, you get that in return” is it not?

    Whether karma actually exists or not, I have no clue. Some say it does, others say it doesn’t. There are also those who say “Karma implies we have no control of our fate” which is half true. We choose to commit an action, therefore reap the rewards or punishment from said action. If the universe is trying to promote free will, then why are we stuck in a loop we cannot choose to get out of? Why are we forced to comply with a certain destiny or outcome? Can we choose what karma we get? Our decisions in our soul script implies the possibility that we can choose what karma we are exposed to in our lifetime(s) but apparent has to be an essential rule to be included.

    Here’s the biggest problem: What if there was an instance where you had to perform a negative action to achieve something positive? For example: the overly used famous scenario of sacrificing few to save many, or a better example: Robin Hood. Steal from the rich to give to the poor. Would we be punished for the negativity or rewarded for the positive effect we created? They say “Two wrongs do not make a right” yet in the Robin Hood scenario stealing (an act of greed) from a greedy sheriff was to HELP the poor people. Is irony taken into account or is there a rule of neutrality of a selfish act in the name of selflessness?

    What about the other side of the coin? Someone with a negative agenda does something positive but only for their own means? Say in a generic movie scenario, the god guy and the bad guy team up for a certain aligned goal. This does not include betrayal or anything, it is a legitimate agreement but the outcome is say, bad guy helps good for for exchange for something that helps in their evil endeavours like free reign to rule the world etc, BUT the bad guys is helping the good guy because there’s a more serious threat at stake that effects both of them in a way neither of them wants. Would the bad guy be punished or rewarded for helping in the act of good or punished for doing it out of selfishness?

    Also, is karma going to “Punish” me for defying it’s existence or it’s integrity? ? I know that not believing in the rule of karma would potentially yield no results and it’s our thoughts and actions that count. Would the universe think I’m thinking in a negative manner about karma because of it’s practicality and flawed nature…? Then what? I said before that the rule of karma seems to be under the rule of deserving. Why would we deserve punishment or reward for our actions? Deserving is a mindset of human nature.

    I’m just confused about the nature of karma since punishment is aligned with justice, justice is a facade of revenge for bad deeds as I quoted something before “There is no justice, only revenge.” And rewards are similar that we “deserve” similar compensation on the other side of the duality coin for good deeds.

    In the end, all things are a concept, all concepts are ideas, all ideas are thoughts. The universe “created” for a lack of a better word the ‘Concept’ of karma as a kind of balancing mechanic for itself. I have yet to find an answer to this though…

  2. janice says:

    Can a person have both someone of negative nature harassing them and then having it play on too much emotion .In any case I need to heal.

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