Your Monthly Horoscope For October 2016 (And a special Thank you!”)

Hi there,

I can’t thank everyone enough for all the nice emails you send me after your readings! In a moment, I am going to share a few of them with you, but first, I wanted to tell you about something interesting that happened to me the other day.

As many of you already know, I astral travel for around 14 hours every Saturday, and meditate for 8 to 10 hours on Thursdays and Fridays. I have been astrally traveling like this since I was 14 years old, and I have been meditating like this for about the last 15 years or so.

The reason I invest so much time astrally traveling and meditating is to keep my spiritual body balanced and attuned. To do the level of psychic work I do, and to make sure I am fully grounded and at my best for my readings, classes, and lectures, this level of spiritual practice is necessary!

You Are Probably Thinking…

You are probably thinking “Not many psychics have such a devoted and dedicated level of spiritual practice like you do!” and I realize this. But the reason I have been able to have all the amazing astral travel experiences I have, and also learn the things about the universe that other psychics never even learn about, is because of my dedication and devotion to growing as much as I can as a spiritual being.

As my memoir used to tell me “Little one, (he always called me Little one) your body is only on temporary loan. and life goes by in the flash of an eye, at which point one’s soul transcends to the Infinite Source from which all souls come and then return”

And since I realize our bodies are only on temporary loan until we have to return them, I have always known the importance of continuing to evolve. So my level of devotion and dedication to this spiritual practice has been important to me since I was 13 years old.

I keep feeling an inner nudging to teach others to astral travel like I do, and I will keep you posted when the right time comes for me to teach this! I was told I’ll be shown when it’s the right time to teach this. So I will keep you posted.

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I Wanted To Thank Everyone For The Nice Emails

If you are one of the hundreds of people who have sent me an email after your reading, validating how accurate your reading was, I want to thank you and tell you how much those emails mean to me. I keep every single one of them!

And if you are one of the people keeping me informed when another one of my psychic predictions comes true, I want to thank you also! Since I don’t read the news, due to it’s constant negative reporting, and I definitely never watch the news on TV for the same reason (what you feed your mind grows in your life and I only want positive energy growing in mine) I appreciate when you let me know when another one of them comes true!

I Wanted To Share These With You

So I wanted to share a few emails I received over the past month. (Please know since I receive so many, if I don’t share yours, it doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate it. I just click on a few of them and then copy and paste them here. So the way I choose the ones to share in my emails is done in a very random fashion.)

I really love these! They show the fun and loving personalities that all of you have. I’m so lucky to have such nice people as my clients! Not all psychics can say this! But I an fortunate to always attract nice people to me. As the reason for this is because this is the intention I send out to the universe everyday – to only attract nice people!

Dear Tana,

My reading with you was amazing and I wanted to let you know! You told me some things, which quite honestly, I thought you were crazy when you said them! But time has revealed you were anything but crazy. You were dead on!

You said my ex **boyfriend would come back to me, and we would end up together again. Even though I still carried a feeling of strong love for him in my heart, I hadn’t seen or talked to him in over 5 years! Plus, last time I heard, he was happily married! So you can see why I thought you were a little crazy when you told me that.

(** I changed BF, which was in the original email, to boyfriend, so as not to confuse anyone.)

Well Tana, our reading was two months ago, and just last month, I received a call from Bill (I changed his name) and he told me he got a divorce about one year ago because his wife cheated on him with his father! Can you believe she cheated on him with his own father??!! I won’t even get into what I think of his father now!!

Anyways, he told me he had never quit thinking of me, but never contacted me because he would have felt guilty if he did, since he was a married man at the time.

We have talked every day since then, and he just flew back home yesterday from visiting me. It was as if no time had passed, and I think he is thinking about proposing to me.

We were together for 6 years the first time and broke up because he had to move out of the country and I couldn’t go with him at the time due to my mother falling seriously ill.

So Tana, I wanted to tell you you weren’t crazy like I thought you were at first. I guess you were right when you told me “I’m a psychic. So I’m supposed to tell you things you don’t know, think, or believe are going to happen!”

I can’t wait for my reading next month!

You’re the best!

Tawanda S. – Charlotte SC

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And here’s another one:

Dear Tana,

Thank you so much for your fantastic reading a few months ago! You were dead on! I went to work each day with knots in my stomach because of the mean boss I had.

Tana, you said my mean boss was going to get terminated because it would be discovered she was sleeping with her boss. And since her boss and his wife own the company, you told me the wife was going to find out! And she would then be terminated!

Well, come to find out she did get fired! The wife (the other owner) walked in on them having sex in his office, and all hell broke loose! It was like World War 3 in the office that day!!

I have to admit, I was a little naughty, because as my now ex boss was packing her stuff and heading out the door, I told her “See ya! Would’t wanna be ya! See ya later Satan!” I know it wasn’t very nice, but it made me feel a whole lot better after all the hell and bullying she put me through!

My work went from feeling like hell to feeling like heaven! The owners have kept their personal life out of the work place, and things are running smoother than ever!

Thank you again for all the hope you gave me during our reading, and for being such an accurate psychic!

In light and peace to you,

Connie R. – Charleston, WV

I Love Your Emails,I love getting emails from you about your readings, and I read each and every one of them!

I hope you enjoyed todays email!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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2 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    8 hours is long, but all the way back to 13 years old, that’s impressive. Surprising anyone would have the patience for that, unless you’re a hardcore spiritual, which you undeniably are Tana. Of course practice would be heavily involved but to do so for that length of time at 13 is remarkable. They were right to commend your devotion to it.

    Even from a point of view of someone who hasn’t yet had a reading or first hand experience of your capabilities, it is clearly evident of your amazing and superior psychic abilities.
    In comparison to other psychics which I haven’t really bothered with much aside from the occasional information gathering on certain topics through their videos and blogs and such, you’re the only one I’m investing so much into AS a psychic and not just a source of spiritual information. You’re actually generally interesting and seem to know what you’re talking about with relative expertise on your topics, and the only psychic I’m actually motivated to have a reading with. I’m pretty sure many can agree with that statement.

  2. Paris says:

    Your devotion you have to not only continuing to grow and develop as a Psychic Medium and spiritual teacher is heart warming and inspiring. You are always willing to extend yourself to others and the love that you have for your readers is evedant and strong.
    Thank YOU T-Man for being you and allowing us to be apart of your life expierance .
    As always,
    Warm hugs !

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