How to move objects with your mind

Hi there,

Have you ever had an experience that left you speechless?

I am going to share with you one of the most amazing things I have ever done!

I don’t know if you have ever heard of telekinesis or not, but it is the psychic power to be able to move something with your mind! Telekinesis is even involved in levitation, but that is for another email!

The other day I was trying to use my mind to open my front door! But the door was very heavy, so I decided to try and move something lighter. So I decided to focus on a pen that was laying on my table!

After about 5 minutes, it actually rolled about 4 feet across my table! I was left speechless, because the farthest I could ever move anything before was about 3 inches! So my telekinetic ability is definitely growing!

Anyways, I have been working on developing my telekinesis even stronger, and I wanted to share a really kewl telekinesis technique with you that you can try, and I would love if you keep me posted on your results.

This is a VERY difficult power to develop, so please understand that it takes time, and DOES NOT happen on the first try. It probably will not happen on the 30th try! But if you keep at it, it WILL happen.

Start with something light, like a toothpick or a straw. These are the best things to start with!

My No-Fail Telekinesis Technique

1. Lay it on a flat surface, where there is no breeze.

2. Close your eyes and take a moment to center yourself.

3. Open your eyes, and stare at the toothpick or straw.

4. Imagine it starting to move by visualizing that you are sending out invisible hands

that will move the object.

5, Keep concentrating for 5 minutes

6. If no success, repeat again.

It is important to do this for only 5 minutes at a time, or you will develop a very bad migraine headache!

You must do it for exactly 5 minutes each time, because it takes that long to get fully centered and focused on what you are doing!

If you keep practicing, you will see it move!

Keep me posted!

I hope this was helpful!

In light and peace

Tana Hoy

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P.S. Do not get discouraged, because this takes a lot of persistence and practice,

but you will be able to do it eventually, if you don’t give up!!

10 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    At the risk of sounding like a smartass douchebag, when it’s to do with the mind, it’s psychokinesis 😛
    Telekinesis is when you’re using your hands as the output rather than your mind directly. Relatively it makes little difference when including or involving other kinesis types like aquakinesis, pyrokinesis and electrokinesis since those are relative to either format.

    Also it’s not a psychic ability! It’s psionic! Although I’ll let you off since basically no one’s heard of the term.

    In simple terms, psychic is input, psionic is output. Psychic abilities are receiving abilities, where as psionic is basically the opposite. That’s not including passive and active abilities.

    Size and mass is also relative as well. A “heavier” object like a door as only truly limited by the barriers you place on it (it’s only heavy because you see it as “heavy” or placed the boundaries of physical concepts onto the object). Remember in the physical world, when you try to physically lift or move something with your physical body, the physical limitations are parallel by physical strength, as well as dependency of how far developed your psio-kinetic ability is in the physical world. Also consider it on a molecular level. In regards to movement, we are dealing with vibrations here so comprehension of movement at a more cellular level might pose an advantage, though I suppose that’s a more advanced thing for stuff like reshaping the properties of matter like say, melting a glass cup by thought or reversing it into it’s core components etc.
    I’ve probably more than likely just confused a lot of people. I’m not saying this from proven experience however.

  2. Sam says:

    I really wasn’t intending to sound obnoxious btw. Apologies if I was.

  3. Candy says:

    That’s so awesome!!! I’m going to start trying this everyday Tana! I’ll let you know the results!!!
    Also last night I was meditating trying once again to astral travel… I felt light as a feather and so peaceful… I still can’t seem to get out! Lol
    It feels like I’m being pulled up but I can’t get out?? The sensation of being pulled up as is almost painful? After laying there forever imagining I am levitating and any other technique I can think of to get out I just imagined myself climbing up clouds to get to the higher realms until I get there lol
    I made up that technique it seems to work with me. ( lol) I found Archangel Michael’s blue light and laid in it for a moment and then I was in St. Germain’s purple light and I laid in it for a minute
    (in meditation) I saw the colors. How the heck can I get OUT? Lol i’ve asked all the angels of heaven help me all the ascended masters my angels and guides, I’ve tried prayers….?
    Tana guess what else? I saw a past life the other day in meditation where I was a very powerful Emperor. A man with dark hair, short and a bit overweight in a huge place with people that had to listen to me. It’s weird seeing stuff like that, but neat!
    I was listening to a past life regression video on YouTube. I also saw that I was forced down here and I didn’t want to come I was literally forced to come down and I wonder if that’s why I have such a longing for angels, I don’t know. I feel like I miss them all the time. The next day I was mad and cried and told them you made me come here!!
    ( lol) i know I’m so blessed to be here Im just going through the desert at the moment.
    I have untill April at this place I’m staying at and I’m still looking for a room to rent. I’ve been asking the angels for an opening at an apartment complex where my name is at the top of the list but nobody has moved out yet. If you have any tips how to astral travel can you please tell me how to get out? I get to talk to you soon! I can’t wait ??❤??Will you please ask all the angels to help with an opening at those apartments? I need a stable comfortable environment ❤?????Thank you for everything!!!! ?????

  4. Candy says:

    You’re comments are always interesting!! ????❤??????—> have some cake ?

  5. Sam says:

    Ooh cake! I love cake!

  6. Sam says:

    It’s not uncommon that people feel like they were forced down into the living world. Technically you can’t really be “forced” unless by your own free will. There are rare occurrences but, really no. I think there was a story of an ascended master or something that was banished to one of the lower realms to “re-learn” a lesson or something. Don’t really know how true that is since the point of being one is that you’ve learned and mastered everything… I think…
    Point is you wouldn’t have come here unless you actually chose to. It would be kinda cool if you were an incarnated angel though. I don’t know your origin but probably isn’t my place to know. It may even have a different meaning as it may not always be a direct statement or vision. I couldn’t say though.

  7. Candy says:

    But I saw it, I didn’t want to, they made me?
    Like I was forced to? Many were around me as if they were making me, I saw it in a vision when meditating. I know it was real because very strong feelings were attatched with it. When I opened my eyes I was mad at them lol
    It wasn’t untill the next day I felt it really strong and I cried out telling them they made me come here! I didn’t want to! But I quickly said I don’t mean that! I was reassured that things are going to get better ???
    I pray they do

  8. Candy says:

    I thought angels have never been people and people have never been angels. I thought I read that it doesn’t work like that, I don’t know, but I love angels more than anything

  9. Sam says:

    Like I said, I don’t know your story so I wouldn’t know for sure. I do know of only one or two beings who’d ever want to do that. The reason would depend on either deceit or necessity. If they were trying to force you, they’d be breaking the rule of free will. However I’m more inclined to believe it was for the purpose of learning a life lesson, perhaps one you weren’t particularly keen on learning at the time.

    There are instances of angels incarnating, but usually depends on their respective individual purpose. From a one off materialisation to perform a miracle or something to incarnating a full human life to complete a long term goal. Its rare and unlikely but doesn’t mean impossible. Tana even stated a small example of angel manifestation with that example of someone appearing out of nowhere to pull a person up from drowning some while ago.

    If you ever have a future reading with Tana, you could always ask him about it, see what he’d know of angel incarnation. He’d likely give a more accurate answer on this.

  10. Christine says:

    From what I’ve read and heard we all are beings of light that where put in physical form to learn a few life lessons we failed to complete or master in our past life we choose to be reincarnated and we choose who we will meet and when and things we will knowingly have to do regardless if we want to but our next life is already mapped out before it happens and for some strange reason unknown we choose to go through that life when our shell of a prison runs out of stamina and is just worn out we leave that shell of a body we once inhabited and start to choose to either again be reincarnated or take a needed rest in our real form eternal life without anger or sin its just pure happiness joy love but I think we get pulled back in the excitement of reconnecting with your other half and choosing to find each other in another life or form the joy we experience when we do find each other well later guys

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