Psychic Predictions for March 2016 by Tana Hoy psychic predictions

The month of March 2016 features changing psychic energies

Here are more of my Psychic Predictions for March 2016. These psychic predictions are a little different, in the sense they are reflective of the changing energies 2016 holds.

I talk about these changing energies in my psychic newsletter I send out twice a week. Expect the unexpected for this month, and I hope you enjoy reading my latest predictions.

Here are my new Psychic Predictions:




We are going to be seeing some very crazy behavior from a famous celebrity. Think Charlie Sheen and his famous tiger blood, or Shia LaBeouf when he held his six-day performance in a Los Angeles gallery entitled, IAMSORRY.  This person’s actions are going to be so bizarre that fans all over the world are going to be confused and puzzled by their unexplained behavior. Britney Spears

Expect some controversial news again about Britney Spears [Public Domain image]

Britney Spears is going to be back in the news again involving some more controversy.

A new dance craze is going to sweep the nation, becoming very popular with people of all ages, due to how easy it is to do! Although once the trend is over, it will fizzle out and be forgotten.

Paul McCartney is going to face a serious health scare that will leave many fans very worried. In the end, he will be okay.


Politics Donald Trump

Donald Trump continues to give off a lot of negative energy.

Many surprises lie ahead in the presidential race. Mud slinging is going to reach an all time low in political history. Donald Trump will make a comment regarding the inability of a female to run the country, and tempers are going to flare!

Dirty secrets about Trump are going to surface, but he will try to disregard them, and act as if they aren’t important. This tactic will not work.

A new prostitution ring in Washington will be brought to national attention, as many Senators who are clients will be exposed for hiring these high-priced escorts. It will come to light that many “born again” Senators have been their biggest clients!




Terrorist groups are going to lose ground, as many of their head leaders will be arrested. Some will even be killed due to resistance during their arrest. This is going to put a large dent in their activities, and people around the world will start to feel safer again, at least for now. Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un, known as the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (aka North Korea).

Kim Jong Un is going to be in the news more and more. There are going to be bizarre rumors circulated that he may not be what he appears to be. Some will even claim he’s a homosexual: something treated as a crime in his country. This is going to be interesting!

Uganda is going to experience more problems. Economic downfalls will cause them to experience a near collapse economy. Hundreds of children will die of starvation, due to corrupt government officials stealing the food sent to Uganda for food relief, to sell the impoverished people. Some will say this is due to a curse on their country.


Medical insulin pens

The use of insulin pens may soon become a thing of the past .

A promising new drug is going to be announced that may cure Type 1 diabetes, leaving many people hopeful they will be able to stop using insulin, and only need to take pills.

Advances will be made in Hepatitis C. It will be announced there is an even newer drug, which will eradicate the virus in almost all newly infected people, along with a large percentage of people who have been infected for a long period of time.

A new drug is going to be released that will cure certain types of cancer found in children. This new drug will be a huge success, saving the lives of many children.


Weather glacier melting

Conflicting claims about global warming in relation to the melting of glaciers will continue.


More reports of glacier melting will be in the news, with some people claiming it is due to global warming, and others will claim global warming is not the cause at all.

Expect more bizarre weather around the world. As we approach the beginnings of the new seasons, the normal weather that usually happens during these seasons, is going to be the exact opposite!

Another major flood is going to happen in India, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Expect heavy rains in the Philippines, Cambodia, and Thailand, but no major flooding will occur.


Stock Market gold bars

The price of gold will fall, then rise once again.

Expect gold prices to drop for a short period in 2016. But within a few months, they will rise back up again.

The stock market will experience some lows during the summer, but these lows will create huge increases and rises in the months that follow, making up for any losses experienced from the lows.



I hope you enjoy more of my psychic predictions for 2016. You can read last month’s psychic predictions by clicking here.


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    “Dirty secrets about Trump are going to surface, but he will try to disregard them, and act as if they aren’t important. This tactic will not work.” You are right there. Look at Trump University and the way he disregarded the allegations against it.

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