Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For November 2015 – by Tana Hoy

In my last email, I taught you how to cleanse your gemstones and crystals. If you didn’t read it, you need to, because knowing how to clean them properly is important.

And if you don’t own any gemstones or crystals, you might want to pick up a few. A small quartz crystal and a small piece of amethyst are good ones to start with, You can read how to cleanse them by clicking here.

But today I am going to talk about something that Macar (my Ascended Master Guide who I channel) instructed me to write about today.

As you know, I spend several hours in meditation on Thursdays and Fridays. And on Saturdays, I spend several hours astrally traveling. Well, this past Saturday, during my latest astral travel, I spent the whole 10 hours visiting with Macar, my Ascended Master Guide. (I channel his messages directly, but also astrally travel to meet with him in person on the higher Planes also)

Macar Spoke About Soul Seeding

During our last visit together, we discussed many spiritual topics, and shared many spiritual ideas. The one topic that kept coming up in our conversation was the importance of Soul Seeding.

Many of you may never have heard of this before, but in the Mystery Schools of Egypt, this was a well-know concept among the students of these schools.

Soul Seeding is a process of “seeding” your soul with energy seeds. Energy seeds are “seeds of white, violet, and red energy” that are literally planted inside of your Soul Core by a trained Master.

Once planted in your Soul Core, they feed psychic energy to you, making you feel more alive, energetic, less depressed, more inner joy, and they also make a person almost irresistible to anyone they meet – plus a whole lot more which I’ll explain in a few minutes…

Have you ever met a person who seems to light up the room when they walk into it? Well, this person has strong “seed energy”.  They may not have been spiritually seeded in this lifetime, but their soul seeds are strong.

Often times a person like this may not even be aware or open to the psychic world, but they had been seeded in one of their past lives. So this energy carries over into this life, making them light up the room, anywhere they go.

Do you want to experience the power of Soul Seeding? If so, click here and fill out the form on the page now!

The Mystical Power Of Soul Seeding

Well, once a person has had their soul seeded, they often become the person who lights up the room. they actually shine a bright light outwards that other people can feel when they are near that person.

My mentor, God rest his soul, actually trained me for over 10 years on how to do Soul Seeding, and I am proud to say I attained the title of a trained Master at the age of 23. Just 2 years ago! 🙂

So I have performed numerous soul seedings on people, and let me tell you, what happens afterwards to people who’ve been Soul Seeded, is short of miraculous!

I have seen timid, shy people, who wanted to be less shy, but didn’t know how, become warm, friendly, great conversationalists almost overnight!

I’ve seen people who were already outgoing and friendly, become so charismatic that they went on to become huge successes in their careers after being soul seeded.

I have so many success stories of people who had their soul seeded that I could write an entire book about it!

Soul Seeding does not only make a person shine a brighter light inside, but it also makes a person feel more confident, secure, self assured, and happier than they have felt in years. I’ve even seen already happy people become even happier!

How Soul Seeding Works

So this is what Macar and I discussed for several hours, and the thing he wanted me to share was how Soul Seeding works, and why.

You see, your soul is a fertile thing. It is ever changing, ever growing, with the passing of each life experience you have, and each lifetime you live. It needs fertilized with light, positive life experiences, love, and spiritual food, to grow.

This fertilization process is called life!

So as you live each day, and have life experiences, this fertilizes your soul.

Soul Seeds, when added, are like planting seeds in very rich soil (your soul). And as you experience life, these experiences add “fertilizer” to your soul seeds. And as they get fertilized, they grow.

But the important thing about Soul Seeds, and this is the important part: Why it takes a trained Master to plant them in the soul of a person, is due to the fact that before they are planted inside of your soul, they MUST be programmed correctly.

Because as with any seed, it will grow into whatever it is genetically programmed to become. An orange seed will grow into any orange tree. It will NEVER grow into an apple tree, and vice versa. It grows into what it is genetically programmed to become.

Since Soul Seeds are seeds of energy, they need to be programmed so that they become what YOU want them to grow into.

AND, this is the best part. A Soul Seed can be programmed to grow into whatever YOU WANT it to grow into.

Soul Seeding can make any and all dreams come true. If you;re ready to start having the dream like you’ve always wanted, click here now and fill out this form!

What A Soul Seed Can Be Programmed To Do

For instance:

– If you want to become more outgoing, it can be programmed to grow for that purpose.

– If you want to be more attractive to others, it can be programmed to grow into that too!

– If you want to become more financially successful, it can be programmed to grow into that.

– If you want to become happier, less depressed, or more confident, it can be programmed to grow into that that!

As a matter of fact, a Soul Seed can be programmed to grow into ANYTHING you desire! So Soul Seed Programming (SSP) is only limited by your imagination!

So this is why it takes a trained Master to do this, because programmed incorrectly, and the Soul Seed will simply not grow. If programmed incorrectly, it won’t harm you. But like a bad seed, it simply just won’t grow into anything!

Dead, A dud! It will just lay there and do nothing!

Recommend Number Of Soul Seeds To Have Planted

I only recommend having 3 Soul Seeds planted at once, within a three month period. This means you can plant all the Soul Seeds you desire, but only 3 at a time, and three months apart!

People who have had 6 to 9 Soul Seeds planted are the ones who seem to really attain great things in their lives! Many people have called me a Miracle Maker, but I’m not a miracle maker. Because it’s really all quite simple: Soul Seeds work according to Divine Law.

The Soul Seeding process involves 3 very simple steps:

1. Program the Soul Seed properly.

2. Plant it in the person’s Soul Core.

3. Instruct the person to go out, live life ,and watch it grow…


So if you are feeling excited about this right now, or if your mind is thinking about all kinds of things you’d like to see grow in your life, then your soul is already hungering to be Soul Seeded!

The Best Thing To Do Now

If you feel your soul calling you right now, the best thing to do right now is to think of 3 things you’d like to see grow in your life. Things you like to see actually become a manifested reality, and then hold those 3 things clearly in your mind. Remember, the only limit on this is your imagination!

Then click here to fill out the form on my psychic reading page for someone to contact you.

To have your soul Soul Seeded, there are a few requirements a person must meet in order to be a candidate for this.

These requirements are as follows:

1. You must not be an intravenous drug user. If you are currently, or have in the last 3 years, injected any ILLEGAL drugs into your body, such as heroin, cocaine, or any other illegal substance, then STOP right here! You do not meet the requirements! (Insulin IS NOT considered an illegal drug)

2. If you practice any Black Arts such as Satanism, Santeria, or any type of Black Magic, STOP right here. You do not qualify for this! 

3. If you want to become wealthy in order to use your wealth to hurt someone you have a grudge against, STOP right here! You do not meet the requirements!

4. If you have ever caused another person to go to jail or prison due to false allegations, STOP right here. You do not qualify.

Those are the 4 things that if a person has done them, they cannot be Soul Seeded. I will not go into why this is so, because it would take pages to explain it.

For anyone else, the results are nothing short of amazing!

How To Get Soul Seeded

If you feel that Soul Seeding is something that your soul is calling you to, or if you feel that it would benefit you and your life for the better, then you can click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page. (sorry, but I don’t have a separate form to fill out for Soul Seeding)

There are certain months to choose that are better for being Soul Seeded, and we will choose the best month for you when we reserve your space for this. The month is determined by your Zodiac Sign and actual day of birth.

So click here and fill out this form, or cal my office directly at 614-444-6334 to schedule to a Soul Seeding session.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

You can also schedule a psychic reading by visiting or calling 614-444-6334

P.S. I seed my own soul every 3 months. As a result, I was on jenny Jones, Wendy Williams, written about in Star Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Mademoiselle, made over 600 radio appearances, and over 100 news interviews on CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox news! And I’ve been able to use all of this exposure to help literally thousands of people with my gift! So as you can see, it does work!

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    Wow! You are only 25? And already so experienced? That is amazing!

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    Hi Tana!

    You are so Blessed! Thank You for your reading and my enlightenment! Can not wait for my next reading, in a long 3 months from now.

    Yes, Tana Hoy is amazing — miss you being in Columbus, Ohio!

    You take care and continue being here for all of us!


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      Thank you so much Darlene! I sincerely appreciate your kind words. I miss Columbus, bit definitely don;t miss the snow! burrrrrrrrr! 🙂 Looking forward to taking again soon too

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