Here’s Your Monthly Horoscopes For June 2015 – by Tana Hoy

As many of you already know, there is going to be an energy shift hitting the planet on December 2015, and I still have a few spaces left in October, if you want to get this protection that I am recommending for everyone. If you didn’t read that email, you can click here to read it.

Today I want to talk about the importance of Psychic Healing when it comes to your emotional and spiritual health.

What Is Psychic Healing?

Psychic Healing is a form of energy healing that when performed on you, enters the depths of your soul, releasing energy that may be stuck in your energy field, meridians, and Chakra System. There are many types of Psychic Healing, and each type releases different things from your energy field.

Understanding Energy Blocks And What Causes Them 

Stuck energy can be carried over from a past life into his one, or it can come from painful experiences in this life. Any time you experience deep hurt, that “hurt energy” becomes lodged in your energy field.

It then festers in your energy field, like an invisible energy sore, and causes energy blocks which then manifest in your daily in your life.

These blocks cause you to feel afraid, insecure, paranoid, worried, and even depressed.

Since the focus today is on spiritual and emotional energy blocks, the most common source that causes people to have these energy blocks has to do with love relationships, family relationships, childhood trauma (emotional and physical), and from friendships that have gone sour.

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An Example Of An Energy Block

Have you ever stopped to think why it is that when a person has a bad experience in a relationship, such as being lied to, cheated on, or left, what causes that person to feel afraid when they meet someone new in the future?  Someone who is totally different from the person who hurt them! Yet, they still feel afraid, worried, and insecure, that this new person will do the same thing to them, that the last person they were involved with did.

This emotional fear is caused by energy blocks. When the last person hurt them, the “hurt energy” became lodged in their energy field, causing them to feel insecure, worried, and the need to protect themselves when they meet a new person who has the potential to really love them. Regardless, a person can become emotionally immobilized from their past experiences, so much so that they push other potential soulmates away – consciously, or subconsciously.

So as you can see, these blocks prevent you from living your life to the fullest, and experiencing the greatest joy possible. So this is where Psychic Healing comes in, because it can “heal and release” the energy blocks that become lodged in your energy field.

Energy Blocks Are Common – But Not Good To Have

Everyone has energy blocks, because when we live life, we experience hurt. So no one is untouched by these blocks. But the difference between people who have them removed and healed, and the people that don’t, determines the happiness, joy, and peace of mind, a person will experience in their life.

So the blocks need to be gotten rid of. The problem is, most people don’t even know they have them, let alone that they can be healed and released.

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What  to look for to know if you have any energy blocks:

1. You have been hurt in the past in relationships, and you feel afraid or unsure to trust others potential partners when you meet them.

2. You keep meeting the same wrong types of people.

3. You wonder if there are any good men or women out there?

4. You secretly think most men or women cannot be trusted.

5. You feel afraid to be too vulnerable with others, especially someone you like, or are dating.

6. You worry about what others will think of you if you were really your true self around them.

7. You feel the need to put on a “different face” around certain people.

8. You fear you may never met the “right” one for you.

9. You feel stuck in a dead end relationship, and are afraid to move on or get out of it, due to fear of the unknown.

10. You’ve had affairs on someone you were dating or are married to.

11. You feel like something is holding you back from achieving your fullest love potential.

12. Plus several others.

How To Tell How Blocked You Are

If you answered :”yes” to any of the questions above, here is how to determine how blocked you are energetically:

Answered “yes” to 1 question – You have about 25 to 40 energy blocks in your energy system

Answered “yes” to 2 questions – You have about 40 to 80 energy blocks in your energy system

Answered “yes” to 3 questions – You have about 80 to 100 energy blocks in your energy system

Answered “yes” to 4 questions – You have about 100 to 150 energy blocks in your energy system

Answered “yes” to 5 questions or more – You have about 150 to 1000 energy blocks in your energy system

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you need Psychic Healing. The reason being because energy blocks rob you of your joy in life. They are like anger or depression, they “mute out” your true personality. They cause you to hold yourself back, emotionally and mentally, causing you to not feel as open and receptive to love as you would like, or are capable of.

Remember when you were a teenager, and how you were able to fall so deeply for the guy you had a crush on at school? You were able to do that because you had not had things happen to you at that age that caused energy blocks.

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How To Remove Energy Blocks

So if you scored “yes” on any of the questions above, you may be asking yourself what you can do to remove the energy blocks so that you can start living, feeling, and loving again, more freely.

Anyone who answered “yes” to any of the above questions would benefit from Psychic Healing work. During your Psychic Healing session.

Are your energy blocks located in your Heart Chakra, or in your Solar Plexus Chakra? Are they blocking your Hara Line? Are there blockages in your Meridian System? These are the major areas where the blockages occur. And these are the exact areas that you DO NOT want to be blocked.

What Happens During A Ps chic Healing Session?

So during a Psychic Healing Session, with the assistance of the Archangel Michael and Saint Germaine, I enter into your energy field (your aura) and find exactly where each block is located. Next, I, along with the assistance of the Archangel Michael and Saint Germain, draw healing energy from the 33rd and 44th dimensions, using this energy to remove ALL the blockages.

My clients have reported feeling young again, more open, and feeling like the chains of emotional insecurity, fear, and worry have been lifted off of them. Relationships improve, new love freely enters people’s live (since their blockages prevented others from entering into your vibrations), and love, happiness, and joy abounds!

This, like all of my Healing work, is very powerful, to say the least.

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Who This Is Not For

Psychic Healing is not for someone who does not want to have a loving relationship. It is not for someone who doesn’t like affection, romance, or being in love. Bitter people who see the world as a dark, evil place will not benefit from this either. People who practice the Black Arts need not apply. And it is definitely not for someone who thinks love is a nuisance. (And yes! There are people who fit all the above categories)

Who Will Benefit From Psychic Healing

Anyone who wants to have love, is tired of attracting the wrong types of people, and anyone who wants to free themselves so that they can finally experience the type of true love they have always dreamed of having.

Anyone who wants their relationship to become closer and stronger. And anyone who wants to get rid of their emotional love baggage so that they can finally start feeling more free inside to love, laugh, and become fearlessly vulnerable once again, when they meet the right one!

Are You Ready To Break Free Of Your Emotional Chains?

When I had my Healing Center in Mexico, I performed these sessions on my clients all the time. And after having this healing work performed on them, nothing short of miracles seemed to happen in their lives.

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In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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