Psychic Predictions for May 2016 – by Tana Hoy psychic predictions

The world is experiencing some crazy energy, which is prominent in May.

Here are my Psychic Predictions for May 2016. This month’s predictions are going to be a mixed bag due to the world is experiencing some crazy energy. People and events are going to be affected by this energy.


I hope you enjoy reading my latest predictions:


Hollywood embezzlement

Embezzlement will be one of the causes of a major scandal that will tear into one of the three major Hollywood studios.


There is going to be a major scandal coming out of one of the top three movie studios. It is going to involve inappropriate sexual behaviors, embezzlement, and pay offs.

The passing of a famous country singer is going to surprise many fans, due to the way it happens, and the unexpected timing of when it occurs.

A prominent Hollywood figure is going to announce the desire to go into politics. This will surprise many people, because this person will not be someone most would people imagine being in this new role.




Donald Trump is going to continue moving ahead with full steam. Many people are going to be amazed by how far he actually gets in his campaign. transgender symbol

The political scene will be rocked after a politician admits he is transgendered.

An embarrassing situation is going to develop in the political arena, involving drugs, sex, and wife swapping.  When details surface, several politicians of both parties will be very embarrassed.

A politician is going to announce he is transgendered, and planning to live his life openly as a woman.




Russian President Vladimir Putin will face a major scandal.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will face a major sex scandal.

A terrorist attack is going to happen in a public area in Asia. Several people will perish as a result of this attack.

Another terrorist attack is going to be prevented in Paris. Several people will be arrested.

Putin is going to be involved in more problems. Pictures of him having sexual relations with a male are going to surface on the Internet. He will deny this by claiming the person in the photos is not him. But it will be obvious it is his face





Major weather is going to hit parts of Asia, such as Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. snowfall in the Midwest

Late snowfalls are due to happen in parts of the Midwest. Springtime in the affected areas will be chilly.

Parts of the Midwest will still experience a few last snowfalls – even this late in the year! So expect unusually cold weather during springtime if you live in the Midwest.

Major droughts will hit Arizona, Texas, and Utah, this year.


Stock Market wheat

Wheat, corn, and barley are crops expected to do well this year.

The stock market is going to plummet between spring and summer, but will quickly rise back up again.

Gold prices are going to continue to rise, while silver prices will take a slight dip, but then quickly rise back to where they were.

 Corn is going to do well this year, along with wheat and barley.




There is going to be an unusual number of bugs or insects making their presence known in certain parts of the world.  Their numbers will be so unusual it will make international news.

North Carolina will experience a huge economic impact due to the new anti-gay law recently passed by the states governor. Several families in North Carolina will end up in poverty, due to the loss of jobs from major companies pulling out.

An assassination attempt will be made on Russian President Putin’s life. The attempt will almost be successful. The second attempt will succeed.


I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions. If you missed last month’s psychic predictions you can read them by clicking here.

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  1. Jo-Ann Shepherd says:

    Hi Tana,
    Thanks for the great articles and I always enjoy reading your predictions. Can you please tell me how the Canadian dollar will fare in comparison to the US election? Some people are worried about our dollar especially if Donald Trump were to win the election.
    Thank You.

  2. Joely Sampson says:

    Your predictions about Texas and the drought are true we are under water as I’m typing

  3. Candy says:

    When reading this I sensed the country singer would be Willy Nelson
    thank you for all the things that you write,
    I appreciate it ?

  4. Willis says:

    I’m not sure it’s going to be Willie Nelson . not like these young country and western singers are doing some of them think that the whole world revolves around them so it could be anybody

  5. Omar Marks says:

    Hey Tana.. Did you know that Prince was going to die today?

  6. lin says:

    I was wondering if that was in your 2016 predictions too. Prince is a huge icon.

  7. Vincent says:

    Tana I remember you made a prediction about a we will lose a icon this year an then we was hit with prince I never doubted your predictions I jus wondered who. # shocking

  8. Psychic chris says:

    Hey tana.

    Just concerning your prediction regarding Russian president Vladimir Putin.. Who will succeed him if he was to be assasinated?

  9. michelle says:

    is Hillary Clinton going to win the election you said she would is it still going to happen

  10. michelle says:

    thank you I have been watching your site for a couple of years

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