How To Manifest Unlimited Abundance Into Your Life attracting money

Understanding the Universal Law of Abundance and knowing how to tap into the wealth that comes from the Spirit World is one of the keys to creating more abundance in your life.

One of the most common questions I hear people ask is how to attract money. Their interest in attracting money is understandable because in this modern world we live in, hardly anything can be accomplished without using money. It’s important to understand the Universal Law of Abundance and know how to tap into the wealth that comes from the Spirit World. This can be one of the keys to creating more abundance in your life.

What is a Universal Law?


A Universal Law, also known as a Law of Nature, is a spiritual law and is not manmade. It is called universal because it applies to everyone, regardless of race, age, gender, belief system, or sexual preference.

Universal Laws, or the Laws of Nature, are also unchanging; they are strong forces, which exist for all time – whether in the past, in the present, or in the future.

The Universal Law of Abundance is one such law. It is based on spiritual truths, just like the other Universal Laws, or Laws of Nature.

Are Universal Laws Real?


It doesn’t take much of an imagination to believe in the reality of Universal Laws. Because the proof that these Laws of Nature exist lies in the fact they can easily be experienced through your five senses.

For example, when you think of the Law of Abundance, what comes to mind? Probably money. But is abundance only about money and the things money can buy?

Not really. As an adult, you are naturally aware of the many things that are freely available to you as a human being. wind blowing

Air is freely available to you and to everybody else. It is abundant, and that’s why people, wherever they are, can use it to breathe, to support life

For example, the air that you breathe. Air is freely available to you and to everybody else. It is abundant, and that’s why people, wherever they are, can use it to breathe, to support life.

However, there are times the gift of free and abundant air is not fully appreciated, is often ignored, or worst of all even destroyed through pollution. When that happens, air can become a pricey commodity.

For someone who gets a severe respiratory illness due to frequent exposure to pollutants in the air, the air is no longer considered abundant. It may not even be free, because, in a hospital, patients with respiratory problems often need to pay for the purified air they breathe.

So if something like that happens to you, you need to be able to know how to attract money, or you will suffer the consequences of not having enough good air to breathe freely.

In other words, the reality of Universal Laws, such as the Law of Abundance, is self-proving.

Keep in mind that abundance is not necessarily all about money or material things. Abundance is a blessing.

However, all the abundance freely given to you by the Source, from the Spirit World, can end up being limited, due to your own doing.

How You Limit Spiritual Abundance


You will limit your access to spiritual abundance through the following:

  • Exploiting or abusing nature
  • Refusing to share the abundance available to you
  • Not being grateful for all the abundance available to you
  • Exploiting other people for your own gain
  • Refusing to do your part in making all the abundance in this world available to others

Tapping into Spiritual Abundance


There are numerous articles here on my blog, which are about abundance.

I’ve selected some relevant parts to help you better understand how you can tap into spiritual abundance.

Here’s the first one from How To Create Abundance Using The Law Of Attraction:

“Abundance has already been given to you at the moment of birth! It is already yours! However, your experience of abundance is dependent on how open and accepting you are to receiving whatever you want to have an abundance of.”

In that article, I explained how you need to be a willing and grateful recipient of abundance, to be able to experience it in your life. I also explained further, how to initially get into a mode of thankfulness:

“By accepting and appreciating what you already have, you accept the abundance offered to you by the universe. When attracting abundance into your life, intention can be a powerful tool.

Write down what you are grateful for, and what you appreciate. As you make notes of everything that makes you happy in life, you will be concentrating on the positive, and you will let go of the negative thoughts that are holding you back, and preventing you from truly accepting abundance into your life.”

Then, in the article titled Need More Money? Love? Manifest What You Need! (Part 1 and Part 2), I discussed how the Law of Attraction works, and how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest what you need.

In Part 1, I discussed why you need to eliminate any false beliefs regarding money:

“From a psychic viewpoint, financial difficulty is often associated with “poverty consciousness.” This means that you focus on what is lacking in your life, so your mind centers on your money problems, and so you keep on attracting a lack of money.

Most of us were “programmed” to “refuse” money because of the belief that money is evil. It is quite saddening that this negative belief about money is deeply seated in many people’s subconscious minds. As such, instead of attracting money into their bank accounts, many people tend to shoo money away.”

And in Part 2, this reminder about how your thoughts shape your reality:

“To attract good things, such as material and spiritual abundance, you need to have a positive mindset. This means that you don’t allow your conscious mind to focus on things that get in the way of your happiness and success.

To attract good things is to think of good things. As you think of good things, your body and spirit will align with your mind.

Since your subconscious mind is what controls your actions, if you reprogram the way you think, so that only positivity is your focus, your body and spirit will adjust accordingly.”

So, if you truly want to tap into spiritual abundance, the kind of abundance that never fades or ends, then you need to keep these three important guidelines in mind:

1) Always be in a state of readiness as a Receiver of Abundance. Believe that the Source has already created everything that you need, and with your existence comes access to such abundance.

2) Drive out and consistently avoid all negative thoughts, particularly those which put limits on your access to abundance. In the example given above, the false belief is that “money is the root of all evil.”  But in reality, it is the extreme love of money, for accumulating money’s sake, that is the root of all evil.

Remember, money in itself and by itself, cannot be evil. Money is nothing more than the energy that has taken another form. Therefore, it is up to you how to use the money to which you have access.

3) As you empty your mind of negativity, replace the emptiness with positivity. The more positive thoughts you hold, the more you attract what is good for you, and the more manifest what you need.

When your mind functions with full positivity, you will reap the benefits of the Law of Abundance, and you will eventually stop asking how to attract money because money will be naturally attracted to you.

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  1. Candy says:

    Very awesome! This morning I was thinking of having a place of healing Tana, it just came to me? Almost like a business, an actual “place” as in a business or something. My positive thoughts far out way any negative 🙂 ???❤️???✨??????????❄️??

  2. Irma says:

    I agree, we should always give back and help others. Love this article. Thank you.

  3. J Singh says:

    I am very happy that you wrote the “three important guidelines” towards the end of your blog.

    The Law of Attraction is the single most important FACT in today’s times. I attest to it. I am a product of this law. It’s taken me almost 8 years to perfect this law and reap rich dividends. As mentioned by you in this blog, I had a closed mind / false belief about many things in life. So, instead of finding faults with others, I had to recondition my mind and steer my life in the direction I wanted to.

    Unlike most people, I didn’t apply the law of attraction on a particular thing that I wanted. Rather, I applied it on my actions. Because taking action is the only thing that’s in my control. Take action on various things and increase your probability of success. The outcome is NOT in my hands. Never was. Never will be!

    Additionally, I am a student of comparative religion. I have come to the conclusion that prayers form an essential ingredient of our lives. And the two most important areas are abundance attraction and prosperity attraction. I came across this prayer – . Hope it helps!

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