Mitt Romney – A Devil In Sheep’s Clothing?

What you are about to read is, well, shocking! This is a behind-the-scenes psychic information that my Guides told me about Mitt Romney.

As you already know, I tell it like my guides see it! And they don’t pull any punches!

Well, here are the exact words that my guides told me about Mitt Romney during my channeling session today with Saint Germain, the Archangel Michael, and Macar, my Ascended Master Guide.. I think you will find this psychic insight quite interesting:

” Mitt Romney is a devil in sheep’s clothing! If he wins the election, America will be in trouble. You are going to find out that the reason he will not release more than one year of his tax returns is because he invested some of his own in illegal, and not upstanding ways. He is also trying to hide all of the contributions he has made to “Hate Groups” in America that try to oppress the rights of others.

If he wins the election, he will pass laws that benefit the Mormon Church, without consideration of any other religious organizations. There have already been behind-the-scenes talks with Elders in the Mormon Church who have made their wants known.

There has been a secret pact made between Mitt Romney and the leaders of the Mormon Church. The agreement was as follows: In exchange for huge financial contributions and support from the Mormon Church to help him win the election, he would agree to pass/deny certain laws that are in alignment with the Mormon Church. The first things he agreed to start with are:

– Banning a federal law on gay marriage and he will also overturn a woman’s right to choose!

– This secret meeting was especially focused on Mitt helping restore the true values back to America which involves “leading American women back to their true place – in the home and serving her husband!

– Placing minority groups in their proper places, especially immigrants and people of non American descent. (It was mentioned that if this had been taken care of long ago that Barack Obama would never have been President in the first place!)

– Giving special tax breaks to the State Of Utah

– Expanding the definition of marriage to include “a man’s right to choose” the amount of wives he should have!

Please leave me comments below about your thoughts on what I was told!

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  1. Sunita says:

    This does not surprise me at all. Thanks for the insights.

  2. Lesly says:

    This election is just plain scary, any way you look at it. Tana, what have your Guides told you about Obama so we can choose the lesser of the two evils?

  3. Cammy says:

    I’m not surprised by this at all.

  4. Kathy Fischer says:

    You know how it feels when you first meet or see someone and you immediately are wary of them? Romney has given me the heebee-geebees from the start. He is just a scared little man. I do not trust him.

  5. chante smith says:

    in other words, he’s really satan and wants to take over the world.

  6. Connie W says:

    I haven’t liked him from the get go. Now I know why. There has always been something now right about him…thats it. Little things keep coming out and I hope people listen to this so that he doesn’t get the votes. Most of the people I know are NOT voting for him. He is not trustworty!!!

  7. CHERYL says:


  8. niko says:

    Cant let him win. There would be chaos

  9. Sam says:

    Wow,I hope people in America can see through this guy and his hidden agendas.I will share this post.
    Thanks Tana

  10. Rhonda says:

    I had a vision not too long ago about another civil war in the United States! If this idiot get’s elected, then be prepared cause all hell is gonna break loose!!!

  11. Carla says:

    The feelings I get in my stomach everytime I see Mitt Romney on television or even hearing his name, is not good. I feel that he is a dishonest person and he is out for himself, as most of the politicians are, and not for the people of America. I feel America will be worse off then what it is now.

  12. Sue says:

    I am NOT ready to join the “SISTER WIVES”.

  13. Lauren says:

    Very informative and extremely scary Tana! I hope and pray that he never becomes president!

  14. Cathy says:

    What about Obama what did the guides say about him. The man that hates our country and our troops. His wife who could not be proud of this country until her husband was priesident. I am not Mormon but I think I would rather take a chance with him than the proven loser in the office right now. Remember it take votes to get something into law and the Supreme court is there to protect our rights. Although lately it seems like they want this country not to be free anymore. We should be praying for the good of this country and stand proud with our flag.

    • Terry says:

      Cathy, I think you are confused. Obama shows much love by his fighting for human rights. He shows his love by ending this war and taking our children out of harm’s way.

      It is not the American way to give handouts to Corporations and the 1% with gross tax breaks and greedy offshore bank account owners who cheat Americans out of billions of dollars of revenue a year and then turn around and say they love the U.S.A.

      It is odd that you should be talking about freedom when Mitt votes against the freedom to choose, freedom to obtain medical care, and freedom to marry whom you choose. The Supreme court is there to protect our rights but not all the congresspeople who make the decisions protect our rights; but instead only protect their agenda. Cathy please read about the first amendment and the Universal Human Rights articles for more information.

  15. David says:

    Well Tana………..the spiritual guides as I have told you in the past, never lie. So this data is from a liberal prospective and I am a conservative. So what do I think? I don’t trust Romney either only because of the Mormon faith. But…..what are our choices here. The current president who I believe never should of been put into the office. This current guy is a real lame case and I believe the the American people only voted for him because of the previous president. So what is the lesser of two evils here spiritual guides? Someome has to continue to be in charge of our time line here….david

  16. Ray J says:

    We need a reading on Obama.

  17. MEL says:

    Talk about liberal rot gut…..just subsitute Obama for MItt, Muslim for Mormans Unions for tax breaks and voila….today’s reality!!!! Give me a break.

  18. Nathan says:

    You guys in the states don’t have a great choice for the upcoming election. This guy has an evil look about him and is quite obvious he is a greed monger, I would steer clear. I have noticed in the past with Australian elections that most people just stick with the same party they have always voted for regardless of the person who represents them but in this day and age we just can’t do that. One thing that is obvious in Australian Parliament is that they are only interested in winning the next election and have no concern about the nations future unless it keeps them in the top job, but then the Australian government structure is a complete mess.

  19. robert says:

    I don’t like or trust Romney but c’mon now, he’s not the devil. He is a deceitful liar who only wants to be potus for all the wrong reasons.

  20. Elly says:

    I never heard any Psychics say anything bad about Obama.

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