I Saw A Man die – And This Is What I Saw

Yesterday I was going with some friends to eat, and as I was walking into the restaurant, there was an ambulance there. Then  I saw some paramedics on the ground, pushing up and down on the chest of a man who was lying there. 

Suddenly, at that very moment, I saw the man’s spirit rise out of his body! It was like an exact replica of his body, only in a white misty form. At that moment, I had realized what happened to this man!

The other interesting thing that I saw was six angels that appeared to have appeared out of nowhere, come and take this man by the hand, and lead him up in the heavens!

I saw the paramedics look at each other, with a sad look on their faces, as if they were silently say to each other “We lost him! And I so badly wanted to say to them, “He’s not lost, he’s with his angels!” But I refrained myself from saying that, because this was a small town, and I didn’t want them to lock me up thinking I was a crazy man!

I was taken back by seeing this, because it’s not an everyday occurrence that I actually see someone’s spirit leave their body at the exact moment of their passing, and then get to watch their angels escort them up to the heavenly realms!

I thought a sense of peace come over me, because I could see the man felt like he was finally released from all of the suffering!

I was able to ask the waitress in the restaurant what it happened, and I found out that this man that had been struggling with heart problems ever since he was a young boy. She told me he was around 78 years old, so I felt better after hearing that, because I felt like he had at least had a chance to live a long time.

When I saw his spirit rise out of his body, and just reaffirmed for me what exactly happens to us after we die. It reaffirmed to me that our soul does release from our body at the moment of death, that our guardian angels do come to escort us up to the heavens, and that we do rise up in the heavens to be rejoined with our loved ones!

It was a sad feeling at first, but when I saw the angels appear, a sudden feeling of joy and happiness came over me! It’s a weird thing to try to explain, but that’s how I experienced it inside!

I would love to hear your comments on this below. Thank you for taking time to read my post today.


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  1. bobbie garrett says:

    I felt a peaceful feeling reading this an a image came to me. Very uplifting an amazing….. thank you for sharing this moment with us!

  2. Amanda says:

    I recently lost my dad due to a heart attack at a young age(54) and it was very sudden. I wondered if when he passed if his spirit stayed where he passed? I feel so much better reading this bc now I have hope his spirit could’ve been escorted to heaven the same way. Thank you for sharing this with everyone!

  3. Pearl says:

    There are indeed angels specifically deemed to help us in our transitioning. Lovely story and reminder, our angels are always with us!

  4. Anna says:

    Thank you for sharing what my intuition has been telling me all the time. When my time comes, I will have no fear.

  5. Shayna says:

    That’s such a beautiful and peaceful experience. Your amazing!

  6. Rosemary says:

    Thanks so much Tana for sharing that, that was so special to see and I think you we’re meant to see that so that we can feel sure we will be looked after. Rosemary

  7. trevoy says:

    I felt a peaceful feeling reading this message , honestly an image came to me. Very uplifting an amazing,seems like i could see everything happening….. thank you for sharing this wonderful moment with us!

  8. Connie W says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I lost my brother 5 days ago and knowing this gave me such a peaceful feeling. I have no doubt where he is , and I truly felt that my dad had come to take him home. But even if it were a group of angels to take him to be with my dad I am ok with that too. They are together either way. Thank you again for sharing. Connie

  9. PL says:

    I know their is life after death. Because the moment my mother had passed away, her last breath, I was the only one there, I hugged her at that moment, to say I love you. I had felt her spirit pass thru me. And I felt other being over my shoulder. It was her angels and my father waiting for her.

  10. Eileen says:

    What a lovely story, Thanks for sharing with us

  11. Jo-Ann says:

    I too found this story very comforting as I was with my mother when she passed away. Unfortunately,I didn’t get to see any angels as I fell asleep but I did tell her that it was okay for her to go, as I knew she was in great pain. May this story give others peace of mind that when their time comes to pass,they will not leave this earth alone.

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