How to Manifest Everything You Want That Will Make You Happy!!

When something you really want doesn’t happen – disappointment often follows! Maybe you wanted a certain love relationship to work out, but it didn’t. Or you applied for a new job or position you didn’t get. Or maybe you wanted a material possession you didn’t get, etc. images-2

The list goes on and on because life is often full of disappointments!

As humans, we tend to have one-sighted vision. We often only think about things from OUR perspective of what WE want, what WE desire, and as adults, we often pout, and even throw temper tantrums when we don’t get what we want!

And yes! We all do this at times – because it is human! It is natural to feel disappointed when you don’t get something you THINK you need.

But have you ever stopped to look at disappointment from a different perspective? Have you ever thought that something didn’t work out for you BECAUSE it was not for your highest good?

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A Sad Story About A Friend

I have a good friend who told me about a man she truly thought was the perfect man for her. She wanted him more than anything! So she did everything she could to get him and win his love. She told me she put A LOT of work into getting him to like her!

And guess what? Her efforts worked! Her and her perfect man started to have a relationship, and even eventually moved in together! She was so happy that all her hard work paid off.

She didn’t care what it took, because she was determined to have him regardless. And she got him!

After a few months, Mr. Perfect started to change. He even slapped her one night, as he told her to shut up! She was stunned that her perfect man was so mean! Later, he did other things to her that didn’t seem to fit the “perfect man” SHE had created in her OWN mind. He did many other things, and she ended up leaving eventually – disappointed and sad that it didn’t work out.

She told me she was determined to win him at all costs – and she did! But the one thing she didn’t do was to LISTEN to the signs she received along the way from her angels, telling her he was the “wrong man”! She wanted him so badly, she even ignored these signs from her angels!

He later ended up becoming someone you would see on one of those Court TV shows because of what he did to the woman he later married!

The moral of the story is that she wanted him so bad, even when she received signs not to pursue him. But like a child throwing a temper tantrum, she didn’t care! She wanted him, and that was all that mattered!

Why It’s Important To Listen

It’s important to remember that just because we want something, no matter how bad we want it, doesn’t mean it is for our highest good. When a person becomes so ME focused that he/she doesn’t care about anything else, that person is setting themselves up for a lot of hurt and disappointment!

And when you become so focused on only what you want, you push out your angels, and any help they may be trying to offer you! Just like my friend did!

When you push out spiritual help, you are at that moment off your true spiritual path. And you can rest assured you are headed for big trouble!

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A Better Way

A better way would be to become aware of what you want, and then say “If it is for my highest good, I would like  to have (blank)” But,  if you don’t get what you want, you must be prepared to accept that it’s not for your highest good! That’s the hardest part of doing this.

If you can remember and ACCEPT that not everything you want – no matter how bad you want it – is not always good for you, then you will be much happier in life!

The trick is in knowing 100% if something is for your highest good or not, because sometimes you can be too close to the forest, and not able to see the trees!

So if you always say  “If it is for my highest good, I would like to have (blank)”, and then accept the outcome, you will become happier than you ever imagined in life!

Discover Your True Future

During a psychic reading, many of my clients have learned to ask me “Is this for my highest good?” and I am able to tell them if it is or not. The great thing to remember is that even if something you want tis not for your highest good, there is something even better in store for you! People often forget this important point!!

And during a psychic reading, if I see something that is not for my clients highest good, I can also let them know what the better thing is that will be coming to them!

And when you feel discouraged because something didn’t work out, that’s what my psychic gift is for. To be able to use it to tell you the even better things that are awaiting you in your future!

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I hope this helped make things clearer!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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