More Psychic Predictions 2014 (November Release)

How you experienced a time in your life where you felt that you had something blocking you from achieving something that you desired in your life?

For example, have you ever felt in that no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t seem to find your true love? Or, have you ever felt that money was being blocked from flowing into your life? Or have you ever felt like you may have some kind of curse or negative energy that’s been placed on you by another person. A curse that could be preventing your life from working the way that you want it to?

The truth about curses

When I talk about curses, I’m not talking about the kind of curse that you’re told that you have on you, when you go to a gypsy fortune teller! Where you’re told that someone years back placed a curse on you or your family, and this curse is the cause of all of your problems! This is not the kind of curse I’m talking about.

In my past emails I have talked about something called psychic curses! A psychic curse is a form of negative energy that is sent towards you from another person, in the form of a negative thought form. For example, If somebody thinks something negative about you, such as, “I wish that person wasn’t having the love they have” or ‘I wish I was with the person that person is with!” This is a psychic curse being placed on you!

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Another example could be, someone who is jealous of your wealth or achievements, and secretly wishes that they had that instead of you! Sometimes, they may even think to themselves that you don’t deserve what you have, and it is thinking like this, that causes psychic curses.

Psychic curses are very real!

Whenever someone sends a negative thought form toward you, in the form of negative thought energy, it places what is called a psychic curse on you. This psychic curse acts like a dark cloud hanging over you, and this dark cloud rains on your soul. This negative psychic rain causes you to be blocked from achieving, having, or accomplishing, the things in your life that you desire.

So if you’ve ever felt stuck in love, have trouble finding someone, aren’t you able to get ahead in the way that you’d like to, or just don’t feel like your life is working the way you would like it to, this could be a sign of being cursed by someone. When a person has a psychic curse placed on them, they feel like no matter what they do, they just can’t accomplish or achieve what they want in life.

What you need to due if you’ve been cursed

If you have a psyche curse placed on you, then you definitely need to have it removed. There’s just nothing else you can do but have it removed. Just like any dark cloud lingering over anybody, the only way to get rid of the disastrous results it causes is to remove the problem. In this case, the psychic curves.

Here are some signs that there may be a psychic curse on you:

  • You feel that no matter what you do you can’t seem to get ahead in life.
  • You feel like no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to find true love.
  • Any relationship you get into, is with somebody who cheats on you, or constantly lies to you!
  • Money seems to just slip through your fingers, or you can’t seem to get financially ahead.
  • You feel stuck in your job, or career, and just can’t seem to get anywhere.
  • Others seem to be envious, jealous, or don’t seem to like you, no matter how hard you try!
  • You have trouble getting along with the same-sex!
  • You feel like you may have had some kind of psychic curse placed on you!

If you’ve experienced any of the above feelings, and there’s a good chance that you have a psychic curse placed on you.

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A Story About Someone Who Was Cursed

I had a client one time, who had a psychic curse placed on her. I told her about it, but she just laughed and said it would disappear on its own. I highly encouraged her to let me help her remove it, but she was very stubborn! She told me that she was psychic herself, and could remove it herself! She then politely thanked me thanked for offering my help.

I then explained that she had a psychic cursed placed on her I’m somebody who is jealous of her and the relationship she was in. But she just shrugged me off again!

I also told her that this was not something that I recommended one would do using a technique they read about in a book. Nor did I recommend a person to attempt to do it themselves. I also explained to her that my mentor had trained me in removing psychic curses, and it was a special way that it had to be done, or else there could be disastrous results.

About two months later, I received a phone call from her. She said she had known that her best friend had a crush on her boyfriend, and that they used to flirt with each other, but very innocently. She said she never really thought much about it, even though I had explained to her during our reading, that her friend is the one who placed the psychic curse on her.

She then went on to explain that she later found out that her best friend had started practicing witchcraft to try and steal her boyfriend from her! She told me that you tried to remove this curse herself, after reading a book on how to do this. She said at the time, since she thought she could do it herself, she didn’t see any need spending the money.

She said that out of the blue one day, her boyfriend of six years, came home and announced that he was leaving! He told her that he was in love with her best friend, and they were planning to get married in six months! She told me that when he told her this, his face looked like he was in a zombie trance! She said he seemed like he wasn’t inside his body when he was talking to her.

I quickly explained to her that that was a common thing to see when someone has a psychic curse placed on them. Especially by someone such as a witch, who knows what they’re doing! I also explained to her that at this point – it was too late to do anything… It broke my heart to tell her that.

I wanted to share the story with you to explain the power that psychic curses can actually have. That story was just one of several stories that I’ve heard like that! So as you can see, psychic curses are very real!

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How to get a psychic cursed removed

When I see a psychic curse on a client, the first thing that I do is help to cleanse their soul energy. This is different than a chakra balancing, or any other kind of healing work I offer. A soul cleansing is for the specific purpose of removing a psychic curse that’s been placed on you.

When is soul cleansing is done, what it does is it goes deep in your soul, with a healing energy that is so strong, it removes any and all negative energy from the depths of your soul.

You see, a psychic curse is like a kind of like this energy leech that has tentacles that actually attaches to your aura, and then digs its tentacles deep into your soul! This is when the damage begins!

If you’ve ever seen one of these psychic leeches that are caused by psychic curses on another person, let me tell you, they look scarier than anything you’ve ever seen in a horror movie!

So what I do is I go in and I remove this energy, and I pull out all the tentacles that are attached deep within a person’s aura!

Once a person has this kind of soul energy cleansing done, they find that whatever obstacles were standing in the way, seem to suddenly disappear!

The soul cleansing technique was taught to me by my mentor, when I was training with him as a young boy! This type of soul cleansing is actually called “Psycurso Soulation Reparation” because it removes and repairs any damage caused by a psychic curse!

How to get a Psycurso Soulation Repairation

My guides told me that many people are going to experience psychic curses being placed on them between December 2014, and February 2015. So anyone who thinks they’ve had a psychic curse placed on them, or anyone that wants to prevent having one placed on them when the this is more likely to happen, between December 2014 and February 2014, will benefit from a Psycurso Soulation Repairation.

My guides informed me the best time to perform these cleansings is going to be in March 2015. So I am going to be performing these cleansings on anybody who wants to be protected from any current or upcoming psychic curses. Or anyone who feels they have a psychic curse on them now, and wants to have it removed permanently!

Not only will a Psycurso Soulation Repairation remove a psychic curse from you, but after it is performed on you, it will actually prevent them from being placed on you for the next 18 months! That’s how powerful this technique it is.

Because I also have to do readings for my regular clients during that month, I’m only going to have a limited amount spaces to offer for this powerful cleansing and protection! So I will only be able to offer these cleansings to the first 30 people who contact me to have this high level of cleansing protection!

You can reserve one of these set cleansings by clicking here, or by calling my office at 614-444-6334.

I hope you found this helpful!

In light and love,
Tana Hoy

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  1. janice arandelovic says:

    Hi ive had this problem ever since .The healing you gave me in the one hour reading in September worked fine for the month then the black energy circles hit me with a vegence. I can relate to most of what youre saying about symptoms , not the exact situation. I pray ,watch your vids pray and meditate twice day .I feel some of your presence around encouraging me , at least i hope its yours.Its really hard to fight off.

  2. Craig Johnson says:

    Awesome information! Thank you Tana 🙂

  3. Julian Joly says:

    I’m a healer,and get rid of it myself.

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