How To Use Mantras To Relieve Stress

Stress is our body’s automatic response when we feel threatened, or when we sense danger. We respond to the threat by fighting it, running away from it, or becoming mentally immobilized by it.

The negative effects of stress can be controlled by reciting mantras, but if you let stress drag on for a prolonged period of time, it can build up and affect your emotional,  physical, mental, and spiritual health.

What Causes Stress?

Stressors can be real or imagined, and it can be physical (e.g. fear of fire) or non-physical (e.g. getting fired). Each of us view these threats differently, therefore, what may be stressful for me may not be stressful for you. Here are some common stress factors:

• Disasters, such as earthquakes and typhoons.

• Change, including moving to another home, changing careers, and even getting married.

• Attachment, like when problems arise with family and friends, or when loss is perceived or experienced.

• Responsibilities, especially when it feels too much to bear.

• Deadlines, and the sense of lack of time.

Also, each person has different tolerance levels, so while we may both be threatened by the same situation, such as getting fired, your reaction may be totally different from mine.

The Affects Of Prolonged Stress

Prolonged stress can be detrimental. Worries, like fear of getting laid off ,or fear of getting humiliated, can loom and haunt you like night demons. You get “knots in your stomach”, become agitated and nervous, and maybe get jumpy, fearful, and depressed.

You can also lose sleep, your appetite, and your focus and concentration. And as the feeling of stress drags on, it begins to affect your productivity, your relationships, your moods, and the overall quality of your life.

Stress also makes you lose your sense of calm and tranquillity, and it can draw you away from cosmic awareness.

Furthermore, it makes your aura (the energy field that surrounds your person) smaller, duller, and weaker. Stress also blocks your chakras (your body’s energy systems), resulting in a build up of negative energy within you.

Using A Mantra To Overcome Stress

To prevent these negative effects, you need to learn to keep your cool even when fear starts to take over. One of the most effective methods is by having a mantra that you can recite over and over, to help your nerves calm down whenever stress starts to overcome you.

A mantra, which means “instrument of the mind”, is a word, sound, or phrase which has energy vibrations that can aid you in meditation and relaxation. For over 3,000 years, they have been used to enter a deeper sense of awareness and raise the level of consciousness.

How To Use A Mantra To Relieve Stress

While there are religious mantras that you can use, such as the Hindu “om” and the Buddhist “om mani padme hum,” you should use a personal mantra designed especially for your energy vibrations to alleviate your stress.

• Have a psychic choose a sound that resonates with your own energy vibrations. This sound will calm you down when you say it over and over? Make this mantra a part of you, so you can automatically use it in times of stress.

• Recite your mantra audibly or silently whenever you sense stress looming. Say it slowly, over and over, until you can sense calmness returning to you.

A mantra is powerful because its sound vibrations, along with your intentions of overcoming stress, resonate within yourself, and vibrate out into the universe.

If concerns with stress persist, I can create a special mantra that resonates perfectly with your own unique, energy vibrations. Through a phone psychic reading, I can determine the sound vibration that matches with your own energy signal.

During a psychic reading, as a psychic medium who is experienced at seeing auras, I can also see if your aura has been damaged by excessive stress, or if your chakras need to be opened or balanced. If so, I can relaign and balance them during your Mantra Session.

To schedule a Mantra Session, click here now, and fill out the form to have someone from my office contact you!

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