Here’s Your Love Horoscope For January 2015

With the New Year finally here, my Spirit Guides tell me this is the best time to reflect on the future, and to decide what you want to happen for the rest of the year. Mentally deciding how you want 2015 to go for you, is like setting an invisible path in front of you for fulfilling your desires.

During my psychic readings with my clients, I try to help my clients understand the power of their thoughts. As simple as it seems, what you think – every moment of your day – creates a future outcome in your life! So, what kind of 2015 do you want to have?

You can use what is called a Manifestation Map to “map out” your future. This map helps you to focus your desires, by helping to focus your thought energy on what you want to create in you life!

Here is the best way to create a “Manifestation Map”. By doing this, you will be setting the right path before you, and help yourself to have more of the things you desire in 2015.

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Creating A Manifestation Map

  • Get a nice piece of paper. Choose a special piece of paper for this. Something nice. Don’t just grab any piece of paper. This paper is for a special purpose. Get a handmade paper, or something special. You can find them in specialty paper stores, or online.
  • Before writing anything, take at least one week to think about what you’d like to accomplish, have, and fulfill in 2015.
  • After one week, write all of these things down on the paper. Be detailed and specific. This is very important to do. The more specific the better.
  • When you have written everything, roll the paper into a tube, and tie it closed with a gold piece of ribbon. It has to be gold!
  • Place this piece of paper in a safe place where no one will bother it. It doesn’t matter where you put it, just somewhere it will not be bothered by others. A closet help is a good place!
  • You can now continue on with life, and wait to see what happens.
  • At the end of the year, open the paper and see what manifested!

You must not deviate from one step of this for it to work. You must also not ever bother the paper again, once it has been placed away!

The Power Of Focused Thoughts

Focused thoughts are powerful! They explain why relationships have problems, why you might have problems at work, or with money. The reason people have problems is because somewhere, at some time, they worried about these specific problems happening to them. So much so, that those problems later manifested in their lives.

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Think about this. How many of your own problems are things you feared happening at one time or another? You will find probably that all or most of them are! And if you cannot identify fearing a certain problem you are having in this life, then you feared it in a past life. All problems are manifested fears of one kind or another.

This is why it is so important to keep yourself focused on the positive! The more you think about the positive, the more positive will flow into your life. The more you think about the negative, the more negative will flow into your life.

This is one of the biggest secrets of the universe: Master your thoughts, and you will become the master of your life.

I sincerely hope you will use this information to manifest everything that you desire in your life. This is a very powerful technique that I just shared with you, and it really works!

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

P.S.S. Here’s your Love Horoscope For January 2015

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  1. grace newman says:

    Thoughts are things and manifest the good ones no matter how hard it
    is to do for thoughts create our destiny

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