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About The Election – What Happened?

Hi there,

I wanted to send out an email to talk about what happened with my election prediction where I predicted Hillary would win the election.

I took this missed prediction very serious! Especially when this was the first time in 24 years I had ever missed on a presidential prediction.

So let me start by saying I was very hard on myself for missing this prediction, even though I tried to remind myself I am only human, and that humans do make mistakes sometimes.

So believe me when I saY, I, more than anyone else, wanted to know why this prediction miss happened? I was not only disappointed in myself, but I was also deeply disturbed by the outcome.


…when I discovered that several other well-known psychics had also predicted Hillary would win too – I was even more determined to find out what went wrong!

Lets face it, I am only human, so I can be wrong. But there were two things that struck me as odd:

1. I had never missed on a presidential prediction in 24 years, so what happened this time?

2. Several other psychics also predicted Hillary would win, so why were we all wrong?

Or were we…

I Wanted To Consult The My Ascended Masters About This

So I immediately went into a deep meditation to consult with all The Ascended Masters I work with, to get to the bottom of this once and for all!

I then posted on FB, the information I was told by Vascarious, Macar, and Saint Germain. And I wanted to also send this information to my email friends, with a few new insights which have since transpired.

And as you already know by now, more people voted for Hillary than Trump – over 2,000,000  more people! BUT Trump still won! 

So why? What happened?

The Information the Ascended Masters Told Me

So here is what Vascarious, Macar, and Saint Germain told me during our meeting:

They explained that “The real outcome was changed and altered, behind the scenes, due to some shady handshakes, and internet hacking, leading to the underhanded manipulation of voting results  by corrupt and powerful people! They were experts who accomplished this, therefore, no trace of this manipulation will be found”

I was absolutely stunned and in shock when they told me this! 

So immediately, I got on the phone, and started calling some of my other well-known psychic peers, to see what they thought was the reason they also predicted this election incorrectly? Because all of us were sure Hillary would win!

The Discovery I Made 

After many long hours of conversations, with several other very reputable psychics, who also made the same incorrect presidential prediction, I can know very clearly why this happened!

The reason our predictions were “incorrect” was because we were psychically tuned in to the “real results” of the election, not the behind the scenes rigging of the election results by powerful people!

Finally I got the answer I was looking for and it all made sense now!

Interestingly,Trump always said the election was rigged if Hillary won. But he never addressed if this meant it was also rigged if he won! The answer is now pretty clear to me.

I Learned A Hard, Painful Lesson

I felt horrible about my prediction not coming to pass. And I felt especially bad for all the people who were deeply saddened by the outcome of my prediction. I am also sorry to anyone who was deeply saddened by the incorrect predictions of any of my psychic peers, regarding this election.

I learned a hard, painful lessen from all of this: In the future, I need to look “psychically deeper” into predictions involving politics, since I now know that it is possible to rig and manipulate the outcomes of a presidential election. Who would have thought this?

Even though the rigging and hacking was nothing I could control, I am still deeply sorry for all the people I disappointed with my prediction. ALL OF YOU mean the world to me, and I try very hard to give you very accurate predictions, especially about something like this! As you know, I always strive to give you the highest and best information, and I now want to encourage everyone of us to move forward together in a positive direction.

This Was A Psychic Wake Up Call For Me

This last election taught me that even though I have a special gift, that my “always wanting to look for the good” cannot serve me well when making political predictions. And in the future, I always need to look “psychically deeper” when making a prediction about anything political!

Since I was raised to believe in the integrity of politics, I never felt like I needed to look “psychically deeper” into something like a presidential election, to “check and see” if anything underhanded would take place. I mean, isn’t our system supposed to be honest, just, and true?

But now, I know differently,

As you know, I am known for my high accuracy rate when it comes to my psychic predictions, and  because this is the first presidential election I have ever predicted wrong, it still affects me on a deep, personal level.

But now I feel we need to move forward with positive steps, so I want to encourage everyone to join me in moving forward. We are not victims, nor are we powerless, and there are many positive things we can still do! So…

…What’s Important Now

As I always tell my clients, the Universe, God, The Source, Higher Power, or whatever name you choose to call it, has a Divine Plan. And since this Divine Source is love, it is important to remember that love will always win in the end. No matter what!

More than ever before, this is a time for all of us to keep our thoughts positive, and to send out love into the universe because “What we focus on grows”, so lets all focus on love.” 

Over the past year, we have seen enough fear and hate to last us a lifetime. So lets all keep the love alive within our hearts, and encourage others to do the same.

So here is what I am going to do…

Please Join Me In Creating Positive Change!

Every Thursday evening,  at 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, I will be saying a Prayer Of Love to help grow and spread more love in the world, and quiet down the voices of hate in the hearts of many of our world leaders.

I will be starting a Prayer Of Love on this Thursday 11/24 at 5:00 PM EST, and continuing to say it every Thursday until Thursday, 12/22. The more people who say this prayer, the more powerful it will be!

So if you’d like to join me in this prayer from wherever you are, then every Thursday at 5:00 PM PST / 7:00 PM CST / 8:00 PM EST, please close your eyes and silently join me in repeating the following prayer.

You can print it out and carry it with you so that no matter where you are for the next five Thursdays, you will still be able to join me.

You can repeat this silently to yourself, or even read it out loud:

The Prayer Of Love 

“I affirm in my heart that love is all there is. I know that only love can win, regardless of how things appear. I remind myself to not judge anything by how it appears, because I know The Divine Source is always at work in the universe, and appearances are often not what they seem.

I send love, light, and peace, out into the world, and ask this love to extend to the hearts, minds,’ and souls, of all world leaders. Touching their hearts with love, light, and peace, and guiding them to make decisions based on love, not fear. 

I command that only love can win, and as I state it, so it must be. 

And so it is.”

After saying this prayer, imagine using your mind to silently release this love out into the universe. Once you have released it, this powerful Prayer Of Love will begin to work in the hearts and minds of our world leaders.

This prayer is more powerful than you can imagine, and it will have a deep affect, especially if many people will join me in sending this love out into the universe!

Thank you in advance for joining me in sending out this powerful Prayer Of Love.

Please feel free to email me with any of your comments or questions about this, and together, we will can all make sure that only love wins in the end!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. As you know by now, the Green Party has already raised over $5,000,000 to dollars pay for a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, due to strong suspicions pointing to hacking, which may have manipulated the election outcome. It seems what The Ascended Masters told me is now being suspected by other informed people.

P.S.S. Here is  your Monthly Horoscope For December 2016

15 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. I always suspected underhanded tactics from all governments. I will be brutally honest. I voted Brexit those many months ago for a related reason. However, I purely voted against the EU, not Europe itself which what Brexiters seem to be commonly accused of, but I suspected even Brexit may be a plot of its own as well.

    I don’t want to sound like a mad conspiricist but dark forces surround our governments. They have for a while, and will continue to do so. We’ve actually been fighting them for centuries – humanity in general. I believe light beings are involved as well in defeating them but I don’t know to what extent.

    There may still be a divine reason for this but now you understand why integrity of something can’t always be trusted. I am not disappointed you got it wrong Tana but I am surprised this would be new information to you. I even warned of their intervention on our world a few times which expectedly were ignored except by those who already knew or where aware.

    This might sound conspiracy-esque but its no less real than angels or guides. If you’re still not convinced then at least you understand that the world isn’t as perfect as we’d like to believe. Do not misinterpret my meaning. I am not trying to spout paranoia or fear, just awareness as awareness is a far stronger defence.

    The moral of the story is its good to stay positive but not by becoming blind to potential dangers that leave us flat footed. Optimism but with awareness.

    And Tana, don’t be so hard on yourself. Some of us including myself, might think of you as modern day Jesus but we can still allow for leniency. Besides I know what its like to be needlessly self critical (though I’m probably too hyper critical of myself). You haven’t failed anyone so don’t internally crucify yourself.

    …Jesus joke… I know, it was horrible.

  2. Jan says:

    I split by time between LA and NY – I thought Hillary would win. And in fact – she has the popular vote for sure.

    For my job I travel to over two dozen states across the USA this past year and after multiple trips for work– I sensed it would either be way closer w Hillary winning marginally or Donald Trump could win by a margin.

    NY And CA is v different ‘culturally’.

    Although I did not vote for Trump. I just want to move forward and support my country to be that place where my parents migrated to do – to thrive and grow.

    So thank you for this prayer – and the work you do.

  3. Sharon Jordan says:

    Tana, stop putting it on yourself thing’s happen and you can’t help it I truly feel something happen but we just have to stay pray up and hope that people come together. You are special to us and I want to thank you for my reading and my daughter. I love you Tana so hope your head up and enjoy the holidays,

  4. Avery says:

    You have remarkable talents and insights Tana. Auditing the voter results in Wi, PA and MI is the right thing to do. Regardless of which candidate we supported we must work to uncover any fraud. I will calendar the prayer request. Thank you for sharing it and God Bless

  5. Charmelle says:

    For all the goodness you put into this world, it’s going to take a lot more than a missed prediction to change our hearts about you!

  6. Candy says:

    I never realized the election was rigged as naïve as that might sound. I always believe in the good in people even when they’re good doesn’t show.
    it’s just how I am. Then I can’t believe how they are lol
    Now that I know that Donald Trump is on strings as rigged president, perhaps he’ll invent gold plated napkins for our economy and housing developments, and not use that money to line his own house with it instead. Lol
    Donald Trump has big plans my friends- don’t feed into his ego- his ego is STARVING ?
    He’s going to invent a new kind of tuna from a shark we never knew existed.
    don’t be surprised if he tries to take over George Washington’s dollar bill with a face that says F you like his pictures… I’m kidding about that one.
    Good luck Trump ?️?America is watching!

  7. Vonda says:

    God intervened.

  8. Paris says:

    You can’t be so hard on yourself T man. Politics (corruption) is something that isn’t so easily predictable.

  9. Sam says:

    I have to disagree on that. Corruption is something that has become too often that it has become expected.

  10. Sam says:

    “don’t be surprised if he tries to take over George Washington’s dollar bill…”

    I would not be surprised if he tried to put his own face on the dollar bill. He has the vanity to do so, but whether he does is dependable.

  11. BuniM says:

    Dear Tana,
    You are an extraordinary psychic and I don’t believe you made an error. A wise man once told me , to not look to deep into things because there isn’t always a reason. It was not solely your lesson and so you will not find an answer that leads directly to you…it is a lesson for all of humanity. God blocked everyone psycically and blindsided us in order for us to grow. God basically gave us an easy out to create positive energy by gently shocking us awake and forcing us to listen to our inner voices and to each other in a way we undoubtedly would not have unless we were all shocked by this event. Really we are so lucky it wasn’t a natural disaster, war , and loss of life to bring human beings to a spiritual awakening and to be willing to truly listen to each other. The passion some people felt created so much energy it felt like a type of death to them and they are in the stages of grieving. I think God stepped in to save us from the negative energy that hit the earth because of the hatred created by us, mankind. We are all culpable and no one better than the other…which is what i think we were supposed to learn. I say this with love in my heart and concern for you, Tana please do not turn inward and punish yourself unjustifiably and inappropriately. If a person is able to block a psychic from reading them surely The Universe is capable of blocking psychics. The aforementioned wise man also taught me our guides and angels give us information they feel will be useful and helpful to us but it may not be what we were expecting. Lastly, I don’t follow other psychics because you are profoundly psychic and I am blown away by your readings and the information you generously share with us. I find your stories and knowledge fascinating. And i believe your explanation above wholeheartedly and it makes sense to me. I hope you are well…Good night…

  12. darleen says:


    I was wondering when you will come out and say something about your
    missed predication.

    You were not alone, there were many psychics who said that Hillary would be our next President.

    They did not come out to explain what happened.

    YOU DID.

    All I want to say is, THANK YOU for being honest and clearing up what


    I look at it this way, we are only human, we do the best we can.


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