Use Meditation Music To Develop Your Psychic Abilities – by Tana Hoy

Music can very express your emotions, affect your feelings, and trigger memories. But did you know that you can also use music to enhance your psychic powers? Meditation music is a very powerful tool that you can use for your psychic development.

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The Psychic Powers Of Music

How Music Can Help Enhance Your Psychic Abilities?

Music carries energy, and you can sense the “sound energy” as the instruments vibrate. But music has loads of psychic energy embedded within it, too. These psychic energies come from three major sources:

1. The composer/ lyricist. When a piece of music is composed, the positive and negative energy of the composer gets embedded into the music. The imprints of what he thinks and feels gets lodged into the piece, and these are released each time the music is played. The same is true for the lyrics. So if you will notice, there are some songs that really tug at the heart, and you can’t help but get carried away.

2. The musicians/ artist/ singer. When a person sings a song, he puts his own psychic energies into his rendition of the piece. How he feels and thinks at the time of the performance is embedded into the music, which is why a performer may sing the same song in two different concerts, but each time it “feels” different.

Furthermore, music has a way of embedding its stored energy into the listener. If it’s filled with negative energies, like anger, rage, depression, and the like, you take these negative energies in yourslef. The same goes for positive energies.

The Best Music For Psychic Development

Because music carries psychic energy, you need to carefully select the types of music you listen to. There are some types that pull you in a state of melancholy, while others make you feel “wild.” If you’re trying to develop your psychic abilities, then you need to go for music that reaches into your spirit, and soothes you into a state of calm.

Musicians who are also in tune with the spiritual realm usually compose music for relaxation and meditation. They create tunes that have a deep sense of tranquility that makes you to slow down and open your mind.

On the other hand, if you’re very sensitive psychically, then you may need some grounding to achieve energy balance. For example, if you’re a very sensitive empath, and you tend to receive other people’s emotions, avoid soppy songs or those filled with rage, as these will only put you in an imbalanced emotional state.

How To Use Music To Enhance Your Psychic Abilities

When you use music to enhance your psychic abilities, you need to select the pieces you want to listen to, depending on your purpose. For example:

• Use deep meditation music when you meditate. This will expand your consciousness and allow you to get into a heightened level of awareness.

• Play soothing healing music in the background while you try to sleep. Your subconscious will respond to the healing energy, and allow you to restore yourself to spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health.

• Listen to relaxation music when you take breaks from work. This will help relieve you from stress, and put you in a more productive state.

Use your judgment in choosing which music to listen to. For example, don’t listen to deep music for meditation when you’re driving. Also, ask your spirit guides about the source of the music that you’ve chosen, and allow them to guide you in selecting the songs that will help you spiritually.

As they say, music is balm for the soul. Use it to elevate your consciousness, and it will help you to develop your psychic abilities even more!

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