Were You Born With Mediumship Abilities? – By Tana Hoy

I call myself a psychic medium, and many people ask me what psychic mediumship is exactly, so in this blog post, I want to discuss this topic.

People seek advice from two types of psychics: a psychic and a psychic medium.



Now, a psychic is someone who has well-developed psychic abilities,

and can look into the areas of your life that cannot be normally observed by the physical senses.

The Differences Between A Psychic And A Psychic Medium

Psychic readers are an excellent source of enlightenment, as they can tap into your past, present, and future, and can look into the different aspects of your life, including career, love life, health, family, and more. They may use many different methods such as palm reading, tarot card reading, tealeaf reading, and the like.

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A psychic medium has all of the same abilities as a psychic, but a psychic medium is also gifted with the ability to communicate with spirits and other spiritual beings.

Therefore, mediums like myself are also able to provide you with guidance about your past present, and future, the same as a psychic. But by having the gift of mediumship, it allows us to use our ability to speak with your spirit guides, guardian angels, and departed loved ones on the other side. With a medium, you get psychic advice at a different level than someone who is just psychic..

It is important to know that all mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums.

Can You Become A Medium?

Everyone has innate psychic abilities to a certain degree, yet some people seem to have it more strongly than others, such as when you have premonitions about something that later happens.

A psychic reader is someone who has spent time honing and developing their psychic abilities, and uses it to do readings for others.

Communicating with those on the other side, however, is a rare gift. But while this ability comes naturally to some it can also be developed, provided you have the right teacher and enough patience.

How To Tell If You’re A Natural Born Medium

There are several signs that will tell if you’re a natural medium. If you have experienced these, then it’s very likely that you were born with this ability:

1. You can sense a “presence” in a room when others can’t. Sometimes, you feel a cold breeze touch your skin, even when there’s no wind. Or you have that odd sensation that “there’s someone” around.

2. You tend to hear voices, even when no one is speaking. It can be someone directly calling you by name, or soft whispering from “somewhere around.”

3. You often have “visitors” in your dreams – that is, your departed relatives or other spiritual beings talk to you, or give you messages when you sleep.

4. You get spiritual insights through the guidance of an unseen being. Sometimes, you have a conversation inside your head, and you know that the one you’re talking to isn’t you.

5. You often see apparitions from the corner of your eyes.

If you’re a natural medium, these situations may have been happening to you since you were young, so it’s likely that they’re not fascinating or surprising to you.

And it’s also likely that you have a natural ability to detect negative spiritual beings from positive ones, allowing you to be able to subconsciously shield yourself from negative entities.

If, however, you weren’t born a medium, but you’re thinking of developing your ability to communicate with those on the other side, then it’s very important that you first learn to master your skills at shielding yourself.

Many non-physical beings, especially those from the lower astral planes, like to take advantage of “newbies” and try to trick them so they can have access to our world.

Remember, the best experience for developing your mediumship abilities through the guidance of a professional and experienced psychic medium.

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5 Responses

  1. Mark Hardstaff says:


    In August 2012 I had something strange happen to me.
    I was forced to move and once I had done so, I went to a venue less than 700m from home.
    I was suicidal and was sitting facing a woman who had her back to me, after a little while she stands and turns and I see her eyes.
    I didn’t know what happened at the time, I do know.
    My third eye became electric and opened, with it came a message telling me I had been brought to her.
    I was sitting there thinking “why am I thinking that”
    A medium recently repeated to me while channelling that she had been put in my path to make me what I am today. This same medium also told me I was a medium 🙂
    She asked if I knew I was 🙂

    I have seen “ghosts” a few times in my life and have always wondered if I had really saw what I did.
    First was when I was under 10 and home from school, my mother was outside and I was in the house on my own. laying in bed on my side, an adult male hand/arm came over my head from behind (fully bodied) I pretended I didn’t see it, and after a little while jumped up and ran outside. I told no one what had happened.
    Again in my 30’s I was seeing a young girl at my bed staring at me. (more than once)

    I was experiencing psychic abilities about 20 years ago, but it stopped and I just thought I was guessing future events 🙂
    But last year (2013) I was being shown image s in my mind and told what was going to happen. This seems to have stopped now. I think once I woke up to what was happening, it stopped.

    Does this sound to you like I am a medium?
    Believe me please, I am in a state of confusion, I want this if I am. But I fear I may be going crazy, so I think I’m denying it.

    I hope you can help me in someway?.
    The woman that did this is unaware, but her reaction to me 7 months later backed up what I was told when I came across her.

    Thank you for your time.
    Mark- Australia (Melbourne)

  2. Shannon says:

    How can I get back in touch with my natural abilities I have blocked them for so long do you have any suggestions

  3. Mark Hardstaff says:


    I notice that I posted here on November 8, 2014.
    I have since done a lot of research, and have had a physical connection with spirit.
    (At a workshop, witnessed by others)
    I am a natural born medium who experienced an awakening at 54.
    This was caused by meeting my twin flame, and I do believe I was born a medium to understand this encounter. As I was spoken to as our eyes met by spirit or higher self.

    I have to comment on the “seeing spirits in dreams” that could just be a dream, and does not mean you are a medium.
    I see spirits when I’m awake, and in daylight.
    I received clairaudient messages when I’m awake.
    I really don’t think that generalisation on this subject is needed.
    If you haven’t seen a spirit while awake, or experienced clairaudience or Clairvoyance, then I am prepared to say, you’re not a medium.
    I spent almost a year at classes with a lot of “mediums” looking back, I’m not so sure any of them where. The most credible think I’ve seen, I did.
    I have had some good mediums read me, but never in a class.
    I book to see them with a false name. I’ve had three wake up that I was like them, and pass messages from my guides.

    I’m a novice I know. But I do think I know what I’m saying.
    I discovered I was this after two years of Clairaudience and Clairvoyance.
    (Clairaudience is an over ridding thought. Clairvoyance is an image placed in your mind’s eye by spirit. I always get a clairaudient message with these images)
    I’m told my future, this is sometimes done with a comment on my thoughts.
    I’m aware they watch me, and know things about me that I don’t.
    I have unseen friends watching over me 🙂


  4. Krystal says:

    I need help. I have heard and seen stuff since I was a child. Such as someone saying my name or shadows out oc the corner of my eyes. Now at 27 I still cannot sleep in the dark. I am now on occasion getting flash images of spirits or bad entities when I shut my eyes. I am hearing someone talking when no ones there. I am having a dream where I am surrounded by many people reaching for me, as well as dreams of a gargoyle like creature in my bedroom that talks to me. I’m starting to get scared. I dread going to sleep. What do I do?????

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