What Is The Meaning Behind Each Color Of Your Aura?

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Your auric colors reveal a lot about you and your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state.

The human aura is a topic I have previously discussed several times here on my blog. Just the same, during some of my psychic readings, I often get questions about the meanings of the auric colors.

So, to make things clearer, here are more details about the meaning behind each color of your aura.

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Colors of the Rainbow


People with a psychic gift for healing have a rainbow-colored aura.

Rainbow colors fall under what is known as “clean colors.”

Auric colors are considered clean when they are clearly seen, even glowing, and never appear to be smoky.

A rainbow aura is not frequently seen, but those who have rainbow auras can work well with the energy fields of your body, so this is why they are often seen among the auras of  healers.

The colors of a rainbow aura are not solid, rather, they are like clear lights with a strong and brilliant shine.

Shades of Yellow 


Various shades of yellow can be seen in the human aura. The most common hues of auric yellow include:

  • Bright, sunshiny yellow – This means a strong spiritual change for the better that’s going on inside you. If your aura includes this color, your optimism levels are high, and you also have a strong energy to work hard for what you wish to achieve.
  • Pale yellow, almost white – This means that you have gone through a spiritual change. You are more confident and assured about where you want to go, and what you want to do.
  • Yellow with tints of green – You are experiencing a certain level of fear or insecurity. You are worried about possibly losing something important to you, or of having to let go of someone whom you highly value.
  • Brownish yellow – Brown muddles or darkens yellow, so if there a brown tinge to your auric yellow, it means that you feel weary over a responsibility that is not of your own making.

For example, you could be helping your relatives financially, and this is reducing your opportunities to spend time on your own needs. This auric color also shows up in workers who have a difficult employer, or students who are nearing a burnout because of a heavy course load.


White Aura


White, when seen in the aura, means there is a strong level of pureness and freshness. For humans, a totally white aura is only seen on those who are ready to Ascend to a more spiritual state of existence.

For spiritual beings, it is angels whose aura is clearly pure white.

A being radiating auric white means that nothing existing in the material or physical dimension (such as negative feelings) contaminates the being. This means that the being is pure.

Shades of Purple


If there is a purple component in your aura, it means that your pineal gland and your pituitary gland are highly receptive to spiritual energy.

Your nervous system is made to withstand jolts of energy from the Spirit World. These energy jolts are what make you capable of visualizing solutions to problems, especially those that have to do with spiritual challenges.

Having shades of purple in your aura means the dense material world is not a hindrance for you. It also means you have a strong ability to inspire and motivate others towards a changed consciousness.

  • Light shades of purple (ex: lavender) – You are compassionate and loving towards humanity as a whole. You are a visionary with excellent dreams about the future.
  • Dark shades of purple (ex: indigo) – Your main focus is no longer on this earthly plane, but on other worlds which are spiritual in nature.

When you have indigo in your aura, it means your level of spirituality isso high that you may have some difficulties living in this world. You could also be frequently having some choking sensations, or a feeling of being weighed down.This can be addressed through spiritual counseling during a psychic reading.

Shades of Red


Red is a dense and powerful color, particularly when it is found in the aura. There are many shades of red, with just as many meanings. The more common hues of auric red are:

  • Dark red – If your aura has this color, it means that your attachment to the earthly plane is strong. That’s the reason that you are able to survive physical challenges, as well as overcome threats to your physical well-being.
  • Fiery red – This auric color shows itself in people who are passionate, sensual, and eager to prove their worth. If you have this auric color, you are daring and energetic.
  • Muddled red – Red is muddled when tinged by darker colors, such as black or gray. Also, this auric color is sometimes referred to as “dirty” or “cloudy.” If you have this auric color, you have strong negative emotions that are pulling you down. This color can also put you at risk for becoming depressed or angry.
  • Dark pink-red or fuschia – This points to a lack of integrity and maturity. The spirituality of a person with this auric color is almost non-existent. Spiritual matters are neglected, in favor of material convenience.
  • Light pink – Auric red can become light pink when tinged with white. If you have this auric color, it means you are affectionate, with a concerned and caring heart, especially for the weak, or those who are in need.

Shades of Blue


Auric blue, when clean, denotes a calm spirit, strong intuition, and a giving and forgiving heart.

However, varying shades of blue in the aura can also vary the meaning.

  • Vividly dark blue – This auric color is seen on people who are generous, kind at heart, perceptive, and can access spiritual insights with ease.
  • Muddied dark blue – When auric dark blue is dirty or cloudy, this means that suspicions, along witha strong internal need to rule or be in charge,are present.
  • Light shades of blue – If you have this auric color, it means that you are honest, yet tactful. You are able to reach out to others with the least amount of difficulty. Your intuition is strong.

Black Aura


Black can signify many things. Among the most prominent of the auric meanings are:

  • You have a serious physical ailment.
  • You have a massive spiritual energy blockage. (Auric gray means that the block is not that severe yet.)
  • You are nurturing and/or suppressing negative emotions such as envy, rage, resentment, or a burning desire to take revenge.
  • You are on the brink of despair (possibly suicidal).
  • You have too much on your mind, and your thoughts are torturing you.

Having black as an auric color is no simple matter. It requires urgent attention. If you have this auric color, make sure to get psychic counseling and undergo an aura cleansing or aura balancing as soon as possible.

Shades of Green


This auric color is seen in healers, and those who provide guidance or counseling. Kindness towards animals is a strong characteristic, as is compassion for other people.

The other shades of auric green have these meanings:

  • Dark or dirty green – This auric shade of green indicates an unwillingness to accept accountability. If you have this auric shade, you are also extremely possessive, and get jealous for the slightest reason.
  • Vivid green – Your ability to heal is strong. This applies not only to physical healing, but also to healing emotional hurts.
  • Bluish-green – If you have this auric color, you are able to motivate people to strengthen their instinct for self-preservation. This means that you have the ability to draw others out from their despair.


Gold and Silver


Both of these auric colors have positive meanings. They both indicate a great quantity of positive spiritual energies.

Auric silver means that spiritual resources are within your easy reach.

Auric gold means that you are safe andprotected by spiritual beings.

Do the colors of the aura and their meanings resonate with you? Let me know in the comments below.

If you’re experiencing problems or situations that you find exceptionally difficult to handle, your aura may need to be cleansed.

Schedule a psychic reading with me now, and during your session, I’ll also include balancing your aura.


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    I not long ago went to see an energy healer.As I closed my eyes after the energy healer had unblocked my 3rd eye for me. My aura looked more like a rainbow aura as it displayed many different colors for me such as yellow light pink light green dark blue purple. I started to suddenly see all these different colors after my 3rd eye had been unblocked for me as my eyes were closed. I am just wondering what this means for me?

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