Your Monthly Horoscope For December 2016

Hi there,

In my last email I explained how everyone has psychic ability, and I  even revealed a technique you could use to begin developing your psychic ability! Many people emailed me telling me how much that email helped them, so you can read it by clicking here.

I have been having so many amazing and wonderful astral travels lately. As you probably know from reading my emails, I spend 8 hours or more astrally traveling on Saturdays, with Thursdays and Fridays being my meditation days. I spend no less than 8 hours in meditation on those days also.

Being a psychic and doing the work I do, it is important that I adhere to a strict spiritual practice in order to keep my soul in the proper vibrational alignment. Since I deal with so many different energies during the week when I perform readings, healings, and one-on-one private trainings with my clients, it is necessary for me to spend time meditating and astrally traveling like I do. And I love doing it!

When I close my eyes, although it seems like only a few minutes have passed when I open them again, my clock tells me that hours have passed. What often brings my awareness back to my physical body is hunger pains. So my stomach always lets me know when it’s time to stop for the day and nourish my body.

Something Interesting Happened 

Something interesting happened during my last astral travel session. I got up at the usual 3:30 AM, had a cup of green tea, ate a few pieces of fruit, and then walked to the room where I do my meditation and astral travel work.

That particular day, I didn’t have anywhere in particular in mind I wanted to astrally travel to. But when I closed my eyes, Macar, my Ascended Master guide, appeared in front of me, took me by the hand, and said” Tana, come with me, I want you to meet some people I think you will want to meet.”

So, I took his hand, detached my astral body from my physical body, and flew off with him into the universe. We must have flown through the universe for 5 minutes or longer. But then, all the sudden, the dark blue tunnel of light we were traveling through opened up into this amazing place!

It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen in my life! Macar then looked at me and said “Tana, welcome to heaven!” I was in awe…

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My Special Meeting In Heaven

I can tell you Heaven looks like a beautiful paradise, but there was even more that took place than I ever expected. In the distance, walking towards me was Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Zeus, Ganesha, and many other Gods we have all heard and read about!

Jesus and Buddha both walked over to me first, and gave me the most wonderful hug I have ever felt in my entire life! Next, Mohammad, Zeus, and Ganesha, walked over to hug me too. My favorite God Hanuman was standing behind all of them. And after all the hugs, he walked over and gave me the biggest hug ever!!

Hanuman took me by the hand, and walked me to a beautiful garden where everyone was now sitting. I was motioned to have a seat, and then Jesus spoke first, explaining he wanted me to understand that “Everyone here are all Gods, and each of Us are expressions of the same essence of the God Force!

When I asked him what he meant, he said that each of Us are manifestations of the God Energy of the Universe, and that ALL religions are correct and true, because they ALL worship Gods that are of the same Essence of the Comic Consciousness of the God Force.

We talked for hours, all of us. And my what I believed to be true about God was confirmed from this meeting! That all Gods are part of the same God Force. That each of Them contain the same essence of the same God Energy.

This Blew My Mind!

Each of these Gods took turns explaining to me the reason I was at this meeting, was because I have ascended to the point where I was ready to have the even deeper truths of the Universe revealed to me….

…Needless to say, I was a bit blown away by hearing this.

They went on to explain to me the reason the 99th Dimension was opening up between April and May, where any living person on earth will be able to have access to an Ascended Master (I talked about this a few emails back, you can read that email by clicking here) was because the earth is going to end in approximately 200 years from now!

Then they told me I was to do healing on as many people as I can, in order to help them on their divine spiritual journey in this life. They said this healing I was to perform will help a person’s soul instantly evolve and grow in a way that would normally take their soul over 40 future lifetimes to achieve this same level of soul growth.

I was shocked to hear this, because of the deep implications of what this means! This means that once this healing process has been performed on someone, their soul will become spiritually awakened in a way that would require being reincarnated 40 lifetimes or more, to gain the same advancement of their soul!

At this point I was excited! Since I founded a Spiritual Healing Center in Mexico where I healed hundreds of people, healing people was nothing new to me. But I still didn’t know what kind of healing they were referring to.

Next, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Zeus, and Ganesha, all in unison, asked me if I was ready to take on this responsibility? Of course I immediately said “yes!” without even having to think about it!

I mean, I’d be crazy to miss this amazing opportunity to help other people advance the growth of their souls! I live and thrive on helping other people grow and be happy, so this was definitely an exciting opportunity to me.

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The Most Incredible Thing That Happened To Me

After I said “yes” Jesus and Buddha moved closer to me and asked me to close my eyes. Then I felt Jesus place his hand on the left side of my head, and Buddha place his on the right side of my head. Then suddenly…a bright flash of light exploded inside my head. It was as if someone shined a bright flashlight in front of me.

Next, Mohammad, Zeus, and Ganesha, each placed their hands on both sides of my head, and again, more flashes of light exploded inside my head! I didn’t know what was happening, but I felt so much joy inside me!

I was then asked to open my eyes, and at that moment, everything looked brighter and more intense in color.

They took turns again explaining to me the lights I saw inside my head were transmissions of the healing energy, being passed from them to me. They said these energy transmissions were transferred from them to me because it would give me the ability to perform on others, the healing work they were now going to teach me.

What They Taught Me

For the next several hours, they taught me many powerful Soul Ascension healing techniques, and then, I was told in a very straight forward manner these techniques could not be told or taught to others, and they were to  only be performed on people who had a sincere desire to advance their soul.

They called this special healing I was to perform on others by the name of TranSoulAwake.

They told me that performing TranSoulAwake on someone who did not want to improve their life, feel happier and more at peace inside, and radiate a light so strong it could vanish many obstacles in a person’s life before that person even experienced them, would be a waste of my time and the other persons. So I was told to perform this only on those who sincerely want to live happier, less stressful, and more prosperous and abundant lives. And they explained it would even awaken a “sleeping soul”!

Do You Have A Sleeping Soul?

You see,when this healing energy that was transmitted to me during my astral travel is transmitted via me to you, it will actually clear out blockages in your human energy field, and at the same time raise your soul vibrations.  Your soul frequency will raise to such a high frequency rate, that  it will open all your energy centers, meridians, chakras, (especially the higher chakras – not just the 7 major ones) and awaken what is often referred to as your “sleeping soul”.

A sleeping soul is one that has not been awakened to itself. Meaning, a person with a sleeping soul walks around in a kind of spiritual zombie state, yet they don’t even realize it. This is how most people go through their life, and this is NOT how a person should live.

They way to know if you are living in a zombie state and have a sleeping soul is if you feel like time passes by in your life very quickly! So if you feel this way, you are living in this zombie state, letting life pass you by quickly, and not getting the fullest out of your everyday living!

What TranSoulAwake Will Do

When you have TranSoulAwake performed on you, As I mentioned earlier, your soul will be raised to the highest vibrational energy level possible for any human soul.

Having  TranSoulAwake performed on you will create the following:

– You will feel a deeper sense of inner joy and peace – and it will last!

– You will find positive opportunities coming to you out of thin air!

– You will become like a Human Money Magnet – drawing wealth int your life!

– You will be able to start seeing and talking to your Guides and Angels.

– The ability to read the minds of others will start to develop within you!

– You will find yourself being able to read others like a book!

– Plus a whole lot more, depending on the age of your soul!

– Some older souls may begin to develop in the area of levitation!

TranSoulAwake is actually one of the most powerful transmissions I have ever been received. The most interesting part is that the energy was transmitted directly to me, through the hands of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Zeus, and Ganesha!

My body is still buzzing from this transmission of energy!!

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I look forward to transmitting this energy to you.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. I would love you to email me and say hello. I will personally write you back!

P.S.S. Here is your Monthly Horoscope For December 2016.

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    Hi Tana, you read me in March and told me love was coming. Well its here the problem is that he is locked up in prison. So I will be scheduling a reading with you soon. Peace and Blessings

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