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Have you ever been in a relationship with someone where things were going great, and then all of the sudden the other person drops a big bomb – they inform you that they don’t know if they still want to be involved in the relationship with you any longer…

love compatibility

A Love Compatible Couple

This shocking news comes out of nowhere – and you are totally unprepared for it! Its like a bomb being dropped, and there is an explosion of pain that is felt in your heart! It leaves you shocked and confused because you are caught totally off guard.

Or have you ever dated someone and things are going great – when suddenly – things seem to start cooling off. The calls become less and less, the text messages become less and less, and it seems like it will dwindle into nothing if it weren’t for you trying to make an effort to maintain contact.

Or have you ever dated someone that never calls or texts you, so if you want to talk, you are the one that has to reach out to them.

All of these things indicate that something has changed in the heart and mind of the other person!

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The Fallout When A Relationship Ends Like This

Regardless of why it happens, the result is still the same. You get stuck holding a bag of feelings that you weren’t prepared to deal with. So you sink into fear, worry, sadness, and you start to feel even more alone and lonely.

You are left confused, wondering if you did something to cause it. And your mind seems to go round and round searching for answers.

And the depression that follows is the worst!

But what most people forget to realize is that the meeting between the two of you was not accidental, because you knew each other before in a past life. And you both agreed to meet again in this one!

So if that’s the case…

Why Do People Change Their Mind Seemingly Out Of The Blue 

So you may be wondering what causes this to happen. You may be asking yourself why someone would do this. When someone starts acting distant, it leaves you alone, having to try and figure it out yourself. But what causes someone to do this? Well, there are several reasons. 

1. The other person finds someone else, and doesn’t know how to tell you.

2. The other person gets afraid of the deep feelings they feel with you, and it scares them – so they run.

3. The other person lacks the ability to maintain long term intimacy with another person, so they have went as far emotionally as they can go.

4. The other person cares so much for you that they think it is better to end it now, than to get hurt in the future when they care about you even more (It’s the “I better leave you before you leave me” scenario)

5. The other person doesn’t know how to love you the way they know you will need to be loved. So they end it out of frustration with themselves.

6. The other person feels they are not good enough for you, and that being with them will only drag you down.

7. Plus many other reasons

Any and all of the feelings above, are past life related!

So what next?

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The 4 Most Important Questions You Need To Ask

Whether this type of relationship can be saved or not, depends on 3 things. Here are the 3 most important things you will need to know to find that answer:

– Your karma

– The other person’s karma

– Your past life karma together

– What your Soul Contract says

These are the 4 things you will need to know before you can know for sure if the relationship can be saved, or if you should be emotionally prepared to just move on.

The only way to find that information is by looking at your Akashic Records.

The Power Of A Soul Contract

If you read my emails often, then you already know the important role your Akashic Records plays in your life. You will also know that your Akashic Records are cosmically stored in a library in the Higher Realms known as Akashia, and that this library holds the records of every single person who lives, or has lived, on this earth!

A Soul Contract

A Soul Contract

Your Akashic Records reveal EVERYTHING about you, and the person you cared about – who ended the relationship suddenly. And the reason the two of you met in the first place, was due to a Soul Contract the two of you made together in a past life, to meet again in this one.

But the only way to find the answers to those 4 questions is to have your Soul Contract read and reviewed, because all of the answers are contained in the contract.

What Are Soul Contracts

You both created this contract together, before you even came into this life. And the reason you made a Soul Contract together was because you both shared a strong love together once before – in a past life.

And the way you will know this is true, is because you cannot feel strong feelings like that with someone you meet, UNLESS you had made a Soul Contract with that person in another lifetime.

Your Soul Contract tells EXACTLY what agreement the two of you made together. It tells if you are meant to continue your love together in this lifetime, and it even tells the REAL reason the person backed away this time!

A Universal Truth Unknown To Most People

Many times the reason a person backs away can be corrected once it is understood what was written in the Soul Contract between the two of you!

So if you have experienced this with someone,and you want to know why it happened, and what you can do to try and save the relationship, then a Soul Contract Session will give you all of that information!

The truth is, if you and the other person weren’t meant to have love between you, then why would you have met in the first place! But the problem becomes that most people don’t even know about Soul Contracts, so they think once it’s over, there is nothing else they can do…So they walk away, move on, and feel sad for the rest of their lives when they think about the other person.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

So I have decided to start doing Soul Contract readings in August. Why in August? Because August is going to have the highest love vibration of any month in 2015. This means that the love section of any person Akashic Records, including yours and any person you want to know about, will be most energetically accessible in August 2015.

The Information That’s Revealed When Reading A Love Contract?

This means that the deepest, most revealing information can be read about anyone on the planet. So if you are in love with someone, and want to know intimate details about:

– How they think

– What makes them tick?

– What you can do to make them never want to leave you

– What you should d to win them over

– How they really feel about you

– If you had a past life together

– If you created a Soul Contract together, and if so, what exactly does it say?

– If you can have a successful relationship in this life (even if you are not together right now)

– If the two of you can have the type of leave you’ve dreamed about having with them

– If they would always be faithful – or could they be someone who would cheat?

– Or any intimate details you want to know….

August will be the month that the Love Section of their Akashic Records will reveal everything. That section of their records will be an open book, so this makes it so that anything can be found out about ANYONE you know or love!

So if you would like to get answers about anyone, put your heart to rest about some issue, or find out what you can do to be with the person YOU KNOW you were meant to be with, then visit here and fill out this form on my Schedule A Reading page to schedule your Soul Contract Session. It will give you ALL the answers you seek!

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I am only going to offer 30 of these sessions, so if you would like to reserve a space for one, do not wait until the last minute, or you will get left out! This energy opportunity in August will not happen again for many months, possibly years. So click here now and fill out the form on my Schedule A Reading page to reserve your space now!

Once you understand what’s contained in the Soul Contract between you and someone you love, you will have ALL the keys for making sure that the love between you will bloom to it’s fullest potential!

In light, love, luminance, and peace,

Tana Hoy

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