Does Everyone Have Male and Female Energies? male and female energiesI have mixed feelings when I reflect on the Kim Davis controversy. On one hand, I’m pleased at the way many people have thrown their support behind other people who were being marginalized, and stood up for their rights. On the other hand, I am saddened by that fact that up to now, great confusion still exists on the matter of male and female energies.

Maybe it’s because not everyone understands that all of us have male and female energies within us, regardless of the gender or physical/sexual organs that we may have.

Now, this could be a hard pill to swallow among those who insist on rigid, stereotypical gender roles. Such insistence could be due to religious beliefs, a lack of compassion, or simply a plain misunderstanding of what being a created human with a soul means.

Are You Stuck in the Blue or Pink Line of Thinking?


Pink stuff is for baby girls. Blue stuff is for baby boys.

That’s the traditional way of looking at things, as far as many newborns and their parents are concerned.

We look at the sexual equipment babies were born with, and assign certain traits and gender roles to these babies. Those roles are expected to be followed until adulthood.

From the clothes you wear, to the toys you play with, your college course of choice, your jobs applied for – nearly everything in your life is determined by your sex.

Males are supposed to be providers and assertive, often to the point of aggressiveness. In contrast, females are supposed to be nurturers and passive, if not subservient.

Now, what do those social expectations have to do with the Spirit World?

A whole lot.

Why We Need to Understand the Balance between Male and Female Energies male and female energy balance

Here’s a great explanation by the spiritual entity Michael,about balancing male and female energies:

Each soul has a certain percentage of male energy and female energy, regardless of the gender of the physical body. For example, a man or a woman might have thirty-three percent male energy/sixty-seven percent female energy. The exact complement is a partner with a ratio of sixty-seven/thirty-three.

All else being equal, you have more balancing sex with someone whose male/female energy ratio complements yours. Finding balance, of course, is very satisfying, but you might still be satisfied with a partner whose ratio does not balance yours.

The point is, it is all about energy, and not the physical body that you were born with.

A person may have been born in the physical body of a man, but their energy ratio may not correspond to what people expect of male behavior.

This person may not be as forceful or action-oriented as most people with a strong masculine energy. He may be passionate about cooking, about the arts, about being laid-back and enjoying life in calm doses, putting order to it, instead of “roaring out” to meet it like a ferocious warrior.

If you’re a man with more female energy, that doesn’t make you less of a person. It doesn’t even make you less of a man.

It’s just the way you are.

You simply have more feminine energy within you.

In the same way, a person may have been born in the physical body of a woman, but their energy may be more masculine. That’s why their actions are more direct, and they are often considered aggressive.

Do those characteristics make this peopleless of a human being? Do those characteristics  lessen her womanhood?

Of course not! It’s just the way she is.

She simply has more masculine energy within her.

Acceptance and Tolerance are Essential to Happiness male and female energies

During some of the psychic readings that I conduct, one of the more unusual situations that my clients talk about is how they feel “lost”.

This comes with a very unsatisfactory feeling of “drifting through life,” of not knowing what to do with themselves, even if they may already be adults, no matter what age they are.

Depression is also common dilema.

No one likes to be depressed. No one likes to feel the angstof worrying endlessly about their life, situation, or insecurities.

You need to feel accepted for who you are to be at ease.

But this sense of acceptance won’t happen until a person is accepting of who they are.

And to feel this way inside, a person also needs to learn how to become accepting and tolerant of how others are.

For example, if you are a male executive, and feel you must force yourself to make harsh decisions because you are a male, but secretly feel you should approach the situation more gently,then you will end up miserable. This is because you’re not acknowledging the feminine energy within you that is seeking expression.

On the other hand, if you are a stay-at-home mom, yet you still yearn deeply for a driven and demanding career, but push such yearnings down because they are “a betrayal” of family values – then, you will end up conflicted and full of regret. This is because you are not giving the masculine energy within you a chance to be released.

The Gift of Two-Spirited People


The understanding of male and female energies existing in the same physical body was prominent in less modern times. In fact, it even went beyond that. Not only was the dualism of energies accepted, it was highly desired and respected.

It was an honor to be identified as two-spirited.

For example, in the Native American traditions, a person who was what they called “two-spirited” (possessing both male and female spirits) was seen as someone special, and someone possessing the ability to heal and to receive visions.

Two Spirited People were known to be able to see and visit otherworldly realms.

In other words, two-spirited people had psychic abilities.

However, when the colonizers came with their own brand of religious beliefs, things were radically changed. As hundreds of years passed, those who were two-spirited became more and more marginalized.

Eventually, however, a great portion of society began to see the oppression for what it was.

And today, we are circling back around, with more understanding towards those who express their real selves as they feel called to do so, by their own male and female energies or spirits within them.

Still, there are pockets of resistance, as in the case of Kim Davis and her supporters.

It’s a good thing that those who refuse to see the reality of male and female spirits existing in one physical body, are no longer as powerful today as they were before, because energy can never be suppressed without harmful consequences to the person.

So, as to the question of whether everyone has male and female energies – the answer is a huge “yes!”  In fact, at times, most people can be two-spirited.

What do you think of male and female energy existing in one person? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Remember, if you need more guidance about this topic, and how it affects your life, you can come to me for a psychic reading and I’ll help you to understand better.


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