Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For May 2023

I almost pooped my pants not too ago, as embarrassing as that is to say!

And here’s what happened that almost caused me such an embarrassing accident… 

Imagine this! I wake up at 2:15 am as usual, make some tea, then walk into my meditation room to begin my weekly astral travels. The same routine as I always do.

But this time…

…when I turned on the light, this tall, unusual-looking half-bird, half-snake, half-wolf-looking being was standing right there – staring at me!

And did I mention he had bat wings, too!?!?

And this “thing” looked as startled to see me as I did seeing “it”

I literally dropped my tea cup, spilled hot green tea all over my white carpet, and almost pooping my pants – at the same time!!!

Because not only was I scared out of my wits seeing something so scary looking standing there when I turned on the lights – I had no idea what “it” was!

I let out a scream so loud I thought the whole neighborhood would wake up!

Then this “thing” started walking towards me and in my mind, I began to hear it talking to me.

It had a calm voice that said “My name is Zyron and I am not here to hurt you! I am sorry for scaring you like that, but I came here to meet you because there is something I want to pass on to you.”

Zyron was not very pretty to look at but it turns out he was very kind, and he also shared something incredible with me! 

How I Learned About Zyronion Telemonion

He spoke to me telepathically (mind-to-mind thought transmission), never once using his beak to talk.

I discovered he came from a galaxy many light years away, where beings are so advanced, humans could never begin to comprehend all the things they are able to do.

He explained he was instructed by Malakon, the deity they pray to, to visit me and to pass on some highly advanced wisdom to me.

He taught me about something called Zyronion Telemonion Anvacar, which is translated as meaning “having the ability to be able to simply think about any desire, and have it materialize into your reality”

Reon Energy – My Newest Discovery

Zyron then went on to explain how Zyronion Telemonion Anvacar works.

He said there is something very unique about the earth’s atmosphere. Turns out, there’s a magical energy in the earth’s atmosphere, called Reon Energy.

And when a person has their mind energy connected to Reon Energy via the Zyronion Telemonion Anvacar Experience, they will be able to use their mind to think anything they desire to come into existence, within a 4 to 6-month period!

And sometimes even quicker!

As a matter of fact, a wish or desire could even materialize instantly, as it did for me!

My Zyronion Telemonion Anvacar Experience

So naturally, Zyron wanted to demonstrate it to me, so he asked me to think of something, and I thought of an old friend of mine calling me. Then, not two seconds later – my cell phone rang.

Amazingly, it was the friend I thought of, calling me! And what’s even more amazing about this experience is…he was calling me at 4:30 AM in the morning!

Then, a few days later, out of the blue, a check appeared in my mailbox $20,000. I won a sweepstake I don’t even remember entering!

When I saw that check, I almost pooped my pants, again!

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The Incredible Effects Of Zyronion Telemonion Anvacar

Zyron explained that once a person has been “Zyronion-ized”, the person can literally “think” anything they desire into existence.

So, if you can “think it” you can “create it” into your reality!  Meaning anything you can think of will literally materialize into your life!

For example:

– When it comes to LOVE, how would you feel lying in the arms of the perfect man or woman you’ve always dreamed of? Feeling in love with that person the way you knew love is supposed to feel!

– How would your life be different if you knew that within 4 to 6 months you could create all the RICHES you desire? What would you do with all of your newfound wealth?

– What if you could “think into existence” the perfect, most fulfilling job, you ever imagined? Regardless of knowing what that job would be it would just seem to find its way to you!

– Imagine being able to be at the PREFECT WEIGHT, and having the type of body you’ve always imagined having – without doing anything differently than just “thinking” it!

– Imagine being DESIRED by anyone you wanted to be desired by! I was told people that for people who want to be more desired, Reon Energy will give them the “facial features of a model”. I am told this energy works as a beautifying process without the surgery!

– What if you started becoming POPULAR, like never before, at work, at parties, among your friends, family, and even among strangers? We all know that popular people always get lucky breaks and have a lot more fun in life! Because when you are popular, everyone wants to help you!

– And these are just a few of the possibilities you will be able to “think” into existence because what you can create is only limited by what you can think of!

So, what would you want to “think” into creation?

Who This Is For And Not For

As you can see, this is some very powerful mojo you will possess! So, I need to let you know that the Zyronion Telemonion Anvacar process is not for people who would use this power to manipulate others to do things against their own will!

If you’re already thinking of how you could use it to harm others or get revenge on people you don’t like, then PLEASE stop reading this email RIGHT NOW! Because this is definitely NOT for you!

But if you are a person who will use this power in a positive way and not a negative one, then this is 100% for you! 

And it will be life-changing!

How You Can Possess The Power Of Zyronion Telemonion Anvacar 

If you’ve read this far, and are wondering how you can possess the ability to “think into reality” anything you desire, then keep reading on…

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So, if you are ready to begin having the life you’ve always dreamed of having, and not just a life full of whatever life throws at you, then you won’t want to miss this!

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I look very forward to sharing in your joy as you begin seeing all the things you’ve ever wanted to have come pouring into your life like an unstoppable waterfall!

What Others Had To Say 

If you were part of my Abracadabra session a few weeks ago, then you already know how powerful this will be!

And here are a few emails people wrote me after their Abracadabra session:

Amber S said, “These sessions are amazing. I actually had 3 of my Guardian Angels appear in front of me when you were performing it! I couldn’t believe my eyes!”


Jennifer P wrote “ I never experienced anything so life-changing before! My whole life changed in a positive direction the very next day after having this performed on me!”


John T wrote, “Tana, that was the most powerful thing I’ve ever experienced! I got the $25,000 raise I wanted, just one week after the session!”


Terri R wrote, “I never thought I would be proposed to, but I got engaged two days after the session. AND I also just found out I’m pregnant with twins – something I’ve always wanted! Thank you sooo much Tana Hoy!”


Maria S. wrote, “Tana, if I hadn’t experienced it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it! I made my wish and it came true! I won the lottery for the new $400,000 home! I can’t believe my name was drawn as the winner. out of over 10,000 entries! Thank you so much, Tana!” 

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In light and peace,

Tana Hoy 

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P.S.S My Monthly Horoscope For May 2023

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