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It happened again…

A few weeks ago, I astrally traveled to another realm I’d never been before, and I am so excited to share this incredible astral travel experience with you!

But before I begin, let me tell you, this one was a real mind zinger! And I am still shaking my head in disbelief over it… 

Two Unexpected People Were Standing There

I started with my normal routine. Got up at a 3AM Saturday morning, drank my green tea, and ate my banana…

…only this time, when I walked into my backroom to begin my astral journey…guess who was standing there waiting on me?

It was Saint Germain AND my mentor, who has been gone on the Other Side for years!

My mentor was the man who started mentoring me when I was just 12 years in developing my psychic abilities to their highest level!

Many of you already know when I was 12, I was approached by a very advanced Psychic Master, who mentored and trained me for many years on the secret teachings of one of the most advanced Mystery Schools in Egypt, which existed during the reign of Cleopatra.

My mentor has visited me several times before from the Spirit World, so seeing him was nothing new!

And I have worked with Saint Germain several times before also.

But when they both showed up together, this was something new! So I knew they had something really big to tell me, teach me, or train me in!

I was very excited seeing them together, because there is nothing I love more than being taught the most advanced psychic or spiritual techniques known in the entire universe.

And I feel even more honored whenever they ask me to share these secret teachings with others!

I am so excited to tell you about what happened next! 

The Conversation We Had

Seeing the look of surprise on my face from their very unexpected visit, my mentor first spoke saying “Tana, I am so happy to see you today. And I came here today with an old friend of mine.”

I remember thinking to myself, “I remember you teaching me about Saint Germain, but I never remembered you telling me you two were old friends!”

Forgetting they could read minds, my mentor then said, “I worked with Saint Germain often when I lived in a physical form. And now that I’m in my spiritual body, we have become very close friends.” 

Saint Germain then spoke and said “We decided to come together today because you worked very closely with your mentor for several years, when he was in the physical world. And you’ve also been trained and taught by me several times here in the astral world. 

So, we decided to meet with you together today and take you someplace where you are going to learn some very important teachings. Are you ready?”

I told them yes, I am ready!

At that point, Saint Germain took my left hand, and my mentor took my right hand. Then I closed my eyes, instantly fell into a deep trance, and off we went at the speed of light…astrally traveling to a place unknown to me…

.., and once we arrived, boy was I surprised! 

What A Surprise I Had 

When we first arrived at our destination, it was all foggy looking, and there was a whitish mist all around me.

I was standing there with Saint Germain still on my left side, and my mentor on my right side, when suddenly, the mist cleared away!

With the mist now gone, standing in front of us, I could see there were these interesting-looking Beings that are hard to describe…I wasn’t really sure what they were!

They were about 5 feet tall, had lizard-like skin (it looked like they had scales), and the biggest, kindest-looking brown eyes I have ever seen in my life. I mean, their eyes just radiated love!

If it weren’t for their loving eyes, their appearance would have freaked me out a little.

My mentor then looked at me and said, “Tana, I want to introduce you to a very special race of Light Beings called Reptilizars. 

I Had To Freeze My Brain 

When I first laid eyes upon the Reptilizars, I had to perform a Brain-Freeze.

Since I have learned from past experience that the highly evolved Beings I have met during my astral travels can actually read minds, I use a technique my mentor taught me when I was a boy, called Brain-Freezing.

Brain Freezing is where you learn to “freeze” your brain, so your thoughts instantly stop at that very moment!

Brain Freezing is used when you don’t want telepathic people to be able to read (invade) your mind, and get information you don’t want them to have.  Such as your credit card numbers, social security numbers, addresses, etc.

(I am convinced that the underground network of telepathic people called “The Black Underground Of Telepaths”, a group that uses their telepathic powers to steal information and use it for evil purposes, is behind a lot of the credit card fraud we’ve been seeing over the past 10 years or so. Because that’s around the time when they appointed their new leader Tom S. But I won’t go into that now.)

But in this situation, I used Brain Freezing to block my thoughts because I didn’t want these loving Beings who looked like they were half reptile, half-lizard, and half-human, to feel hurt by my shocking thoughts when I first saw them.

Because when I saw them, I thought to myself “What the heck are these things? Beings, aliens, people? They look so odd!”.

I mean, I thought I’d seen it all! Because I’ve seen fairies, elves, gnomes, dragons, mermaids, and many other invisible beings, but these guys really cut the cake for me because I’d never seen any Being that was so odd looking before!

Thank god I was thinking on my feet, and froze my brain immediately! Because I wouldn’t have wanted to hurt the feelings of these very loving Beings…

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The Loving Reptilizars 

Come to find out, besides their unusual looks, the Reptilizarian Race was probably one of the most loving races I had ever encountered during all of my many astral travels! And I’ve encountered many loving Beings!

(Turns out, for them, the more scales they have, and the shorter they are, the more attractive they are considered to be among their race.)

One of the Reptilizars named Rokconar (Rock-a-nar) stepped forward and introduced himself to me.

He had so many scales on his skin, I wondered how he walked upright with all that weight on him. And he was only about 4 feet 5 inches tall. (Turns out, he was considered one of the Reptilizarian studs, due to his many, massive scales)

The kindness I saw in his eyes almost brought a tear to mine. He radiated such a strong loving, energetic presence. And his loving presence could also be felt by Saint Germain, my mentor, and myself!

Thank god I Brain Froze myself, because it turns out, they are VERY telepathic!

As Rokconar reached out his lizard-like hand to me, he didn’t shake my hand, but instead placed it gently on my shoulder.

Then he looked at me and said (with his mind) “Welcome Tana. I know all about your magnificent work and was happily waiting for the day when we could finally meet. I have followed you since you were 9 years old. Since the first day you started training with your mentor there beside you.”

I was so moved by his loving energy, I did tear-up a little at this point!

He then said, “Again, welcome Tana! I am looking forward to teaching you something very amazing today! Please follow me.” 

At this point, he had my full attention. So I followed Rokconar to this amazing place, along with my mentor, and Saint Germain, following behind me!

I just knew I was in for something incredibly special!… 

The Place Was Like Heaven

We must have walked what seemed over a mile.

There were trees, plants, and flowers, that looked like something out of a science-flection movie! I had never seen anything like them before.

And the air…it smelled so clean and fresh! With a slightly sweet floral smell that permeated the air as we walked along.

There were these unusual multi-colored birds flying around us, and they were very friendly. Often landing on our shoulders, and then gently chirping, as we headed toward this mysterious destination.

After about a mile or so of walking, we came upon a huge wall of fragrant, colorful, beautiful flowers!  This wall must have been 30 feet high and stretched out for miles on both sides. It was so long, I couldn’t see where it ended on either side.

When we came to this wall, Rokconar raised his hand as if signaling us to stop. He then turned around, looked at me, and with a wide reptilian-like smile, he said “Tana, we have arrived!” and as he spoke, his eyes were glowing with that same loving look.

He then turned back around, held his palms straight out in front of him, and then said some words in a language I couldn’t understand…

…then suddenly, a section of the wall disappeared that was only big enough for all of us to walk through.

First, I, then my mentor, and then Saint Germain, followed by Rokconar, all walked through the wall onto the other side.

For a moment, I thought I had walked into heaven… 

What I Saw Left Me Speechless 

It’s very hard to describe a place, which looked how I imagined the “biblical heaven” would look…

It was awe-inspiring! And there was such a feeling of love in the air.

I just stood there for probably 30 minutes, taking in the wondrous visions I was seeing.

There were also animals I’d never seen before, large and small. And they were all friendly towards us.

One, which Rokconar called a Thraplasor (Thrap-la-sore) and looked like a huge, colorful dragon, gently approached me.

Rokconar told me the Thraplasor, who he called Cortar (Core-tar) would take me around on his back. So, I climbed on Cortar’s back, situated myself between two large dragoon-like scales near his shoulders, and then he showed me around for about an hour or.

His skin was surprisingly soft, and sitting between his scales was so comfortable. I could have easily feel asleep sitting there!

I saw many unusual things along the way, and I also saw what looked like a palace. (Later, I was told the king and queen of the Reptilizars ruled from there)

When Cortar and I eventually took me back to where Rokconar, my mentor, and Saint Germain were standing, Rokconar looked at me and said “You have seen the palace where our king and queen reside, and now we are going to head there. They have wanted to meet you for a very long time!”

I was now feeling a little nervous…but in a good, excited way! 

When We Arrived At the Palace, This Is What Happened…

After I got back on Cortar’s back, my mentor, and Saint Germain, were also escorted to the palace on the back of their own Thraplasor.

I still feel speechless as I am writing this, thinking about the beauty of this place…

We eventually arrived at the Palace, where some guards greeted us, and then escorted us to meet the king and queen.

When we arrived, they were sitting on these beautiful thrones, and the king and queen both had lots of scales on their skin. So I knew they were considered to be very beautiful by the Reptilizar Nation.

Rokconar then looked at me and said, “Aren’t they beautiful!?” …Brian Freeze time again!! Now, I don’t in any way mean that disrespect! It’s just that a humans idea of beauty and a Reptilizars idea of beauty, are a bit different!

So, I looked at Rokconar, and all I could think to say was “They sure have a lot of scales!” To which he replied, “I know! That’s what makes them so beautiful!” 

The Meeting Of The King And Queen Of The Reptilizars

The king and queen both had those same loving eyes, and both radiated an aura of love and kindness that could be felt at least a mile away.

The king and queen approached us together and greeted us with a large, loving, reptilian-looking smile. The king introduced himself to me by saying “Hello Tana. I am Mareon (Mar-ee-on) and this is my wife Priskitar (Priss-ka-tar). 

We have been waiting to meet you, and are so glad you are here. Please, sit down, and make yourself feel at home.” 

So, we all say down, and the king began to tell me why I was there.

“Tana, we received permission from your mentor and Saint Germain, to ask you to help us with a special mission.”

I could feel myself getting a little tense inside, but I silently took a few deep breaths and continued to listen…

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The Mission The King Mareon Requested Of Me 

Queen Priskitar, sat quietly by his side, as King Mareon went on to say, “Tana, we know you have many followers on earth, and we are also aware that you have been trained in many of the highest teachings of the universe. 

We also are aware of how you have been willing to use the things you have learned, to help others on earth, who are wanting to reach a higher ascension for their souls too, by learning your teachings! 

We, the Reptilizarian Nation, have something of value to share with the human race. And I want to pass this teaching onto you, so you can use it as a way for continuing to help the human world.”

I then looked at my mentor and Saint Germain, and they both give me a nod, indicating for me to hear out the king. So, I said, “Please tell me Sir, how can I help you with this mission?” 

The king went on to explain, “Tana, we are going to teach you about something no other human has ever been taught before. 

This means you will be the first human to ever learn this!”

With those words, both my ears perked up, and I was practically sitting on the edge of my royal seat, literally and figuratively! 

The Revelation Of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus!

Then King Mareon went on to tell me about something he called Imaginus Manifestus Appearus.

He said “Tana, there is a magical power in the air here. I am sure you can feel it. We call this magical power in our air, Imaginus Manifestus Appearus!

It literally translates to mean “A creative power that can make miracles appear in your life”.

And this creative miracle power is only limited by your ability to think of the miracles you desire for your life!

You see Tana, when you possess this power, you possess the ability to “create the invisible with your mind. And although it is invisible, it is still very real! 

What the power of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus does is, it allows you to mentally create miracles, by only using your mind power. 

And the fascinating part about the power of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus is, many of the creations you mentally create, with proper application, can also manifest in the physical world!

You see, we have been using this power for over 4,000 years!

And now I want to teach you, all about the power of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus, so you can teach your people on earth, how to use it too! 

My Question To The King – And His Mind-Blowing Answer

So, I said to the king, “Let me get this straight, and make sure I understand what you are telling me! 

Are you telling me that a person can learn to create anything they desire, by simply using their imagination, and then at some point, it will physically manifest in their lives?”

“Yes”, said King Mareon, “But it all depends on what Being you mentally create.” 

“What Being?”  I asked.

The king then said “Yes, you see, the power of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus works with the invisible realms. And these realms are not able to be seen by most people in the physical world. 

Imaginus Manifestus Appearus works by a person knowing how to use its power to mentally create Beings who have magical and miraculous powers! 

Then once this being has been mentally created by a person, it will then actually exist on a higher dimension, which is inviable to the human eye. 

But the Being that was mentally created, will help and assist the person in the most miraculous and magical ways! 

Creating Invisible Beings Using The Power Of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus

 Think of a mentally created Beings as an invisible helper. 

Because YOU are the one creating it with YOUR mind. And YOU are also the one who decides what magical or miraculous powers each Being you create will possess!” 

So, I said, “King Mareon, you are telling me a person can think of something they want to physically manifest in their life? Say, for example, someone wants to find their one true love. 

You are saying they can then think of the type of person they want to meet, along with the qualities they want him or her to have. And then mentally create a Being who will help them make the person they imagined, magically appear, at some point in their life?” 

“Yes!!” said the king. as he was practically jumping up and down “You get it now!! But this power is not limited to finding love, because this power is even bigger than this! 

You can also mentally create Beings that can make miracles happen too! 

Such as a Being that can heal others! Or a Bering that can make something that seems impossible t miraculously happen in their life. Such as someone they loved in their past, miraculously wanting to be in a committed relationship with them again! “ 

So I said to the king, “For further clarification, you are telling me that a person who knows how to use the power of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus can create a Being by using simply their imagination?

And the king said “Yes!”

“And also, mentally decide the powers they want their Being to possess?”

And the king again said “Yes!” 

“And then this mentally created Being will go about doing for the person whatever it was mentally created to do or perform?”

And the king said “Yes! That is correct!” 

He then said, “And also Tana, a person who understands how to use this power, is also not limited to the number of Beings they can create to assist them! I, myself, work with over 3,000 of the Beings I have created! 

But Tana, this power cannot be used to create anything evil. Or its powers will instantly disappear from that person!” 

At this point, when he confirmed I understood him correctly, it felt like I literally crapped my astral pants! 

Everything Imaginus Manifestus Appearus Can Do! 

When the king explained to me everything possessing the power of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus can do. it got the wheels in my psychic brain really turning! 

The long and the short of it is, it turns out there is practically nothing it can’t do!

Think of possessing the power of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus like this:

– You can decide in your mind anything you want.

– You then mentally create your Being

– You mentally decide the powers you want it to possess

– Your Being can look any way you imagine or want it to look

– You can give your being a name if you like

– After your Being is created, it will physically exist on another dimension

– Your Being will be invisible to others – but is real, and powerful!

– In a matter of time, your wish or desire will physically appear in your life

…And whenever you call on your Being, it will help you with its powers!

Can you mentally grasp the advantage possessing this power gives a person in life? 

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Some Beings You Could Create By Possessing This Power 

Once I returned back from my astral journey, which lasted over 10 hours, and after my conversation with King Mareon, I started thinking of things one could use this magical and miracle-creating power.

So, I called a good friend of mine named Steve, invited him over, explained what just happened, and asked him to brainstorm with me on more ways it could be used.

Here are just the few ways Steve and I could think of for how the magical and miraculous power of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus could be used:

The Incredible Beings You Could Create Using The Magical, Miraculous Power Of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus:

– A Being that could be mentally created to bring you the type of relationship you want.

– If you are single, you could mentally create a “bio-plasmic mold” of someone you want to meet, and then mentally create a Being who can fill that mold, which would then cause the person to appear in physical form.

– If you are already with someone, you can mentally create a Being to help improve the relationship or energize more love between the two of you

– You can mentally create a Being that could help you find the perfect job

– A Being to help you get a promotion or raise

– You can mentally create a Being to help you be successful in weight loss or to have better health

– Plus much more!

Because YOU can mentally literally create ANY Being YOU can imagine! 

More Exciting Information About The Incredible Beings You Can Create

– You can mentally create any Being, of any kind. 

– Each Being can look however you want them to look – because remember, you are their creator! 

– You get to decide what abilities or powers each one will possess. 

– You can even give them personal names

Some Other Ideas Me And Steve Thought Of…

– You can create Love Beings to make sure your love desires and wishes are fulfilled 

– You can create Wealth Beings to guide you towards the money you desire 

– You can create Healing Beings to make sure you are guided into good health and to keep those you love healthy too 

– You can create Protection Beings – for yourself and others! 

– You can create Good Luck Beings to bring you good luck 

– You can mentally create any kind of Being you can think of. 

– The only limit is your ability to imagine!

Something Important I Forgot To Mention

Remember, each person has different wants, needs, and desires, so the kind of Being you create will be different for each person.

AND, you can create Beings for other people too. They are not limited to only being created for you!

How I Used The Power Of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus To Create Two Tanacree Mini-Dragons

I decided I wanted a Being that was dragon-like, around the size of a gnome (3 feet tall), and who was a very powerful protector!

Then, by using the secrets of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus, I created two dragon-like creatures I called Tanacrees. One I named Harley, and the other I named Puff (after Puff The Magic Dragon).

When I was creating them, I created one to watch over and play with our son Winstin (my darling little kitty). And one to protect Johnny, and keep him safe when he is driving, walking alone at night, or traveling for his work.


…something very interesting happened!

After I created the first Tanacree named Harley, whose role was to play with our cat Winstin, almost right away, Winstin started running all over the house, and playfully batting at the air with his paws.

The same way he does when he plays with me or Johnny! 

I knew then my creation was successful, and that Winstin could not only feel Harley’s presence but that he could see him too! It was so cute to watch!!

What Happened After Steve Used The Magical Miraculous Power Of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus

After Steve and I thought of all the different ways possessing the power of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus could be used, Steve was super excited, and wanted to try it for himself!

So, he quickly volunteered to try it out and see what happened…

So, I taught Steve how to use the power of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus, and then off he went home to try it for himself.

When we connected a few days later, and here’s what he told me.

“I really liked how I could use the power of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus to mentally create Beings where I could decide what they look like, what powers they will possess, and how I wanted them to help me. 

I created a 7-foot-tall Cyclops-type being, with one eye in the middle of his head, greenish-colored skin, and a large build. and a gentle personality. Kind of like Shrek, but with one eye. 

And I decided he would protect my home from any kind of danger, especially burglars of any kind, since I’d been broken into last year. 

I named him Bryant the Giant. 

How Bryant The Giant Protected Steve 

So, a few days later, when I woke up one morning, I heard a voice in my head saying “I protected you!” I dismissed it at first because it made no sense to me. And besides, I never hear voices like that. 

Well, would you believe there was a break-in at my neighbor’s house in front of me, and also the neighbor’s house behind me? Both happening the night before!

And they totally left my house alone! 

I suddenly remembered the voice I heard, and knew then, the voice I heard was Bryant the Giant telling me he protected me.” 

Casanova The Love Stud 

Steve also told me “I created a Love Stud I named Casanova. I gave him the powers of helping me meet attractive women who would also find me attractive, too. Because I really feel like it’s time for me to start thinking now about starting a family. 

So, I went to a party last Saturday, where there were over 200 people. Let me tell you Tana, you can see I’m only an average-looking guy, but that night, you would have thought I was the hottest guy in the room! 

I must have had 4 smokin-hot women start talking to me – just out of the blue! 

Throughout the party, one of these smokin-hot women would just casually walk over by me. then start up a conversation with me, and talk to me for about 30 minutes or more. And each of them gave me their number and asked me to call them.. 

…this has never happened to me before in my entire life! 

At first, I thought this was some kind of joke! But I called each of them the next day, and I have 4 separate dates with each of these women next week! 

I then heard a voice in my head tell me “I hope I’ve not disappointed you!”…

 …I then realized from the last time I heard a voice this was the work of Casanova!

I’ve spoken to all four of these ladies, every day since the party, and I have a nice connection with all four of them!  

I think my only problem now, will be to eventually decide which one I like the best! But I consider this a luxury problem!”

Update: Steve has already gone on two dates with two of these women, and he said they were the best two dates he’s had since high school! (Which was over 20 years ago)

What You Need To Know About Possessing The Power Of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus 

The Magical Miraculous Power Of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus is something I am actually going to teach you to use during our session!

And it is VERY simple to learn.

We will also discuss a few different areas of your life where you would like to create a Being to help you.

And then, with my guidance, we are going to create your first two magical, miraculous Beings together!

That way, you will know how to use this simple process to:

– Mentally create your Being

– Infuse your Being with its special abilities so it can go about assisting you with your desire!

After our guided session, you will possess all the knowledge for using The Power Of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus for you, or anyone you know or love.

Again, It is VERY simple to learn, and together, I am going to guide you through this simple process.  As a matter of fact, if you completed second grade, you will have no problem learning this either. It’s as easy as saying A, B,C!

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Are You Ready For This Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity? 

This is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I mean, imagine, knowing how to mentally create a powerful Being, that will do whatever you desire, making your wants, desires, and wishes, materialize into a physical reality!

You can’t get any closer to “Harry Potter type of magic” than this…

And the ways it can be used, are endless!

By the way, I forgot to mention…once you possess this power, you will be able to use it for your entire lifetime! Its magical power never stops or runs out!

It goes without saying…but as you know. it cannot be used for evil. 

Using it for evil would be defined as:

– Using it to intentionally, in a calculated manner, harm another person in any way whatsoever.

I know none of my clients would use this for evil, but I do have to mention it to karmically protect myself!

2 Extra Special Spiritual Bonuses For The First 25 People 

Knowing how to possess the power of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus will be limited to only 70 people.

So, this means only 70 people will have this chance to learn how to possess The miraculous and magical power of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus.

I am going to do something very special for the first 25 people who decide to grab this opportunity for learning how to possess the power of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus…

…I am going to share a secret with you, which I was told by King Mareon! 

King Mareon Told Me A Secret

You see, just before I left the Dimension Of The Reptilizars, Mareon, the king of the Reptilizars, told me a very important secret… 

…and when he shared his secret with me, I was blown away!

His secret was how to create what he called a Pompalzon! 

What is a Pompalzon? 

A Pompalzon is a very interesting-looking Being, which possesses the amazing ability to heal your soul on a very deep level.

A Pompalzon can release years of pain that stems from childhood trauma, adulthood trauma, lingering pain from relationships of the past, or any other pain created by your life!

Let’s face it! It’s pain that holds people back from accomplishing their dreams and living the life they want to live because it acts like a dark cloud that follows you around.

This dark cloud mutes out your true personality because it causes you to lose your happiness, your zest for life, along with your natural enthusiasm about anything! 

So as a special gift for the first 25 people only, during our session, I will be astrally traveling to meet King Mareon! And together, the king and I will create a Pompalzon – specifically for you! It’s creation will be based on your unique soul vibration. 

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When the king shared the secret of the Pompalzon with me, I was blown away! 

And there is also one more Spiritual Bonus ONLY for the first 25 people 

…The Soulus Depthus System 

The king and I, are also going to create another very powerful Being, specifically for you!

This other Being we create for you, will be based on a very powerful Soul System called Soulus Depthus.

This system was created by the Reptilizars, and it is a formula that is used to personalize the creation of a highly-evolved Being, that will bestow many blessing upon your life, and your soul, throughout your entire life, along with your next two future lives!

This specially created, personalized Being, will guide and protect you in so many ways that they are incomprehensible by the human mind!

This means you will be one of only 25 people to have a Pompalzon AND a personalized Being, created just for you, using the Soulus Depthus system.

Both of these Beings will also be with you for the rest of this life, and also your next two future lifetimes too!

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Get Ready To Experience A Power That Will Change Your Life!

Possessing the knowledge of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus is what would be called a rare opportunity. Rare, because of 2 things:

1. Possessing the knowledge to mentally create Beings, who can perform magic and create miracles, and who will assist you and those you love, for the rest of your lives!

2. Having the chance to connect with King Mareon, and have a Pompalzon, along with another personalized Being created just for you, using the Reptilizarian system of Soulus Depthus, is a one-time opportunity!

Remember, only the first 25 people will receive these Spiritual Bonuses!

So, you definitely don’t want to wait to take action on this one…or you’ll miss out!

And let me tell you, these two special bonuses alone, are powerful life-changers!

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In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. I just spoke to Steve a few minutes ago, and he has since met 2 more women! The joy in his voice was amazing. I haven’t seen him this happy in years! Click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to reserve your space to learn the magic of Imaginus Manifestus Appearus

P.S.S. Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For June

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