Can Meditation Make You Immortal?

Ever since the dawn of mankind, humanity pondered on the meaning of heaven, the mysteries of life, and immortality, thanks to our innate nature for questioning the unknown. This is what makes us human.

With our ability to go beyond the unknown and make the impossible, possible, who says immortality is beyond our grasp?

The thought of immortality has been with humanity since the dawn of time itself. Over many thousand years, our ancestors have tried and exhausted their means to find the fountain of youth. Unknown to them, the secret to immorality lies within and its secrets are revealed in meditation.

What Is Meditation? meditation-2

Meditation is freeing your mind of distracting thoughts and focusing on the present situation so you can see the true nature of things

Meditation is where you place yourself in an induced state of relaxation. When meditating, you are at peace with yourself, setting all of your worries free.

You find inner solace and harmony within your inner-self as it helps you to focus on the relaxation flowing through your mind, body, and soul.

But how can meditation help you get closer to immortality?

The answer is simple: meditation makes you a healthier human being.

Not only in a physical sense, but in an emotional, psychological, and spiritual sense as well.

Meditation And Its Benefits


One of the best health benefits of meditation is that it reduces your stress. Meditating places you in sync with the physical and spiritual universe. During meditation, you are no longer confined by the physicality of things, allowing you to unite yourself with the fabric of space and time. meditation-2

It is good to regularly practice meditation because it has a lot of benefits.

After all, you are part of the universe. And some would even say, since the universe exists within each and everyone of us – you are the universe!

It is with this understanding, when you unite your physical and spiritual being with the fabric of space and time, you also reduce your stress levels. And when your stress levels are down, you can more easily control your emotions, as well as improve your concentration and focus, on a variety of things. When you meditate on a consistent basis, you won’t have much stress at all!


Meditation Motivates You To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle


Meditation does not just lower your stress, but it also encourages you to become something more. With the practice of meditation, you become inspired to maintain a healthy lifestyle and lead a healthier life

You feel empowered to eat healthy foods, and do exercise. Apart from your meditation, a healthy lifestyle is required in order for you to experience the deepest benefits of meditation. Since meditation also needs support coming from you, you need to be healthy, and stay healthy, in a physical and spiritual sense.

It is because of these “supports” that you will feel empowered to live the life of a better person. These are some of the most beneficial side effects you can have in your life because it not only nourishes your body, but your soul as well.

In short, meditation has a ton of positive benefits that can change your lifestyle for the better, and add more years onto your life!

Meditation Makes You Happier In Life


Meditation does not only make you physically and spiritually healthy, but it also makes you emotionally vibrant.

With the practice of meditation, you will feel happier about your life, and you will also come to realize that happiness cannot be bought or given to you by someone else.

There may be times when you feel down because you are not content with the things and people you have around you. No matter how wealthy you are, no matter how poor you are, and no matter if you have a soulmate or are single, you still can find happiness.

Have you ever noticed there are people poorer than you, but they seem happier with their lives. Why is this so? The answer is simple  – happiness emanates through you and within you, because you are the only one who can make yourself genuinely happy.

During meditation, you learn how to accept the things that you already have, and you move on from the regrets of the past. And it is with this new realization that start to feel more content with your life, and learn to cherish all of the experiences you have been through.

Your outlook on life becomes broadened because you come to understand your internal self more deeply. You discover that genuine satisfaction is the only answer to genuine happiness. And you learn that when you’re happy, you live a happier and longer life! Because most deaths are stress related in one way or another.

With all of the health benefits from meditation, you add more years onto your life.


Meditation Makes You Live A Longer Life


When you meditate on a consistent basis, your mind is relieved of the everyday pressures of life, your muscles become more relaxed, tension disappears, and your mind calms down. meditation-3

Meditation helps you have a longer life because it relieves you from stress and tension.

You release unnecessary thoughts, giving way your soul to experience the deeper harmony that unites your physical being with your soul. By becoming one with the universe, you become one with your physical and your spiritual self.

This fusion of your existence helps you combat the dangers in this world, and cast evil forces away from you.

All of these things help give you a longer life.

You even will become more human in the sense that you no longer will feel confined by the many troubles of the world, because you will come to see from a more enlightened viewpoint how all troubles are pointless and “solvable” with the help of meditation.

As you think more clearly with the help of meditation, it is this clearer thinking that improves your decision making skills, and ultimately helping you live a longer life.

Does Meditation Make You Immortal?


While it is true that meditation can help you live longer, it takes a spiritual guru to share with you how to practice meditation in a way that makes you immortal. Meditation makes most people live to be “semi-immortal”, unless they have the wisdom to seek out the help and guidance of a spiritual guru.

Yes, meditation can make you immortal, since you are already a being who has an immortal soul. This is what makes you immortal. But just remember, that if you want to be more than human, starting to meditate on a regular basis is the first place to start!

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2 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    This seems to more reflect a metaphor of immortality rather than in the physical sense. There is living and there’s being alive. We are all the latter, yet Tana is expressing that “living longer” is more than just being alive for an extended time as when you’re living longer, the general term of living aside from the state of consciousness bound to the physical plane is also enjoying the life you have and doing so to the fullest potential. In this sense, this is what true immortality means.

    However, if we were to look at it from the generic view of an ability to live longer, it must be considered if it’s a goal truly worth trying to achieve. Would we really be happier as an immortal physical being?

    If you met a true immortal, or a Primordial One, they would likely say it’s not as fun as you’d think. You might be able to achieve a lot but if you consider that loved ones and everyone else around you would pass on without you and you’d probably just get plain bored of it over time. However it would seem more satisfying to those unaware of reincarnation, but these drawbacks are still significant. Otherwise if you’re not concerned with all that, then it’s all good. The closest thing to a physical incarnation of spiritual and enlightened beings never really opt for immortality anyway since they prefer going back up to the higher realms. They’d probably live for about a millennium of so and then go back. The average is about 300 – 800 years depending. I don’t know this as a statement of fact, just a collaboration of everything I encountered in my research some while ago.

    The main point is they choose to end their lifespans. However this is not considering the same if we were to attempt the feat of literal immortality. The question remains if we would also be able to choose if and/or when we could end the process but that doesn’t mean we can’t still take it lightly.

    This is not to say “don’t do it” but at least some kind of deep and serious thought of consideration is required beforehand. Perhaps in your meditations. 🙂

    Then again, mere immortality is nowhere near the pinnacle of what you could achieve or manifest. Far from it. If you think about it, it’s a physical thing. Almost on a similar level to physical possessions in some way since you are essentially binding yourself to a singularity – one lifetime, one name, one existence. Your soul is not made to sustain a singularity of this format. Or in plain terms, it’s like attaching a chain to your soul to your physical being when it’s not necessarily mean’t to, excluding astral travel and all that. However, it’s not necessarily a bad thing if it was since it would be by your own choice of doing so, but again, long term consideration is required.

  2. Sam says:

    And if you’re wondering, the Primordial Ones refer to beings who have existed since the beginning of time.

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