How To Communicate With Mermaids – by Tana Hoy

Throughout the centuries, sailors and fishermen have told stories about seeing mermaids, but even after all of these eyewitness accounts, some people still doubt the existence of these magnificant water beings.


Merpeople are real!

Reports of encounters with merpeople are not commonly made public, up until recently, when the Discovery Channel documentary about mermaids was released. Up to that point, if any specimens had been found, they were either covered up, or never made public. Why doesn’t this surprise me?

What Are Mermaids?

Merfolk are water spirits, the same as fairies are earth spirits. They exist on a different vibrational plane, and have a much higher vibrational frequency than humans. Therefore, we cannot usually see them with our physical eyes. or hear them using our physical ears.

Merpeople do have the capability to lower their vibrational frequencies to match ours, and it is only then, that sightings occur. This also explains how humans are able to hear the beautiful songs they sing.

Where To Find Merfolk

Just like fairies, who live in forests, gardens, parks, etc., merfolk live in bodies of water. They inhabit lakes, rivers, and coast lines, and they swim in the middle of the ocean.

This kind of nature spirit doesn’t like living near people. This is because merpeople are very empathic, and they can “feel” the negative energies that humans emit, causing them pain in their hearts.

We can see them when they switch their energy vibrations to a lower frequency, but they will only “switch” to a lower frequency when they don’t feel threatened by human presence. This is why sailors only see them the middle of the sea near remote islands, or in secluded places, and never near ports or beaches.So if you want to find these water-dwelling spirits, choose locations where humans do not frequent.

They are difficult to spot underwater because they can camflouge themselves to blend into the water. The same as a fairy can camouflage itself to blend into a bed of flowers.

When you are able to locate a place where merpeople like to stay, it still requires patience in order to build their trust, and woo them into showing themselves.

How To Communicate With Merpeople

They don’t use words to communicate the way that humans do, but they can sense your psychic energy. And telepathic connection is how they will communicate with you. You can also use this same telepathic communication to “speak” with them.

The best way to communicate with merpeople is to find a location where they are likely to be found! Then go there alone, and walk around to get a “feel” for the area.

You may not see them, but they will definitley see you! They will observe you, and tune into your energy in order to get a “feel” for your true intentions, and what you are “really” like!

You will need to visit this place often, and talk outloud to them while you are there! If you do this consistently and cointinuously, and are able to gain their trust, you will start “sensing” their presence. Over time, you will start “hearing” conversations inside your head, and if they really trust you, they may even eventually allow you to see them!

If you are able to make friends with water spirits, you will discover that their temperament is reflected by where they live. For instance, water spirits that live in the deep oceans are more serious and brooding, while those who live near waterfalls tend to be jollier and laugh a lot.

Myths About Mermaids

Merpeople don’t go about drowning people as some believe, nor do they sink ships. They are quite friendly, especially if you manage to gain their trust.

But they do have a carry the huge responsibility of clearing up the garbage, oil spills, along with the chemicals and other pollutants that humans throw into their water worlds. They also take care of the marine animals that are suffering from human neglect.

So because of human’s apparent lack of concern for rivers and oceans – it’s unlikely that most people will be able to make friends with mermaids these days. We have simply lost their trust!

If you learn to be respectful to the waters around you, and treat it with respect, the water being will sense this about you, and you will start to gain their trust! If you can gain the trust of a merpeople, you will have them as friends for life.

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  1. Franky Ezenwoke says:

    I love these mermaid knowledge and I want to learn more about them, Thanks.

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  3. Takerra says:

    Where can I go to gain their trust I’ve always sensed them or believed in them since I was younger

  4. Shenia Stewart says:

    Am really in love with them have been getting dreams from them every night I would like to talk to them

  5. Shenia Stewart says:

    Have been getting dream from them every night I would like to talk to them

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  7. Franklyn says:

    I love them and want to communicate with them , can the be seen in the stream? Secondly did the answer the prayers we pray in the seas, rivers, oceans and streams

  8. jasper Emmanuel says:

    I really want more, I love it. I want to have an interaction with them. Tell me more

  9. Kelly says:

    Thank you. I don’t live near the water any longer, but I go back as much as possible. I have had incredible experiences with merpeople, one a dream where 4 of mermaids pulled me swiftly through dark waters (one looking back at me with a smile) and brought me to see my child in heaven. Another moment was when I was standing on a beach at night looking at a full moon, by myself, and definitely sensed a merman walking out of the ocean toward me. It was wonderful.

  10. braewyn estelle says:

    i want one so much so i can be it’s friend. i want to talk to one

  11. Averi says:

    That is so cool!!! I can communicate with them through my mind and I talk to them. I am only 12 years old but I can speak to them. They reply and tell me wonderful things. They say they can’t wait to see me and I can’t wait to see them in the summer when I go to them

  12. Ayisu Evans says:

    i want to be rich

  13. Jax says:

    I sensed mermaids / merfolk for the first time a few days ago. Unexpectedly they were in the river Mersey in Liverpool, England, a rather polluted river with industry and chemical engineering on the banks. I have so many questions and nobody to ask.

  14. Emmanuel etoin says:

    I love mermaid and I’ll really like to know more about them and their vibration and be friendly with them.

  15. Phil says:

    I see mermaids in my dreams last time I saw one giving me a bracelet what does this mean

  16. Brittany says:

    I don’t think i’ll be able to communicate with them. I want to so bad though, I don’t live near the ocean. I live near a river that flooded in 2011. I care about the water environment a lot. I don’t throw my trash in the river. I never did that in my entire life and i want to keep it that way. I live in Minot North Dakota. Do u think mermaids grant wishes?

  17. Seun says:

    I had many dreams about merpeople but I am afraid of them because of what people say about them. But they don’t hurt me in my dreams I’m just afraid, I do love them a lot, I wish they find a place in their hearts to forgive me and open up for me to communicate with them, I leave near a river I sometimes go there wish to have a thing with the them. And I do believe one day they will open up for me. love merpeople.

  18. Williams says:

    Have tried everything I could to communicate with them but I can’t and I don’t know what to do, I was even told that they follow me everywhere I go to but I can’t feel it please how can I make everything possible please,,,

  19. Frank says:

    Can someone tell me how to call on them? Even if using oils and stuffs please.

  20. Thabo says:

    I saw mermaid in my dreams in a river,and she was looking at me for a while and didn’t say anything, after she go back to the water I start to feel free.and am still looking for that connection. What can I do?

  21. Sampson says:

    please help me know how to get mermaid

  22. Robin says:

    I live near the sea and hope to see one someday. Seeing is believing

  23. Francis says:

    I really want to see them and talk to them

  24. Harmony says:

    Wow I kind of want to see one and say hey and I kind of don’t

  25. Clarie says:

    I see them in my dreams a lot swimming together happy laughing tugthr and they is this other day I dreamt of it calling my name saying she has came to take me but then my money pled to her not to take me and then the water started rising in e sea it came time m but it felt as if I was huging some 1 . I will never forget that dream I know I can feel it one day we shall met

  26. Amber D. Whitmire says:

    What is the way to communicate with a merpeople My spirit is yearning to communicate with their tribe, I believe I have the ability but trying to find the right frequency I live more inland tho…I have a lot of gifts and to communicate with them on spiritual Level would be the best Nam’aste

  27. None Ya says:

    I thought they could change from gorgeous to hideous if you anger them. I also thought they could take you down into the water but not drown you and make you their slave and sometimes u can come back after years and have powers and stuff like that but if they didn’t like u they would drown you and basically kill you. And then there is the whole thing abt the mirrors and combs. So let me know what you all think maybe I’m wrong because I’m going based off Hati spiritually and over all I love mermaids.

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