Here’s Your Money Horoscope For September 2016 (New Horoscope)

Hi there,

As you probably know, I astral travel every Saturday for approximately 8 to 12 hours. Well, my astral travel a few Saturday’s ago left me speechless…Let me tell you all about what happened!

I got up at 3 AM (early for me since I usually get up around 4AM) and had a half a banana, a cup of green tea, and a small bowl of white rice. You should never eat anything heavy before astrally traveling.

Then around 3:30 AM I sat down, closed my eyes, and then off I went onto the astral dimensions. Only this time, I didn’t travel to the astral dimensions.

When I arrived this time to my astral landing spot, at first I didn’t recognize where I was, so I felt a bit confused. Then suddenly I heard a voice say to me “Welcome to the future! You are in the future – 5 years ahead of the current date and time on earth right now!”…

…I finally broke the time barrier, and Time Traveled into the future!

Breaking The Time Barrier And What This Means

Time traveling into the future is something I have been working on for the past 5 years. Because I knew if I could travel into the future, I could change ANYTHING before it happened on earth, and prevent it from ever happening at all!

After countless hours of meditation, countless hours of being personally trained by Ascended Masters on the Astral Realms, and countless hours of persistence and patience, I have finally mastered the gift of time traveling into the future!

When I realized what I had accomplished – the ability to time travel, I realized there were so many things I wanted to create for my future, along with the futures of the so many people in the world I want to help.

I Am Still In Awe Over This

Since this time-barrier breakthrough happened so unexpectedly, I really had to take some time to wrap my head around what having this Time Travel ability means, and the spiritual responsibilities it carries with itI

Over the past few weeks, as I have thought deeper and deeper about the all the potentials this new breakthrough i had accomplished holds for the people I know, I suddenly realized I now had the power to stop senseless murders, prevent unnecessary wars based on religious hatred and color-of-skin differences, along with the ability to change world unforeseen negative world events not ones that would create more love, peace, and understanding among the entire human race!

I realized there is so much work to do, and that there are so many people to help! I knew I had to really think this through, and also consult with the guidance of all 250 of the Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and Guardian Angles I work with, on the best way to share and apply this remarkable ability I had finally conquered!

Do what to assure yourself a bright future 10 even 20 years  by from now. Then reserve your space for the Time Travel Experience by clicking here now!

A Little Back History

I never told anyone this before, except for a few of my closest peers, that I have been working on breaking the time barrier, and being able to fully develop the ability to Time Travel, exactly as my mentor taught me at around 15 years old.

I have been working on be able to Time Travel like this for many years, and finally, I was able to accomplish it! I know my mentor, if he was alive today, would be so proud of me!

He always told me I would be able to do this one day if I did exactly as he taught me! And I finally did it!

What This All Means

Having accomplished this ability means I can Time Travel into anyone’s future, and change any event, or implant anything a person desires, into their future. Time traveling is an advanced, complex spiritual process that involves advanced complex, inner workings!

Time Traveling works like this:

1. I time Travel 10 years ahead into a person’s future.

2. I then travel backwards from year 10 to the present moment. Reviewing each and every year on of the person’s life on my way back.

3. As I am traveling back from year 10 to the present moment, I report to you what I see. If I see something you don’t like, I can change it, or stop it from happening at all.

4. If there is something you want, wish, hope for, or dream about, I can implant your desire, wish, hope, or dream, into your future, and it will appear in your life at some given future point and time.

As you can see, this is very powerful stuff, so it is important to understand, you don’t use Time Travel for things of unimportance. Such as, “I’d like a new blue dress”, or “I’d like to get new shoes”. You can make these things happen on your own and don’t need Time Travel for this.

Time Travel is to be used to create major changes in a person’s life. or prevent major disasters from happening. 

This is a VERY advanced process, and advanced processes involve complex and advance principles behind their inner workings! So Time Travel is not a toy to be played with, or a quick fix for something coming up in the next 24 hours.

IT IS a very powerful ability that when used for the highest good, will create the future life you want to live!

My Friend Chuck’s Eye-Opening Experience

Remember my friend Chuck. I have talked about him before. Well, I called him and asked him if he’d like to try an experiment with me. So he said “sure. I went an met with him, and told him I had learned to break the time barrier. Then I asked him if he’d like me to Time Travel 10 years ahead into his future, tell him what I see, and then change  anything he wanted me to?

With the successes he had from the other things I tried with him, he was shaking his head “yes” before I had even finished my complete sentence!

I can travel 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, or as far as a person wants. The only thing is the time requirement. The longer ahead I travel, the more time it takes. I have discovered it takes about 30 minutes per 10 years ahead that I travel.

I took a half hour with Chuck, and traveled 10 years into his future. It was eye-opening!

Create the future you desire – not the future no one wants to have! Reserve your space for the Time Travel Experience by clicking here now!

Here’s What I Saw In Chick’s Future

First off, if we hadn’t had the session, nine years from now, Chuck would have been killed in a serious car accident that was going to be so horrific, I won’t be going into detail about it. Let’s just say I’m glad I learned to do Time Travel when I did, so I had the opportunity to save my friend’s life!

I didn’t even need to ask him if he wanted me to change that. I just did it, and also spared him all the messy details. Negative information like that really serves no purpose by telling it to someone. The most important thing is I was able to save his life!

At year 8, he was to meet someone who was going to have him invest his hard-earned money in an investment scheme that was not real. Although I didn’t understand why I saw Chuck with millions of dollars in year 8.  So I told him about this person taking advantage of him, and after he got over the shock of knowing he would have all that money, he told me to please change it from happening all together. So I did!

At year 7, he made millions of dollars from an invention idea he had. At year 6, he had his invention idea patented. At year 5, he thought of an invention idea, and had his second child. (Remember, I am traveling backwards, so I see things in a backwards order).

At year 4, his mother got an unexpected illness that was curable if caught in advance. I asked him if he wanted me to change this, and of course he did. So I changed it and prevented it from happening at all.  He also had his first child during year 4 too. In year 3, He married his wife.In year 2, he met his wife, and in the upcoming year 1, he would be starting to think he’d like to make money one day by creating an invention.

What was really interesting was, Chuck shared with me that before i even called him, how he had recently been thinking about becoming an inventor, and then one day patenting his ideas to make money. He said I had just confirmed that he would be successful at this, and should continue down this path. He said it was the affirmation he needed to keep following this recently new dream!

The reason I start at year 10 and then travel backwards is because I start at the point where things have already happened, and then move backwards each year to eliminate any unwanted causes. By seeing what has already happened first, allows me to more easily trace it to where it first began, and then change it.

Time Travel And What It Can Be Used For

The reason I wanted to master breaking the time barrier in the first place was because I realized at a very young age how being able to possess this rare ability, would give me the opportunity to help so many people! All of my life, helping people with my psychic gifts has been the main driving force in my life! And now that I have finally mastered this, I can now use this newly mastered ability to help others.

Being able to travel into the future, and change an event before it happens, is the type of thing you only read about in books, or see in movies. But finally, after all these years, I have made it a reality.

Here are only a few of the many ways Time Travel can be used to benefit your life:

– Time Travel allows me to know the outcome of your future 10 years in advance, before your future happens. And ANYTHING you don’t want to happen, can be changed – making sure it never occurs in your life! Think of all the things that can be avoided!

– Time Travel allows me to help you create the future you want to have. Think of this as a “tailor made” future, made according to your liking. Eliminating or adding what you don’t want, and what you do!

– Time travel allows me to implant any event into your future that you want to occur, as long as they are for your highest good and not going to harm you in any way, and they will manifest at the proper time!

– Time Travel allows me to rearrange your timeline for future events to happen in a different order. For example, imagine you are going to have something happen in your life at a later time than you would like, with Time Travel the timeline can be rearranged to make it happen sooner, and vice versa!Time

– Travel can be used for so many things, it’s power is only limited by ur imaginations. Imagine, anything dealing with 10 years into the future or more can be altered, changed, rearranged, or completely eliminated! Do you realize the amazing power in this?

What Time Travel Is Not

Time Travel is not to be used to:

– Manipulate someone to fall in love with you in the future!

– To make people do things against their will!

– To make someone die or to cause them harm

– To teach someone a lesson or to punish them

– Or any other thing that is not from a place of love

These things are Black Magic, and I don’t practice Black Magic!

But if you want to use the power of Time Travel to have a happier, more stable, peaceful future, then Time Travel will be your greatest friend ever!

How To Have The Time Travel Experience

I am excited and I can’t wait to start sharing my new ability to break time barriers, and start using Time travel to help people who want to start taking control of their futures.

Time Travel is something you only see in movies, and now you can have the chance to experience it for real, in your own life!

But spaces_will_be_limited!

I know many many people are going to want to experience the Time Travel Experience (TTE), and there is only one of me. So, this is something you don;t want to wait on reserving a space for.

I will be offering 88 spaces for this, since 88 is the most cosmic number of the universe. 88 also the number that brings blessings, so the 88 people who have the Time Travel Experience, will also be blessed at the same time!

To become one of the lucky 88 people, click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page, and someone will contact you right away to reserve your space.

If you procrastinate You…Will…Miss…Out! If you miss out, you will have to live with the future life deals you.

Life can be like a hand of cards – you never know what you’ll get. But with the Time Travel Experience, it’s like getting to choose the cards for your hand that you want to play with!

To reserve one of the 88 spaces for the Time Travel Experience, and start choosing the cards you want to play with! click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page, and someone will contact you right away to reserve your space. 

I look forward to helping all 88 people and I couldn’t wait to share this great news with you!!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

To schedule a psychic reading, visit

Or call my office at 614-444-6334

P.S. This is the first time I started writing a Money Horoscope. I hope you enjoy it!

P.S.S. Here’s Your Money Horoscope for September 2016 

7 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    I KNEW IT!

    I have spent so long trying to find the key to temporal projection.

    I haven’t been working on it nearly as long as you have. It was really down to the discovery of the Wing makers themselves that made me contemplate the possibility if temporal projection and psychic temporal manipulation.

    This probably means you could do something I’d never be able to do. Meet the Winemakers in person. They dwell in the 27th century or something, however would take about 1800 minutes to even get there. Approx 30 hours. You’d probably be too busy to to that so I’ll save it as a special request for a future (ah the puns) reading if I get the chance. The only thing stopping me right now is affordability.

    Since there’s only one of you, perhaps the next thing you could try is astral duplication?

    Also what about the paradox rule of changing events before others happen? If you change a future event then change a previous event, none of that may even happen. “In time, A minor event can lead to major consequences.” Even if its from an event of certainty, that can still be changed.

  2. Sam B says:

    I tend to reference the Wingmakers a lot when commenting but for anyone who doesn’t know who the Wingmakers are:

    “WingMakers seem to represent themselves as a future aspect of the human race from a time approximately 750 years in our future.

    They represent a version of humanity that has comprehension of the universal systems that govern existence, or at least the laws of time and space.”

    “You may refer to us as WingMakers. We are most often confused with angels, though we are actually quite human — just a future, perhaps more advanced, version. Humans, conditioned as they are, seem unable or unwilling to comprehend the vast diversity of living beings amongst the cosmological planes of existence, and so, somewhat as a defense mechanism, lump together what are distinctly unique beings.”

    Now you can see why I’m so excited. They are essentially the template of spiritual time travel.

  3. Tracy says:

    I experience dreams and visions of future events. My first recollection was dreaming my baby brother was going to have bad accident ,he just was given his first boat at 15. I begged him to stop going out by himself, and he did because of my dream, he is ok. What would that be called ??

    🙂 Have Blessed Day

  4. Sam B says:


    Clairvoyant premonition /precognition.

  5. Tracy says:

    Thank you Sam I did know that after thinking about it.. :):)

  6. Peter Delpino says:

    Very interesting subject. I have absorbed a lot of new knowledge.

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