What Does Manifestation Mean?

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The more connected your dream to what you aspire, the deeper your intention to turn your dream into reality

What does manifestation mean? Is there a universal definition of manifestation, or is the meaning of manifestation personal?

During psychic readings, I have had clients ask me many questions about manifestation and the Law of Attraction. They are particularly interested in knowing if they can manifest love for someone they are attracted to, so that person will also be attracted to them.

My clients also want to find out if manifestation will work for them. And if yes, how?


Manifesting Your Dreams and Wishes into Reality


Your dreams and wishes are personal. They are made of feelings, hopes, and desires,which are stored in your heart and mind.

Sometimes, your dreams and wishes are hidden away very deep. They reside in the most private part of your soul.

Not all of your dreams and wishes are alike. Some of them are not so important, such as wanting to have the latest model of an expensive cellphone. Such a wish may seem important at the outset, but deep down inside you, you know that your life will go on as usual, even if you never attain that wish.

On the other hand, there are dreams that make you feel incomplete when you still haven’t achieved them. These dreams may include having a well-paying job, being respected by your peers, being loved by your family and friends, rising out of debt, or the most common desire – having someone to love you as faithfully as you love that person in return.

The more connected your dream is to what you aspire, the deeper is your intention to turn your dream into reality.

But why do some people seem to easily manifest what they want, while some do not succeed at doing so? Could one’s understanding of the meaning of manifestation play an essential role to dream fulfillment?


What Does Manifestation Mean for You?


Have you ever tried to apply the power of the Law of Attraction, only to be disappointed by the results? Some of my clients have told me they were so eager about putting the Law of Attraction into practice, but eventually had doubts on whether it was true, because they didn’t receive what they were trying to manifest.

When I asked them for more details, they usually tell me things like:

“Oh, I don’t really know. I was just trying to be happy, so that’s what I focused my mind on. I wanted to manifest happiness.”

“Well, I wanted to win in the lottery, so I tried manifesting the winning lottery numbers, but I didn’t get them!”

 “It’s my officemate. I wish she would notice me in a romantic kind of way, instead of giving her attention to her boyfriend.”

The minute I hear such replies, I immediately know what went wrong.

Their answers told me that they misunderstood the meaning of the Law of Attraction. They had a false understanding of what manifestation means.


What Powers the Law of Attraction?


In one of my previous articles, you can find a simple, yet meaningful definition of the Law of Attraction:

The Law of Attraction refers to a spiritual law that states if you focus on positive thoughts, you will receive positive results. Similarly, focusing on the negative will bring about negative results in your life. In other words, your thoughts create your own reality. If your beliefs are restricted by logic and pessimism, the results you attract into your life will be limited. When you believe that the sky is the limit, even the impossible will become possible.

tanahoy.om thoughts are energy

The power behind the Law of Attraction is your thoughts. Thoughts are a form of energy. The energy you build up in your mind attracts the same kind of energy found in other beings or objects in creation.

Let’s go over one specific phrase in the paragraph above: your thoughts create your own reality.

This is the power behind the Law of Attraction – your thoughts.

Thoughts are a form of energy. The energy you build up in your mind attracts the same kind of energy found in other beings or objects in creation.

For example, if you keep on saying you are a “hopeless romantic,” then don’t be surprised if the reality of being hopeless at love and relationships is what you materialize.

Of course, you know that the term “hopeless romantic” is only an idiom, a manner of expression that is not meant to be taken literally.

However, you need to know that it is not your own language patterns, but that of the collective consciousness, which rules in the matter of helping your energy turn your desire into reality.

In other words, be literal and be specific. Say what you mean and mean what you say.


The Role of the Collective Consciousness in Manifestation


The online version of The Daily Mail once published an article with the title “Are we all PSYCHIC? Scientists believe that animals – including humans – have a collective consciousnessand the article discussed how humans and animals shared their ideas and behaviors telepathically.

When a group shares the same concepts, then the members of that group have the same beliefs and understanding of the shared concepts. As a rule, it is the understanding of the majority that prevails.

As a result, if you keep saying you’re a “hopeless romantic,” you materialize negative relationships, or even an absence of romantic love in your life, because of your use of the word “hopeless.”


The Meaning of Manifestation is Universal


It is your thought energy that powers the Law of Attraction in your life. Meanwhile, your free will is what will manifest your dreams and wishes into reality using this powerful energy.

The meaning of manifestation is universal. There is no such thing as a personal definition of manifestation.

However, aside from the collective consciousness, one other important thing can affect how your wishes or dreams will turn out…your free will.

I discussed this at length in another previous article here in my blog titled  Free Will – How To Use It To Manifest A Brighter Future, which was about the relationship between manifestation and your free will.

Here are some excerpts from that article (I suggest you read it in full too):

Free will is “Having the ability to make a choice, take an action, speak words, or act towards others in any way that you choose to, or see fit!” In other words, you, and you alone, are the one who determines what choices, actions, or words you will make, act, or speak, towards others. This includes when you are alone by yourself.

Free will is God-given, and each person has it by divine right! Since you are the captain of your life, you are also the one who determines how you will use your free will.

It is important to remember that your actions, words, and deeds affect everything in your life.

What this means for you in relation to understanding the meaning of manifestation is, the more you invest good intentions in what you want to happen in your life, and the more such intentions come freely of your own will, the greater the force of your energy.

Remember, it is you and your thought energy that powers the Law of Attraction in your life. Meanwhile, your free will is what will manifest your dreams and wishes into reality using this powerful energy.

So, to sum it up, what does manifestation mean?

It means you, working as an agent of the Universe, harness your energy to change the way your life will go in the future.

When trying to manifest anything, always remember these two things: 1) manifest from your soul, and 2) always say what you mean and mean what you say.

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  1. Sam B says:

    Manifestation is thought. I like that.

    Any way to help amplify energetic frequency and convert it into manifestation? Like… The sun? That’s a rather eccentric idea even for me, but a theory I came up with a couple weeks ago.

    People say they feel uplifted under sunlight – sun “light” – “light” energy. The physical manifestation of light so…. Would that even work? Draw from the power of the sun itself? Use it as a energy amplifier. Think “I call the power of the sun” or something lime that?

    I’d assume yes. Somehow I don’t think I’m the first to come up with the idea though.

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