The Incredible Silver Monolith In Utah Has Disappeared!

Have you heard about the Monolith in Utah? People have been wondering what could have caused it to appear in the middle of the desert, and then, just as mysteriously as it appeared, it suddenly disappeared!

The Monolith In Utah – Alien Implanted Or Artistic Expression

The Monolith in Utah

This strange monolith in Utah appeared out of nowhere and then suddenly disappeared!

The monolith in Utah has caused a lot of speculation! Many people are wondering where it came from.

Its location was never revealed to the public, but several people were able to locate it.

People who were able to find it’s location had reported that it appeared to be embedded deep in the ground and there was no possible way it could be moved!

One person said “it was so solid in the ground, it as steady as if it had been cemented in place!”.


The Monolith in Utah – How Did It Get There?

The Monolith In Utah Seemed Cemented into the ground!

The monolith in Utah was so firmly planted people could climb it and sit on top if it!

Of course, there are those who will claim it was put there by someone trying to play a prank. Others will speculate it was put there by an artist!

And the news is referring to it as being “illegally installed”.

But when you look at it, you can easily see it would take a large piece of equipment to haul it out there, and another large piece of equipment to dig the hole to bury it!

And then you would need a cement truck!

Not only were no large tire tracks ever discovered, the terrain where it was discovered makes both scenarios impossible!

The media is even trying to say an artist named John McCracken may have put it there, but the problem is, John McCracken is dead.

And even if he did put it there qa long time ago, did he pop out of his grave recently and remove it? The John McCracken story is just another way for the media to create distraction from how it really got there!

It is so remote, it was discovered by a helicopter flying overhead that was surveying sheep! And for more holes in the John McCracken story, why didn’t the helicopter see it before, since John has been dead since 2011!

It is so solidly planted in the ground that eyewitnesses were able to climb up to the top of it and even sit on it! It was so sturdy in the ground that nothing could move it, short of a large crane and flatbed semi to carry it away!

So, how did it get there?

Well, I’m going to tell you…

…the monolith in Utah was put here by aliens beings, called Zets, who recently visited the earth.


What Was The Reason For The Monolith?

I was shown in my dreams that the Monolith in Utah was placed there by alien beings known as Zets, who live on the planet Zetaron.

It was placed there as a type of transmitter that could transmit signals back the their planet for the purpose of gathering information about the desert where it was placed.

The information they were wanting to gather was for the purpose of helping humans.

The monolith in Utah

Military personal analyzing this myserteous object they refer to as “illegally installed”.

They used the Utah monolith so they could gather information to could compare the climate, terrain, and landscape of the desert to the climate, terrain, and landscape of other planets in the galaxy. They did this in order to help humans in their search for other planets they could live on one day.

I was then contacted by the Zets during one of my recent astral travels and they told me “The way the world is heading right now, with global warming, drilling, fracking, cutting down the rainforest, pollution, and all the other things man is doing to destroy mother earth, that humans are going to need a new home to live, sooner than they think! And sooner than humans around the world are being told by their governments!”.


The Monolith Has Now Vanished!

The monolith in Utah has now vanished! News reports are still referring to it as the “monolith that was illegally installed”. But the media has always reported mysterious and unexplainable things as something other than what they were.

The monolith in Utah

Many people found the monolith in Utah and took photos of it.

We all know this!

But I was told by the Zets that the real reason the Utah monolith vanished is because they  have gathered all of the information they needed. So they came back, removed it, and took it away.

They explained to me if this alien technology was left here on earth that scientists and world governments would use it for evil and destructive purposes.

It was only here for the Zets to gather the information they needed, in order them to help humans in the future, at the time this information was needed!

How Will They Get This Information To Us?

When the time is necessary, I was told the Zets will contact me and share their findings. They told me they will then have me contact other advanced light workers around the world, and together, we will work with  work as a collective group of earthly light workers use the information they gather from the Utah monolith to make the transition from this planet to another one, a smooth and safe transition.

I hope this has served you.

Tana Hoy

If you need spiritual help, psychic guidance, or answers to any questions, please know I am always here to use my psychic gift to help you. You can schedule a a reading with me by clicking here.

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  1. Jenn says:

    Hi Tana!
    This is really interesting. I wonder, did the Zets set up other monoliths around the world, or just in Utah? And is the information gathered just about the area it was placed in, or did it give the Zets info on the entire Earth? That was so nice of them, to help us!

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