Mind Control – Are You Being Affected – Part 1

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I wanted to talk about something very dear to my heart. It is something that is important for everyone to know.

Today I would like to talk about calming the mind.

Most people have extremely active minds – to the point where their mind becomes their worst enemy!

People are controlled by their mind. They cannot shut it down, and it drives them crazy! They obsess, worry over things, are fear driven, get depressed, can’t let go of sadness or pain, carry resentment they cannot let go of, have stress related illnesses, and always live in tomorrow.

Their mind controls most them. They are stuck in the hamster wheel of their mind, and cannot stop it from spinning out of control.

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Learning to control your mind, easily and quickly eliminates all of these nonproductive, stressful ways of living.

Knowing how to control your mind allows you to stay present to each moment, release fear permanently, get rid of depression (I have not felt depression for over 7 years now – not once!) release resentment, heal problems, eliminate worry, and makes sadness and pain a thing of the past!

The way to be able to do this is by learning how to control your mind, instead of allowing it to control you.

When you know how to control your mind, your life becomes happier because you now know how to eliminate the negative emotions that control you.

Have you ever looked in the face of someone who looks happy and at peace all the time? You may have even noticed how peaceful they look!

This is because they have learned how to control their mind, and now they now live in peace everyday.

When you learn to control your mind – you too will live in peace everyday.

I hope you found this article helpful!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy


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2 Responses

  1. janice arandelovic says:

    i agree, that’s what I need to do in one of your recent blogs or should say that video clip you did with that paranormal fellow from Newfoundland where you said that the negativity of the Collier case didn’t bother you because you have trained to detach yourself from the negative emotions of the case. I’m still being harassed by others whether part of me or them has to stop and let go> I’m wondering too because of this bad taste if living where I was born is not going to cut it for me. If someone like me has been brainwashed to the point where it messes up your thought process will the people who really care about you realize this instead of suffering from headaches and talking to people who aren’t there. When you like someone and it affects your thought process will they understand whether they’ve been there or not_Trevor. Youre one of my favorite people too.

  2. Nicholas Hooten says:

    I 100% agree. I believe I am happier than most people cause I am able to just let things go and focus on what’s going on at the moment. I won’t say I am a expert or anything but i believe I do this to a degree which is why I am happier. Usually the only time I get unhappy is when people tend to get me thinking to much about what I need to do in the future or something cause I am getting older and what not

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